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  1. I got this error mid match, im assuming it has something to do with my card, but it said "Out of video memory trying to allocate a texture!". I just got got done building my pc yesterday. For anyone wondering, I have a RTX 2080 with 8gb of memory in the card. The game crashed after it went away, but I only had the error once.
  2. i do need better aim, but we had sh*t loot like smgs and shotguns. i just switched from console yesterday aswell. we were in a open field, yes but we had really bad loot. We landed at a set of compounds near gatka.
  3. So I was playing squads and there was a guy in a BRDM, so my squad did what most people would do, shoot the BRDM. And guess what? The BRDM ran us all over and it wasn't even smoking. They need to add some weak spots to balance it out a little, otherwise, it's just a 2nd life for those in it. But it is a BRDM, so it is meant to be strong, but it'd be nicer to nerf it a little.
  4. They gave up on us. All I see. I say they should just merge all the patches were behind into one or just give us the major ones.
  5. Check the rewards section of the event pass 😂😂😂
  6. This is the xbox forums. Its prob a bug I believe. The devs make weird mistakes here and there.
  7. Your not supposed to search PTS. Try PUBG test server, thats what its called.
  8. I played it in one of those gaming booths. I should be getting my own in like 2 weeks
  9. Ive played fpp on pc and i've enjoyed it. 99% of the time im on tpp on xbox since the game runs like shit. If the fps was higher more people would play fpp.
  10. Christ, by the end of may? I swear if we dont get weapon mastery id be pissed.
  11. Yeah, same. Kinda crazy knowing Erangel will be overhauled.
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