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  1. TheCorruptDROID

    I am seeing things properly?

    btw the title is written incorrectly, it was meant to be "Am I seeing things properly?"
  2. TheCorruptDROID

    My first teaming encounter...

    uh oh, my points are skyrocketing. (10 points).
  3. I might be delusional, and only play PUBG like 90% of the time but this does not feel like 30 fps. If it does please tell me, @PUBG_Andymh5 remove this post if this is useless, or 30 fps. Thank you https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/kiyathedrone/video/73352150
  4. TheCorruptDROID

    ETA for console please....

    My bad, next next month, we'll get the Erangel improvements next month.
  5. TheCorruptDROID

    ETA for console please....

    Next month.
  6. TheCorruptDROID

    Replay Feature Poll.

    Replays can be used to determine if someones exploiting the game, or if you came across a bug and didnt clip it, since your onedrive (where clips are stored) gets full, or you just forgot about it. I wont mind them releasing a BETA version with fps issues and bugs tho.
  7. TheCorruptDROID

    Replay Feature Poll.

    But think about it, those tools are 2D, and it would be better to see what your enemies are exactly doing. But again, I would like 60 fps (Which I doubt we'd ever get), and if you were to try free flying in the custom matches you would LAG so hard. i don't know why it isn't there beside framerate issues if that's what it is.
  8. TheCorruptDROID

    Replay Feature Poll.

    Do you guys think we need a replay feature? PC has had the replay feature longer than the console version has been out. I heard that the devs are working on it, but that was early Jan 2018. @PUBG_Andymh5
  9. When you're in the lobby and have the playlist set to "DUO" and invite your buds (A Squad) the thing sometimes stops working all together where you can't change any of the settings. It also happened once when I accidentally pressed on training mode and cancelled at the moment my friends joined. EX: I invite my friends when I'm on duos and it won't let me change it to like 3Man or the map.
  10. TheCorruptDROID

    Event pass

    We might get it in May since we're usually a month behind Pc.
  11. TheCorruptDROID

    Female Characters - Poll

    Its the same hitbox as male.
  12. TheCorruptDROID

    Heres why this patch runs so well.

    So, not matter how expeeienced a dev is, they will need training? It kind of felt the devs stepped up their game this patch (fps wise).
  13. TheCorruptDROID

    Heres why this patch runs so well.

    Im saying mid game. It freezes only on vikendi for me.
  14. TheCorruptDROID

    Funny moments edit I made.

    I like making videos like this, if you watched the video I hope you enjoyed, and like if you feel nice today!
  15. After patch #6, Vikendi looks great, and feels great! Before this in dense forests, or anywhere really there was no "God Rays", now after patch #6 you can come across them in the churches and forests Vikendi Clear:https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/kiyathedrone/video/72864123 Vikendi Snowy:https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/kiyathedrone/video/72863000 Vikendi Night:https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/kiyathedrone/video/72864181 Great Job on the improvements PUBG team!.