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  1. It happens to me a lot... but specially when I play in Squads. Everything is out of control and many times I do things that make no sense to save teammates. When I play on solos I plan everything better
  2. Window vaulting is awesome! We used to only be able to enter a building through the door and now you have more options to enter buildings or escape from them, and it is also easier to kill campers ☺️
  3. I am always wiggling. I think that its essential in this game hehe (in Xbox)
  4. So apparently I am: Spain Rank #1 Worldwide Rank #37 This is wrong hahaha. Im sure its what you said, only between the people who have searched their stats on the website. + My stats are wrong, they are completely different 🤷‍♂️
  5. So basically no one knows that they are the best in the world since we cant look at them? hahaha Is there a webpage or something?
  6. Where can I check the leaderbords? If I click on "leaderbords" in the game nothing appears
  7. Well you can see in pubglookup that it was a HS with a AWM. I dont understand that. Arent you supposed to die instantly with a headshot even if you have a level 3 helmet?
  8. Im sure you have lost tons of fights cs you werent wearing the helmet hahaha, but nice videos!
  9. I loved all of it, from the beggining in the motorbike, till the end
  10. This would be the best thing ever. I could play with so many friends
  11. Yes, thanks!!! It has good overall info (I hate seeing the time played haha is a bit depressing 🤣), but it isn´t divided into seasons so I cant see my progress. It is always good to know more pubg pages
  12. can you tell me where can I find this? thanks!
  13. Does anyone know in which website can I see the Xbox leaderboards?
  14. I haven´t seen a DP-28 in ages. It should be in more maps too... + it´s very difficult to find it in Erangel. I mean, its a cool weapon that I can never use because it´s just never there
  15. An Admin said in a different post that we will have that update in console at the end of summer. I guess the including the new vaulting system and the new vehicle isnt a problem. I asked if "remastering" Erangel would be possible, since the quality of the map is much higher has a lot of details, (we can´t even play in the current state of the game), but he didnt answer to it.
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