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  1. Black Dahlia NZ

    Are you kidding me?

    I think the something similar happened to this guy, that or Whiskey throttle. I spectated to the end too and the remaining players were complete potato’s we would have won for sure. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/black-dahlia-nz/video/73557210
  2. Black Dahlia NZ

    Original title screen and music

    Came with Vikendi and now you can lower the music volume so it doesn’t blast your ears.
  3. Black Dahlia NZ

    Why isnt this an achievement?

    I had a similar thing my teammate died and I only had a grenade, rushed the other team with pin pulled they destroyed me and then both proceeded to loot my body, then BOOM! Both dead.
  4. Black Dahlia NZ

    It happened to me....

    Was it a war zone after that?
  5. Black Dahlia NZ

    Hotfix today?

  6. Black Dahlia NZ

    First Win in a long time

    Yea I played earlier in the day solos and was fine, a mate came on and we tried duos and instantly went to NA. I saw @stevecarsonr last week in Paradise.
  7. Black Dahlia NZ

    First Win in a long time

    I get too worked up getting that close like I need to take a break and play something else lol.
  8. Black Dahlia NZ

    Small patch this morning?

    I haven’t checked since the small patch yesterday but earlier in the week it was pretty terrible for me.
  9. Black Dahlia NZ

    Small patch this morning?

    Have you tried the cosmetics menu?
  10. Black Dahlia NZ

    Getting Good Frames Per Second

    The music around the 1:00 mark reminds me of old school Doom.
  11. Black Dahlia NZ

    What happened to the PTS?

    I could be wrong but I think the playerbase might not be big enough. The PTS was on PC after their last patch and Wacky Jacky was saying he struggled to find games and test it out.
  12. Black Dahlia NZ

    April 19th update????