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  1. Still the best edited Xbox clips 🤙🏻
  2. Black Dahlia NZ

    Trade/gift duplicates?

    I’m pretty sure this was on PC already or at least in testing.
  3. Black Dahlia NZ

    Shooting people in water

    I could be wrong but I’m sure bullets only connect if they are swimming on top of the water not under, that’s why they reduced the breathing time underwater.
  4. Black Dahlia NZ

    Rick Grimes 4x Kar98 422m Walker Kill

    Needs more “Caaauuurrrrrrrrrlllll”
  5. Black Dahlia NZ

    Wheres the weekly post at ?

    They said last week it’s going to be bi-weekly.
  6. Black Dahlia NZ

    played on ps4 last night

    Where did you see this?
  7. I don’t think it’s a grenade launcher, someone else pointed out it’s a PP-19 Bizon, fires 9mm.
  8. Black Dahlia NZ

    Show and tell - Whats your settup

    I use to game on a bed and it screwed my back for a while so currently got this crappy dining chair lol. What I really want is one of those light. strips that mimic what is on screen, kind of like Ambx lights for PC. Also looked into Phillips Hue but it ain’t cheap.
  9. Black Dahlia NZ

    Merry Christmas?

  10. Black Dahlia NZ

    A Solid Idea

    Miramar has sunset lol. Pretty sure they’ve said Vikendi has blizzards.
  11. Black Dahlia NZ

    Next PTS

    Thanks for the updates, where do you get your info? Reddit? Twitter?
  12. Black Dahlia NZ

    Show and tell - Whats your settup

    What’s the light source? I’ve just bought a house and planning to set up a gaming room, currently got an X, elite, 55” 4k TV and pair of Audio Technica MTH50x”s, but can’t decide on couch/tv unit or desk/gaming chair. I’ll be the only one using the room so I’m leaning towards desk/gaming chair.