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  1. Wasendak

    How do you reward the people ?

    Guess for security issues (big ones)
  2. Wasendak

    FPS drops mostly fixed!

    Can somebody tell what is this? Never seen it before
  3. Wasendak

    Suggestion: New Throwable(Decoy Grenade)

    You might have some misunderstood. Decoy grenade makes gun noises like e.g. Kar98 so you might think somebody try to land a long range shot and you decide to chase him down (guess you need a Kar98 in that match for whatever reason). Then the suprise comes; nobody is there and shot will come from another direction. You have to think twice: is it worth to ambush? do I realy need that little thing? Also if decoy grenades are correctly designed you could tell if it is a scam or not. Imagine late game when somebody throw 2 decoys to make a sound of a showdown and you step up and blow your cover. Its all about very tactical approach. For the things mentioned above I would say that if they add, it should be a rare find, or more a carepackage item. In CSGO decoy is obvious but in PUBG it could give huge advantage. @MisterLovejoy nice idea btw! 👍
  4. Wasendak

    New Daily Missions Are RIDICULOUS!

    Its way worse when it comes to:
  5. Wasendak

    Is it normal?(FPS)

    Its way under the min spec.
  6. Yesterday I had: "Loot a Groza from player lootboxes" I rerolled... "Loot a MK14 from player lootboxes" 2000XP mission ofc... To complete this mission is just like winning the lottery... :facepalm:
  7. At patch #24 they did some improvements to lower settings: ^ this might be the answer you looking for!
  8. I like this commment to save for the future when I might attempt to do it..
  9. Just wondering that you guys who bought the pass and didnt buy more level, what level are you on currently. So far I am on 21 but still lack some missions of week 3 and some from the past weeks. I hope I can reach lvl100 before time runs out without paying for level boost ofc.
  10. As title saying I killed 3 enemies played at least 20 minutes on a map. Still showing 0 for all the missions. Really frustrating.
  11. Wasendak

    Random Facts About PUBG

    https://www.thumbsticks.com/real-life-inspiration-pubg-equipment/ RL facts about PUBG things
  12. Wasendak

    2x2 Map Idea

    There is already a 2x2 map: the training map. You can make custom games on that. HF
  13. Wasendak


    The system is ridicolous. The longer I stay alive, the more points I lose. Its like the whole thing is in reverse. New record: ~ - 100 for winning in duo. Or I dunno but we started as our season record 1500 and now we are at 1200 with 5 games played 1 won.
  14. Wasendak

    New AKM Skin