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  1. Yeah, I'd recommend that youd see what runs best on youtube. There are alot of videos like it. This is the best video I could find and I dont speak the language this guy has displayed in the title but im sure this is what you need.
  2. Not saying it will run great, just saying it would if you bought a really high-end graphics card, your CPU won't let you use all of its power. Getting something at the level of that CPU is better than getting the new RTX super series. You should see what graphics card goes best with that CPU.
  3. If you get a really good one like an RTX card then you would be bottlenecking, which isn't good. Get like a 1060 or 1070.
  4. The title says all. I started matchmaking up and went to the customizations menu and it crashed.
  5. I only liked it since it made it look cooler, not that I could prone in it.
  6. So the event pass starts on the 23rd and the devs keep saying 24th. I don't if its the 23rd or 24th when it releases.
  7. It happened once to me. But then I just re-opened it and it worked fine. Re-install the PTS?
  8. I don't know why but I just prefer it more with higher grass but it still looks cool, maybe have when you put foliage at ultra?
  9. These are event pass skins.... Like two of them are store skins.
  10. You're exaggerating a bit man. They ain't trying to kill their own game. They would be CRAZY AS HELL if they did. I really didn't see anyone talk about the new PUBG campaign game after a week so I'm sure if they kill off their games they'd know that their company might as well struggle more.
  11. Since no one wants to play vikendi or miramar. Legit the only reason.
  12. I'm sure the update would go straight to the PTS instead of the Live servers (Some leakers have said so). I don't speak Korean but this video was uploading but taken down. However someone was able to download it before it was taken down. EDIT: YOU CAN SEE A NEW MICRO UZI IN THE VIDEO WITH A RED DOT ATTACHED.
  13. True.... but man like I still wanted to choose my maps. I mentioned *one of the reasons*.
  14. Nah stfu you troll. I bought this game on PC since it had much more freedom. Having locked sanhok with miramar and vikendi (I play sanhok alot) will really suck, your most likely in EU or another region so this won't affect you, but if you were in NA, and wanted to play sanhok, get ready to leave miramar 10x in a row before getting sanhok. Hopefully, you don't act like a dick to other people.
  15. I bought the game in the past six months and I LOVE it on PC since I had the game on console in the past. One of the main reasons I switched was Map selection, and poof now thats gone. I'm hoping to high hell this is a temporary thing.
  16. I dont mind vikendi being loud since the graphics and features make it fun but Miramar I can't always deal with. I really just wanna play erangel all the time, and once its gone out of single selection it'll be a blow in my opinion. They should Pair Sanhok with Erangel, and Miramar with Vikendi, if this is a perm change (Hoping not)
  17. Players in NA are getting screwed over since people don't wanna play Miramar or Vikendi??? I swear this change is one of the worst ideas the god damn devs have had. This is on console and people aren't too happy about it. It would make it better if there was a RE-QUEUE option in the starting island/area. I really don't mind it right now since all the maps are fine to me but I'd be worried when erangel goes since Erangel is my fave map. I at the moment have not experienced matchmaking issues AT ALL since there's a reason no one wants to play Miramar or Vikendi over and over again which is what will happen with the new system (I used to play on console). Anyway, I hope they take this damn feature out in the future since PUBG was on a roll in the past and now it feels as if their about to screw it over.
  18. Yeah, the new system seems TRASH. This was on console and it made me hate the game. One of the main GOD DAMN reasons that I switched over to PC was to be able to choose my own god damn maps. WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY. I was really excited for PATCH 31, but this just ruins it. I'm hoping this change isn't permanent cuz if it is, this games really gonna piss people in NA off, including me.
  19. When Erangel V2 comes can you keep erangel V1 as an option on custom games? I think some people may want to play for nostalgic reasons or if they just prefer it more. Maybe timed events as well? Im really excited to play Erangel V2, but erangel V1 is what started PUBG, and maybe when some people *might* get bored of V2 they'll hop on V1? I doubt I'd get bored of it but you know, it'd be cool to have V1 in there.
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