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  1. Kahun

    With or without shoes?

    I used to run around bare footed. I got some cool shoes now so I just wear them instead.
  2. Streaming Daily. Grabbing chickens daily. https://mixer.com/KahunGaming
  3. Got statistics to prove your claims? ?
  4. Oh yeah I agree. Huge advantage at a distance, close range not so much.
  5. As far as I'm aware there is no turning advantage at all as it is limited by the turn speed in the game. Yes they might have an advantage in aiming but I also heard that PUBG isn't officially supported by XIM so it doesn't feel good at all. I know of a friend with a XIM and he's been playing controller this whole time because the game isn't supported and feels like crap. People think that you plug in keyboard and mouse and it gives you look mechanics of a PC lol I find it funny when people blame others on using a XIM. Like hardly anyone is using it! You see all these people crying recently about XIM users like seriously just git gud. I'm dreading the game being fully supported by XIM because that's when all the XIM users will start flooding in, at the moment with no support the player base is small and you probably get killed with a controller 99.9% of the time. Once this game is fully supported (on release I guess?) you guys will have something to cry about then.