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  1. Scarlett will be a Next Gen console. So PUBG will run in legacy/Backwards Compatible mode. The game will play exactly the same as it does right now, unless PUBG Corp makes a new version for Scarlett or is somehow able to "Upgrade" the code. My guess is they will bring a new version which runs closer to the PC version at 60FPS and charge $60. Time will tell
  2. The last few times I played Squads we experienced it after every few games.
  3. Better Hit Reg, Fix the lag/constant crashing and the "Ready Up" bug that has been in-game since day 1.
  4. I picked up an X last month and the graphics on PUBG are only slightly better. I have noticed Massive increases in other games though. Hitman 2, AC: Origins, FARCRY 5, and Blackout all look incredible on the X. I personally wouldn't buy an X just for PUBG, you will be disappointed.
  5. This scenario is so rare I'm surprised that you even suggested it. And many games DO ALLOW kill trading. BLACKOUT is one of the BR games that has it and I believe APEX and FIRESTORM do as well.
  6. Which should be changed. Making bullets disappear takes away from realism. If I die first in a gunfight but my last bullet takes my opponent out as well then we should both die. Other battle Royale games do this and it really surprises me that PUBG doesn't😲
  7. No such thing as "Soft Aim" 🤔 Are you referring to OTS - Over the Shoulder Aiming?
  8. For the majority of people who I used to play PUBG with, the reason they left was because of how badly the game ran. Jumping to a better optimized game was inevitable, but offering different mechanics gave the Battle Royale genre a breath of fresh air. I was the last to "Officially" leave PUBG back in early Feb because I was really hoping they would get the game functioning properly after a year of Beta Testing. I ended up playing BLACKOUT with most of my old squad mates the rest of them ended up on APEX LEGENDS. PUBG will always be my favorite BR game and it was amazing when it first came out, but It's broken and I highly doubt it will ever be fixed. My point is that they need to add more features, call it hand holding if you want, but unless they keep the game fresh it's going to continue to lose players and die.
  9. I agree that PUBG needs to stay as raw and realistic as possible, but at the same time they really need to compete with the other Battle Royale games. PUBG has been losing many players to APEX/BLACKOUT and since those other games run better with less issues, PUBG will continue to lose players on a regular basis. Now as far as Auto Replace is concerned, it only swaps attachments that you already have on your current weapon. You still have to pick up and attach things like normal, which in my opinion isn't a big deal. But if this pisses you off, just wait until console gets the next update with Parkour/Clambering/Ledge Grab 🤣
  10. They are implementing a mechanic from Call of Duty Blackout. When picking up a new weapon, all "Compatible" attachments will automatically transfer from old weapon. This saves a lot of time since you won't have to strip weapon and then reattach everything. I believe that Apex and Firestorm also have a similar mechanic
  11. Stick with the HyperX Cloud's. I run mine with an Astro Mixamp. Hands down the best headset I have ever owned
  12. I have mentioned this MANY times since joining the forums in Dec 2017. I doubt they will ever fix it.
  13. They probably don't want us to see PING/Latency on console because it's very high for most players. COD: Blackout has this option in settings and it comes in very handy. Most games are in the 30-40 Ping levels and run great. Other times it goes up to 90-100 Ping and it runs like crap. Would be interesting to monitor PING values during games in PUBG
  14. Played a match last night where an entire squad was able to move in on us. None of us could hear their footsteps. Also noticed in Solo matches people who don't wear shoes have extremely loud footsteps. Please don't fix that🤣
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