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  1. This is one of the terrible ideas that APEX LEGENDS introduced. "Battle Royale Revival" NO THANKS!
  2. They can easily remedy this by making the flare gun unavailable or un-operational until it is actually usable, but you know....PUBG🤣
  3. I play on PC from time to time and recoil is much easier to control with a mouse
  4. We need some clarification here. Are you referring to cross play with PC? Or reversing their current rule of M&K use on console? If cross play with PC, then absolutely not. If allowing M&K on console, only if they have separate servers like PUBG Mobile does on PC
  5. This only applies to PC since consoles are locked to a Max of 60 FPS
  6. You would think so Never heard of Tera
  7. Pretty sure console support ended after Vikendi dropped on live servers. 😝 The PC version has made huge strides lately and runs like a dream on my current Rig. Unfortunately, PC users are still plagued with cheaters 😞
  8. Had similar things happen many times. Actually, the broken revive system is what made most of my friends jump ship. Revive would cancel for no reason, wouldn't allow us to revive on uneven surfaces, or would completely freeze/dashboard the person being revived. It's all part of the PUBG experience!
  9. What is "Thirsting"? Tried looking it up but I can only find this referring to Fortnite which I do not play Thirsting Millennials created this word. It's used on fort nite and they cry and whine about other people thirsting or thirsting them These guys are thirsting Omg help me I'm getting thirsted by Wiggly bear August 08, 2018
  10. MIXAMP PRO GEN 1 (2011-2012) Release date2/14/13 Version3374 Release NotesFixed bug that caused some MixAmps to lose audio after updating to version 3356. This is the most recent Firmware for my Mixamp unfortunately
  11. My point is that you need an adapter to use M&K with PUBG. If PUBG Corp wanted you to play with M&K they would have enabled native support within the game.
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