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  1. Could somebody give info what is that, and why its useful?
  2. I use adaptive vsync.. its pretty much enjoyable with minimum lag. But the best bet is gsync.
  3. LOL sry but in this case people are talking about AI opponents "(ro)BOT(s)" Also lesser skilled players more often called as "Noobs"
  4. back then at launch it was more cancerous: when a player switched seats the car could do more than 100 M with constant speed. Now it has been nerfed as the car now brakes instantly when player switches to shoot.
  5. April fools was 2 weeks earlier. You might dug up something related to that. If not then I saw some fan made map plan back then; same could be our case here. Btw it looks pretty nice!
  6. Nice, I quite like it! IMHO beside a great f2p achievement system, the devs want to promote FPP. Like you will see jack shit of the new charms in TPP.
  7. Bought it only for backpack skins.
  8. You forgot the biggest buff to vector: the extended magazine spawn for it more often!
  9. You can see destroyed desert camo UAZs on the roads... I better suggest the armored UAZ should have same desert camo
  10. I liked all the musics before but this one is horrible for sure...
  11. The measure might not be correct, but I could say that the difference could be seen. Sadly.
  12. So it seems like its only me the very unlucky who only found 1 flare gun of cca. 30 match...
  13. 60fps mode for low end PCs. Like reduce graphics or dunno.
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