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  1. firefox

    Xbox Update #6 - Feedback Topic

    So I've came back again a little late for this update. I'm not sure if this one is considered an update. Granted I've only played a few games but it was honestly brutal playing any longer and again quite boring. you seemed to have lost the atmosphere you created in the beginning in this game. taking away the launch sound from the plane. back round effects and loading seem lack lustre. I remember when you added the weather system and how it sound really realistic and made the map feel more alive and rich. it now just feels plain and I cant pin the reason why. tbh I don't think ive seen any weather changes on any of the maps in a long time, but again I haven't played enough. pros there isn't any really at this point maybes the flare gun if I can be bothered to play enough to find it. cons again the usual crap. freezing isn't as bad for me as others but I can understand if your still competitive in this game then it will be really annoying as a hell. you cant reduce all those rendering options to increase frame rate and not have it work, you fucked up somewhere. mollys and smoke don't work after 6 months of a 'full release game' still getting stuck in buildings and furniture. alarming amount of hacking posts in the forum and major bugs cropping up. reporting players by the sounds of it for teaming or team killing seems pointless. do you even have a ban system in place. way behind the pc in terms or content- you could forgive this if increasing performance was the goal but it isn't. I mean it feels like it isn't but again -which ill get around too this point- you haven't told us the direction for console and what your trying to achieve. you still haven't fixed the bordering around vikendi. I don't know whether im a house or the player so why the shitting hell is it yellow for both on a white overlay. I mean if its too much work to fix(its probably not is it) why not just change the players colour in the map(probably requires the same amount of effort). how did you get to a point where sound was easy to understand and footsteps and player positions recognisable. to having to put my headset on full and risk tinnitus from my own gun shots, car, redzone, plane, team chat, loot crates. I found I fiddled with the volume of my headset in one round than playing something else for hours. to wit stand in a mirror and say this to yourself so it helps. ambient sound should not overtake gaming mechanics. it doesn't make it fun. I didn't get to play any other map than vikendi after being on full rando. I mean I could cut it out completely but it should try to be as close to a round robin as possible. tbh if your done with the game just let the player base know. you kind of shot yourself in the foot though by saying the game was ready for release when It was part of the early access program. you could of honestly just said during the program that it wasn't viable and you wont be supporting it until the next generation. like sure people would of been pissed but they would of understood. And yeah I get at this point your only keeping it going cos of the money its generating if it even is that high. But from how you've handled this game I don't think ill purchase anything that's made from this company.
  2. firefox

    Xbox Update #5 - Feedback Topic

    played this version for a little bit last night for the first time in ages and there's little improvement. yeah the lod 0 textures are now rendering in which isn't really a fix as lod 1 should be rendered on touch down for a full release game. loot still is sporadic on spawn which is annoying because you want to loot fast and efficient but you always miss vital stuff. don't know if its because Ive been playing other games that run at 60fps but coming back to this felt like moving through honey and im sure its not anywhere near 30fps maybes 20/25? good points bison good can somewhat play vikendi in this condition actually been put eu servers not oc bad points the usual did you shite fix the bordering for the ring on vikendi on solo yellow player marker against yellow building on the map who thinks this crap up desync is still terrible I get its in all games but its the worsed in pubg. you don't communicate with us on the health of this game and what you are trying to achieve 60fps? kill cams? prox chat? coming back to this forum as well it looks as though you've givin in on the lack of communication. 21st century a million means of communication and the best you can do is a short presentation once a month. I mean honestly you couldn't even be bothered to draw up a road map.
  3. firefox

    Nothing is rare

    clearly you haven't seen me rocking a pink tank top with a lovely looking bob ross afro and I gimp mask. you guys are looking for helmets in the final circle.
  4. firefox

    Nothing is rare

    Fashion enthusiasts?
  5. firefox


    I can agree with all sides of the argument on the ump but one thing is clear with a light weight grip and scope the ump is op. stationary or near stationary targets are destroyed withing seconds. yes it can be beaten cqc with other weapons that's not the problems. its why does it have no recoil allowing it to be more effective than dmrs and the vss. you can go to the training map and test this for yourself. its also why a lot of top 10 situations theres at least more than half running it. plus the abundance of ammo that's always lying around in house and on enemies.
  6. firefox

    Xbox Update #4 - Feedback Topic

    im not surprised about the lack of communication they've been on and off since the start. im not sure how a pts runs 99% better and then implementation is terrible. they must of added something new that wasn't in the pts and screwed the entire thing up because that's the only explanation here.
  7. firefox

    Xbox Update #4 - Feedback Topic

    After 2 months away from this game I thought id come back to see the new improvements to the game and see the new map and oh boy wow you guys are something different. ill start with cons and bugs.I didn't check out the pts but im almost 100% sure that nobody said this should be on the live. Cons rendering is terrible on the new map. squad bug is back with vengeance no idea what's to blame or why, but if you leave to the title and come back you cant rejoin squad because your still apart of it. awesome. the UI is just messy and laggy. you cant of possibly tested this. even if It wasn't laggy its convoluted to much shit everywhere finding its a chore as well. why not a collect all button. I get your trying to succeed like the mobile but its just as bad on there. falling flying blowing up you name it and your car will do it. invisible enemies. Thought I was crazy 2 squad mates telling me theres an enemy and me and another cant see him at all , in an open field. next all we see is his loot box. this has happened on numerous matches. invisible parachutes. this is and old one but still its in the game months after release? lag dysnc same as before ttd is still there not as often though. there's no performance increase if you set to prioritise framerate so why add it. love shots not registering but seeing through a 6x or 8x a dust splatter in centre of the chest. am I in oc or na? im in the eu but these are the only servers that appear. which is it what am I playing in? map selection is just wrong. either combine vikendi with sanhok and erangel with Miramar or let us select what we want. not vikendi and the other 3 in a bundle. UMP is op has been for a while... is audio purposefully off. sometimes ambient noise like wind and own footsteps overtakes enemy sounds. is this right? why? also guns like the beryl and slr sound like they are right beside you but in fact 100 metres away. I get some guns are louder but not to the extent the sound like there right behind you. or 100metres sound exactly like 10metres. Pros new map new guns love the skorpion looking forward to the bison. snow tracks are awesome. feel like the hardy boys. parachuting is better. range feels less might just need practice or im just wrong. but bring back the ding when jumping that shit was iconic. balancing of loot on new map is good I like that dmrs and snipers are a hard find, switches up the play. you didn't ruin the other maps with an update. increased skidding in some vehicles on different surface is a nice touch.
  8. firefox

    November 15 Hotfix Feedback Topic

    so for me pros- player movement feels better. player movement has been smoothed out making sniping possible. less people running about like a stop start animation. actually surprised. cons- hits are registering but sometimes I feel like im getting the hit but there not receiving damage until after a few seconds. its better though. one game it was very slow to realise I had headshot someone with a awm. after 5 seconds later after him firing at me it says he dies of a headshot, which makes me believe in some cqc situations some shots are taking a little while longer to register which is what some of the complaints are about. hitting the enemy but they do not receive damage and by that point they are dead. some players move normally others are still way out of sync and im not sure if its server switching so you cant know until after the ping lock update. but some players appear to speed up slow down, shoot through cover- there's and yours, and sometimes just a hot lagging mess. again its not every player just a when you add it all together it becomes a mess. smokes are horrible for frame rate. Miramar rendering is still terrible. ump is op. game still suffers in squads when there's a lot going on. erangels loot is terrible for duos and squads. if you intend it to be a solo experience then take it out the roster. the lung indicator is missing on some scopes and iron sight weapons.
  9. firefox

    Help from players with K/D over 2

    my kd was 0.5 to start off with but that was when the frames were massively unstable now its 2.5. hot dropping is always the best method but only on erangel in the school or sanhoks boot camp. miramars hacienda is still a broken mess unless you have a ssd. If I won the hot drop I would track down the next crate drop because they turn into hectic gun fights and is good for learning to tactfully positioning yourself around a central goal much like the final circles if I won that its pretty much clear sailing to top ten. also try in other games to use odd weapons like the uzi, tommy and pistols and shotguns and stick with them until you die even if you make top 10. it will help on certain maps when you just cant any good weapons. I've finished with a suppressed tommy on numerous occasions because a 50 round mag close is lethal. take aim acceleration of because it sucks because its hard to twitch between targets with it. this wont improve you kd so much because of all the hot dropping but will improve your aim, tact positioning and sound locating. so when you play to win youll be much better
  10. firefox

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    so you say that to play this game you need a 1000-2500 dollar pc but now you don't need it because poorer countries can play it. now your going on about cheaters in pubg but you want m&k on xbox. you post is chaotic and contradictory. and the way you make it sound is as though its rife with cheaters on pc when its actually rare. Be concise
  11. firefox

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    no the main factor is that so people can play pubg regardless of there system requirements in a fair match. the pay off for pubg is they sell more games stay popular and relevant in other country and may even sell more skins on the side for extra revenue. if you not gonna bother reading my post don't try interpret it with your shite.
  12. firefox

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    then use that logic towards spending money to split servers so m&k can play on xbox. and actually it does make sense. it gets players that are in poorer countries playing their game or people who don't have good enough systems to play. In turn they may even buy skins. its even why there making a less demanding version for low end computers
  13. firefox

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    you really don't need 2000 to spend on a pc to play pubg get a grip. 500 would do. you cant tell me you've gotten good using m&k without using a pc.
  14. firefox

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    then why don't you instead ask for parity servers on pc that locks out at 60fps then ask them to split a smaller fan base on console?
  15. firefox

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    im sorry but you don't have to pay 1000-2500 dollar to play pubg on pc.