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  1. DaniSpain

    Leaning Throwables

    I think that you can´t do it on console You can also lean on PC without a weapon, which isn´t a console thing either if im correct
  2. DaniSpain

    Chicken or 10 Kills

    The best feeling is winnign having killed as many people as possible. Winning with 4/5 kills is blahh And killing 10 but still 20 players alive doesnt feel too good either hehe
  3. DaniSpain

    Dream loadouts please folks...

    But the recoil was changed from PC to Xbox wasnt it? I remember reading something about since it was too difficult to control on Xbox (I think the recoil in PC is higher?) correct me if im wrong. But of course even if the recoil is higher in PC, I guess that the attachments will have the same functions in both platforms
  4. DaniSpain

    post your best shots/ epic moments

    A bit old but some of my best
  5. DaniSpain

    post your best shots/ epic moments

    Do you always play without a helmet?
  6. DaniSpain

    Dream loadouts please folks...

    M4/QBZ - compensator, vertical foregrip, 2x, extended, tactical M24 - Silencer 6x or 8x I think this is the best by far, even though I control Kar98 better than m24
  7. DaniSpain

    Game Crashes

    It hasnt crashed for me, but It has for some of my friends with OG Xbox. Please dont bring crashes back 😥
  8. DaniSpain

    What i said about grenades

    I saw the guys running and I kind of guessed that they would keep on running haha 2 kills https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/dxdanispain/video/72826568
  9. DaniSpain

    Any noticable improvements?

    What about loading/rendering
  10. DaniSpain

    War Mode not working

    Thanks for the fast reply. I will check with the new update, hopefully this problem is solved
  11. DaniSpain

    How to look at other stats

    I find the Iphone app , Stats tracker the best one. You can easily see your stats for solos, duos, squads... For your lifetime or for a specific season. You can also see all recent games played, and the stats of it. EVEN the custom games. And you can add all your friends and see their stats extremely fast
  12. Okay so everytime I play this mode my Xbox completely freezes. I have never been able to finish one game since the last update when Vikendi was introduced. This doesnt happen to me only (Xbox One X with SSD), it happens to all of my friends. We´ve tried several times to play (5 of us in the same game) and none of us have managed to finish the game (once, one of us did finish and the server was almost empty) Admins?
  13. DaniSpain

    Can we explain what's up with this?

    EU always appears in red and Im from EU. I think that it normaly places me in NA and not in EU. Whenever I press EU I always get that message too
  14. DaniSpain


    I will try this. Thanks!!!!
  15. DaniSpain


    Yes this is what I mean. I dont understand why this is happening. I´ve always done it in the same way and it has only changed since the last update. I usually (lets say 90% of the times) fall first in places like bootcamp. But now my falling speed changes. And it so random because half of the games it doesnt and the other half it does. Weird