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    Why don't I have the newest update?

    It's clearly stated that it's PC only

    Dead man’s rounds won’t hurt ya!

    Too bad this doesn't work for grenades as well😝

    Help with SSD and set up

    Please utilize the search function next time. There are several threads on this topic already

    PUBG falling behind?

    There is speculation that BLACKOUT will go Free To Play sometime this year. If it does, I can see it taking a lot of players away from APEX LEGENDS and possibly from PUBG if the game is still not fixed by then.

    Alternative to SSD?

    There is no alternative to an SSD. Check NEWEGG, they usually have really cheap drives for around $40 and an enclosure can be picked up for around $10 https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820301366&ignorebbr=1

    PUBG falling behind?

    Played Apex Legends the other night and was not impressed. I feel that RESPAWN really missed the mark on what could have been an amazing game. When I heard that it was going to be a TITANFALL BR without the Titans I was instantly intrigued, But that's not even close to what it actually is. Even though it kind of feels like TITANFALL it's more of an OVERWATCH hybrid. 3 Man Squads only, Abilities and classes instead of standard "Equal Playing Field" characters. An actual Respawn system?!🤔 Free to Play is great and is probably the main reason why FORTNITE currently dominates the market. I just hope that RESPAWN continues TITANFALL 3 development and includes a BR mode when it launches

    Over the shoulder aim punch

    Just "Shoulder Aim"

    Over the shoulder aim punch

    Every Weapon besides the sniper rifle utilizes OTS Aim in Gears, so you have used it before. Here is a list of games that have Over The Shoulder Aim. You can honestly tell me that you have never played any of them???🤔 https://www.giantbomb.com/over-the-shoulder/3015-2621/games/

    XBOX crashing my router

    Has this only been happening in the last few days? I also have Charter Spectrum and experienced several outages since Tuesday. Plus XBOX Live has gone down several times in the last 48 hours. Could be related

    1 month

    Did you play the BETA or the Free to Play week?

    1 month

    So my main complaint with BLACKOUT is the sound. After turning off all of the nonsense(Commentary, Music, Cinematics) the game is much better. Directional sound is terrible though. It's impossible to distinguish what floor someone is on or exactly how far away they are. PUBG definitely has the upper hand in the sound department. As far as looting and attachments, it's very similar to PUBG. Looting bodies is much simpler now that they integrated the new looting menu. Also, when picking up attachments, they will automatically attach to your current weapon if they fit, otherwise they go in your backpack. The armor system is pretty cool because you can actually repair it if you pick up armor shards. You would really be surprised at how many noobs are playing right now. Many people played Multiplayer or zombies and then jumped into BLACKOUT after getting bored. They also ran a Free to Play week which brought in a ton of new players last month. Rent it or borrow it from someone and play it for a few days. I am a PUBG diehard and I am really enjoying what BLACKOUT has to offer while I wait for PUBG to get fixed

    Over the shoulder aim punch

    I never said that all 3 types of aiming are in every game. Those are the only 3 types that I have ever heard of in the 30+ years of gaming. Over The Shoulder has been the staple term for TPP games since SOCOM I believe. PUBG Corp/Bluehole is the ONLY Dev that I have ever heard refer to it as "Soft Aiming" and that was after someone coined the damned phrase in the forums. I also find it hard to believe that you have never played games like "Gears of War" which utilizes OTS Aiming🤔

    major lag / de-sync after update

    Being shot through rocks, walls, hills. Molotovs being thrown through solid walls of houses. Point blank shotgun blasts not registering. Fully decked out Groza not registering a single hit from 15 feet away. Just to name a few NA - Eastcoast TPP - Solo/Duos/Squads

    1 month

    Haven't played BF5 yet. Been playing BLACKOUT for the last few weeks and having a blast! They have made a bunch of changes since the beta and it's a much better experience. It doesn't really play like COD (Never got into the futuristic crap after MW3) It actually feels more like a HALO BR and since 343 Studios confirmed that they never plan on making a BR mode for future HALO titles, it may be the closest thing we get. Long story short (Too Late) give BLACKOUT a shot, I'm glad I did😎

    major lag / de-sync after update

    Same here. XBOX One S with SSD Lag/Hit reg/Desync are back to what they were months ago. I tried playing a few days ago after the HOTFIX and it was actually worse