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  1. TheCorruptDROID

    Vikendi actual time

    $10 or about 1000 GC Bud.
  2. TheCorruptDROID

    MASSIVE DESYNC (I legit did 0 damage)

    More common in pubg. Happens in lesser server side optimized games.
  3. TheCorruptDROID

    MASSIVE DESYNC (I legit did 0 damage)

    Yeah man, can't wait for the maintenance.
  4. This is the first time I experienced something this bad. I broke my controller and bought the pubg controller after this happened. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/kiyathedrone/video/67747013
  5. TheCorruptDROID

    How do i redeem the controller code?

    Thank you man! Much appreciated.
  6. Hello, i bought the pubg lim edition controller, and was wondering how to redeem it. Thank you! @PUBG_Andymh5
  7. TheCorruptDROID


    What you mean? Game runs and looks fine except for 30 fps. I agree they need a maintenance tho.
  8. TheCorruptDROID

    New community challenge?

    Im sure the black shirt was apart of the playerunknown set we got.
  9. TheCorruptDROID

    Custom games.

    Hello! Was wanting to know if the custom games were improved bu via adding more options to customize the matches, Also, share your thoughts on if it should get more options or it should just be discontinued.
  10. Hello! We all know that Vikendi is finally coming after one month of play-doh and flying cars onto the live servers! (may god have mercy on our souls if it aint fixed). According to @PUBG_Andymh5 there will be plenty of QoL changes, and I was wanting to know if Custom games customization will be expanded because we have sticks and stones to play with on custom games and 2 presets. If it won't be introduced with the Vikendi Patch, will it be introduced shortly after or will it be delayed another millennium? Thank you.
  11. TheCorruptDROID

    Question about the survivor pass thats coming up.

    haha, the teaming issue is really getting out of hand, I feel like they may need to make the punishments more severe, or take extra actions (more security) etc. But I don't mind spending a couple bucks on the game just as long as they fix Vikendi.
  12. Yeah, I know it may not come for an extremely long time but I want to play with my buddies over on PS4, wanting to see if you guys will ever open it? I know that one quote "We are interested in working with our partners to explore cross play) but are there plans to have it come out by the end of 2019, or is Sony going to say that Microsoft's platform is toxic? EDIT: Is PUBG CORP currently working on crossplay/exploring it or is it down on the list of priorities?
  13. Hello! I had a quick question about the upcoming survivor pass. So in December when they first announced Vikendi, they showed us some screenshots of the event pass UI. Wanted to know if that is what console is getting compared to what PC is getting. Also quick question about the little tier bypass thingy, I saw them on PC they cost $35 for 50 levels, so is it also gonna be discounted on console or was it just a PC thing. Thank you!
  14. TheCorruptDROID

    Is this a glitch?

    I feel you man. You'll get over it. SEE WHAT U DID @PUBG_Andymh5
  15. TheCorruptDROID

    Is this a glitch?

    HOW DARE U? Timmys crying now because of you. But thank you for the response glad to know its a work in progress!