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  1. Proof here: https://clips.twitch.tv/SuperModernQueleaPJSugar https://clips.twitch.tv/PlacidOilyChipmunkPlanking
  2. Here is a clip I made in-game (sorry for the zoom I don't normally stream PUBG so the resolution is weird) https://clips.twitch.tv/SuperModernQueleaPJSugar https://clips.twitch.tv/PlacidOilyChipmunkPlanking At first I didn't know what was going on 100%, but the explanation I gave towards the end seems to be most accurate. It is cause by holding breath while scoped and shooting, then holding the trigger down while you stop holding breath. Then, waiting to shoot and when you try to shoot it does not work, un-scoping also does not work in these instances.
  3. I have issues where the gun does not fire also, but it does not make any shooting noises. It seems to happen when I run and shoot at the same time
  4. This happens to me, I think it is because you are moving when you try to shoot at first, I am not 100% about why but I can repeatably do it. I hope they fix it. You can get the gun to fire again by taking an attachment off and re-adding.
  5. This has been happening to me A LOT. My best guess is that it is cause by you moving before you shoot and continuing to move while shooting. It is incredibly annoying. The best way I found to "deal" with it is to go into inventory and switch the scope off and on, that seems to reset the weapon. But really the glitch just screws you over in a close range fight
  6. 16. When you try to shoot while already moving, the gun may jam making it unable to shoot until modified.
  7. So, this has been happening to me for a while and I can recreate it with every assault rifle, I am not sure if it happens to sub-machine guns or not. When I try to fire my guns and am moving, sometimes the guns will not fire, if the weapons is on auto it does not start firing after I stop moving. For both semi and full auto I need to go into my inventory and modify (like remove the site and re-attach or change the mag attachment) in order to be able to use the gun again. This is incredibly annoying and needs to be fixed. In close range fights, it is just a guaranteed death and on long range fights, it is a massive inconvenience. I can recreate this is a video if need be, but this should not be an uncommon thing. Several of my friends seem to have the issue, although admittedly not at the level I seem to (which is pretty much once a fight). Just to clarify, this is an issue with me moving when I try to start shooting, if I am standing still then I try to move once I am shooting there are no issues.
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