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  1. Just wondering, because there is literally nothing I want if I redeem the pass now. Anyone know if the 20 level skip will carry over to the next season? Apologies if this had already been addressed but I did a search and came up with nothing.
  2. anyeurysm

    Would you rather...

    I know. Region lock should be standard. I can't believe we're even talking about that. Its just that when you only have 1-2 hours to play and you keep getting the same map, it sucks. Kills it for me. So my only option is to back out an re-queue only to hope that I might get something I want to play. Ends up in a minimum 3-5 minute turnaround. The irony is that the argument against map selection is long wait times. At the very least a pick 2 maps system should be put in place.
  3. anyeurysm

    Would you rather...

    I want both.
  4. anyeurysm

    PUBG is dying again at the hands of Apex

    That clip says it all... They acknowledge that unreal engine is not cutting it for them, the community said the same from day 1. We also said take your time, design your own engine to optimize your game.... only problem was the game had blown up so fast that they were victims of the games success, they were not prepared for the moment. They chose (felt compelled) to capitalize in the short term because fortnite came out (copied them). I understand that. There was a fuckton of money on the table. They were pushed in that direction and now we are stuck with a broken game that had/has so much potential. But now it seems like they are continuing to make the same mistakes by pushing out half finished content in order to compete with the other BRs. This will be the death of them, the only thing that can save this game is if the dev's circle the wagons, stop releasing all new content and put everyone to work on either fixing the game as it stands now or by redeveloping it from the ground up. My guess is they will just keep going what they've done thus far and point the finger at everyone else. They had the best game ever in their lap and managed to turn it into a joke.
  5. Wouldn't hold my breath as level streaming issues still persist on Miramar. Blah blah it's a top priority, blah blah soon, blah blah reminder to buy a skin, blah blah here's some technical jargon and graphs blah blah blah.... That is the amount of communication we're getting.
  6. anyeurysm

    I'll pay for sahhook

    I get it, it seems like the reasonable thing to do. The map "selection" is currently the way it is now due to Vikendi being new, once the honeymoon is over I'll bet $10 to a bucket of shit the playlists will be Erangel & Miramar, Vikendi & Sanhok. But your assertion that the 8x8s go together and the 4x4s go together is flawed. There is only 1 4x4, Sanhok. Vikendi is 6x6... but I digress. My point is that no matter what course of action they take, one or more camps will not be happy. Those who want true map selection will be upset at the lack of choice. Those who want the playlists split will be upset if there is map selection. What we can probably all agree on is the current state of the games bugs is utterly shameful and even more so, they have the audacity to "remind" us that certain purchasable's will only be available until Feb. 11th ...
  7. anyeurysm

    I'll pay for sahhook

    Saying "everyone will be happy" is a statement of fact. He is wrong. Is it a fair compromise? Probably. But with this crowd, no one thing they (BH) do will please "everyone" and it's just silly to believe otherwise.
  8. anyeurysm

    I'll pay for sahhook

    You shouldn't speak for "everyone"...
  9. anyeurysm

    Tired of not rendering buildings....

    And get shot through a wall by someone who doesn't have an ssd.
  10. Cost/benefit analysis simply must have them by the blueballs. I can't see any other explanation. Rush out the DLC in a semi playable state while the majority of the playerbase is still playing, thereby increasing the amount of money that can made from the gcoin and event passes. I have 6 guys on my friends list that I play with, 3 of them said "that's it, they've had enough" they are quitting. The ready up bug, Miramar loading issues, flying vehicles on Vikendi along with loading issues as well... This game caught lightning in a bottle and sadly I believe we are listening to its death rattle. This dev team had no problem charging $20 for a character skin on a $30 game with issues as bad as it has. They should be fucking ashamed. Don't worry though, they will release a report with graphs and technical jargon to give us a false sense that they are gonna fix all the problems "soon"... Yet we still have the same persisting bugs. I had such hopes. Edit: spelling
  11. Yeah, you literally have to thirst your kill for it to count. This is probably why there seems to be a dramatic uptick in thirsting...
  12. Like the title says, having to get a dmr kill for example, knocking a guy with a dmr and your partner kills last guy from duo/squad thus eliminating that team. You get credit for the kill but the kill doesn't count toward your dmr challenge. Why?
  13. anyeurysm

    Individual Map Selection

    The irony here is that people that don't want to play a specific map should quit after they wait for the game to load, then relaunch and hopefully they will get a map they like next. Even if you do this once, what are we talking about a 3-4 minute turnaround? Typically the first 30 - 40 people die in the first 5 minutes of any given match. These people are going right back to matchmaking. I am struggling to see how badly the matchmaking would suffer as people are already willing to quit out of matches or just go kamikaze and die right away to get a reroll on a different map. This results in waiting on the turnaround regardless. People that aren't willing to wait to play have the quick launch option. People that are willing to wait can pick a specific map. Everyone still gets to play. Why not just give us true map selection for a week or two and see if it works or not. I dont see the problem.
  14. They will not see a single dime from me until they at least fix Miramar rendering/level streaming issues. Hell, I may even settle on them just acknowledging the issues. They probably dont care though since there is no shortage of people who dont mind dishing $20 for a character skin on a $30 game... And dont get me started on the solo teaming issues...