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  1. Black Dahlia NZ

    All the sweet threads

    Map selection
  2. Black Dahlia NZ

    Footstep Audio Changed?

    Yea...haven’t noticed myself.
  3. Black Dahlia NZ

    Map Select

    I’d make Vikendi and Sanhok mini Royale, Erengal and Miramar Battle Royale and Quick Join for all of the above.
  4. Black Dahlia NZ

    Footstep Audio Changed?

    Haven’t really noticed myself but Wacky Jacky did testing claiming the footsteps were now louder since Vikendi came out.
  5. Black Dahlia NZ

    Dear Devs...

    If you liked the first 2 it’s exactly the same but 4k HDR. If you were slightly interested you can get 2 months of game pass for $2.
  6. Black Dahlia NZ

    Dear Devs...

    I thrashed Crackdown 3 this weekend thoroughly enjoyed it.
  7. Black Dahlia NZ

    Having trouble hearing Enemies? Dolby Atmos

    Yep been using Atmos since they brought it to Xbox, well worth it.
  8. Not since OC has been fixed lol.
  9. Black Dahlia NZ

    Show and tell - Whats your settup

    Lol so would I. I pull the chair out about 2 metres when I’m actually using it.
  10. Black Dahlia NZ

    Pubg Xbox player bots

    I was suspect when Vikendi released but I’ve had games with only 60 players so wouldn’t they fill it to 100 with bots?
  11. Black Dahlia NZ

    Show and tell - Whats your settup

    Lucky enough to have a dedicated room, it’s a work in progress. Hisense 4k HDR 55” Elite Controller, audio technica ath-m50x’s with ModMic 5.0. Xbox one X and got a $10 LED strip from eBay behind the TV, wanna get some wall art soon and maybe a new desk thinking framed map of Erengal.
  12. Black Dahlia NZ

    Show and tell - Whats your settup

    What’s the plastic wrapping over the monitor?
  13. Black Dahlia NZ

    Survivor pass level

    Less stupid grind challenges.
  14. Black Dahlia NZ

    Lightening has struck!

    Now you gotta decide which ones you want to wear 🤷🏻‍♂️
  15. Black Dahlia NZ

    PUBG limited edition controller exclusive dlc

    Might be a tough sell dude, they broke the pants last update.