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  1. They will not see a single dime from me until they at least fix Miramar rendering/level streaming issues. Hell, I may even settle on them just acknowledging the issues. They probably dont care though since there is no shortage of people who dont mind dishing $20 for a character skin on a $30 game... And dont get me started on the solo teaming issues...
  2. But the parachute disappears...
  3. It's weird enough, but this thing changed direction... Is it an artifact of another player from earlier in game or something?
  4. anyeurysm


    You like Miramar, that's fine. Not everyone does, also fine. Your assertion that because one came out first it's more likeable is silly. All the maps have their own strengths and weaknesses. I think Miramar gets a bad rap due to rendering/level streaming issues that persist with no end in sight and little to no official communication on these issues.
  5. I dont understand how the wait times are waaaayyyy too long with true map selection. Can't they add "random" as a choice along to the map selection and those that dont care what map they play will end up supplementing the under picked lobbies/maps?
  6. anyeurysm

    Riddle Me This...

    I would guess that the vast majority doesn't want to. Riddle solved.
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    Dude, I dont have a problem rendering! What dont you understand? I have a XB1X, however not everyone that we play against/with has the same fortune. The whole point of console gaming is to not have to worry about hardware upgrades in order to increase performance. Why can't they figure a solution for the software to make it work better? This is my point, Erangel and Sanhok seem to load/render fine across all xboxes. Why not Miramar? Now, Vikendi is having similar issues, albeit on the PTS, which may in fact never end never having these problems on the live servers. The "jump to PC comment I'm spewing" is hyperbole, and if you couldn't figure that out I dont know what to tell you. It's clearly a software problem, not a hardware problem. Yes, upgraded hardware can alleviate it. But that's not acceptable to me, I guess I just have a philosophical objection to being fucked over by corporations.
  8. anyeurysm


    Yes, it all began with the statement that buying additional is the only answer that's ever offered, and if that's the case why not just play on pc? You my friend, are the special one.
  9. anyeurysm


    Now you've come full circle to my original point of, the only answer that's ever offered is to get an SSD. 🤣
  10. anyeurysm


    Holy diatribe batman... I think your misinterpreting my point. I have an xbox1x (ie: not running at the lowest common denominator) and rendering issues persist on Miramar. It has nothing to do with what's under the hood of the machine and everything to do with the games design. Also, I'm trying to find solutions to level the playing field for us all and am by no means constantly complaining. I can't imagine playing this on an OG... MS should just release a patch so the OG can play 4k? Where was that ever insinuated? Its great that we can upgrade our consoles, not saying you shouldn't be able to. But time and again the response to loading/rendering issues is to buy a SSD. Not everyone can do that, yet everyone still plays. So how can we move forward with the game we love and maintain a positive experience for all players? They've made a good first step with the PTS when they added the FPS vs resolution modes. When you have a family of consoles that vary in their abilities to play a game, the competitive nature of that game is unbalanced. How do we fix this is what I'm asking?
  11. anyeurysm


    I have a XB1X and this seems to be the only game with issues loading textures... ironically the textures they are trying to load would not be considered high resolution by any standard and of course, this game is not 4k. I wonder would a longer lobby time assist in loading/rendering issues? Say, go from 60 to 90 seconds?
  12. anyeurysm


    Cool, but you should not have to buy additional hardware to run a game on console. If that is the only answer why not just switch to PC?
  13. anyeurysm

    Dev feedback

    I wonder if the game is also accounting for all the static objects and RNG items on the entire map even after the blue zone has shrunk considerably? Say on 4th circle, if it would eliminate everything from 2 circles prior ie: 1st and 2nd circle. Would or could that help with frames or desync?
  14. anyeurysm

    PTS Delayed