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  1. has not counted any of my wins, any of my kills, my new longest kill... one step forward 20 steps backwards
  2. Does anyone else have issues after update 9 with the career/leaderboards for xbox one not showing or counting dinners,kills,headshots, etc...? im hoping that its the leaderboards just being innaccurate instead of the game not counting my dinner.
  3. multiple game crashes in the military base.
  4. what can I say, one step forward... two steps back.. thank you for the quality of life fixes and bug patches but my game still crashes LOL.
  5. I am on xbox, we only have one map and like I said I could be happy with most of the SH** but I cant make it more than a few minutes without glitching into some place that kills me, my screen freezing and crashing the game, or dying from the lag fest clipping and rubber banding.
  6. Honestly, I could deal with half of the BS if the game was semi playable. Like you said, we are some how disconnected, frozen, or killed by the game itself so fast that the game is unplayable.
  7. this happens to people on PC too? holy smokes. I thought it was only on the xbox.
  8. I convinced myself to play another game 4 hours after my last crash... as soon as my feet touched the ground my game frozen. Seems like certain areas are more likely to cause a crash... military base, shooting range, school... all seem like places I crash more often. Same time I remember so many times just running or driving towards the circle and my game crashes... also, while watching people twitch and mixer stream, i see peoples game crash. AWFUL LOOK. anyone interested in this game, who sees that ITS A REALITY.
  9. let make also make something clear, whenever my game does NOT crash, I end up winning or at least top 10. games awesome when it doesnt fail.
  10. sounds like we all fell for a giant ass scam.... this college kid made half a billion dollars and probably bought a yacht hasn't looked back...
  11. what a joke of a reward anyways.. 4700bp for a crate, and you get a duplicate red sweater you got on your first crate for 600. you exchange it for 30bp All i ever get is oversized hats that look dumb, skinny jeans that look dumb, tight ass hipster shirts that look dumb, and dumb ass hipster boots that look dumb. Waiting for the day they go a little more milsim... some BDUs and a shemagh would be a lot cooler than than the NYC hipster look.. just sayin
  12. $480mil in just PC sales... My point is they have more than enough funds to fix this game. I get it, it's unfinished software, its a preview, its early access, and in progress. But they need to get it playable before they release it and before they market it and bundle it with consoles.. It's like selling a "new" car before its released and warning folks "hey this car is a work in progress... It might have some issues" yet they didn't mention the issues make it not run! it's either a giant scam, or they cant figure out what is making the game crash.
  13. lets do some math together. 16million PC copies sold at $30/ea. bluehole is sitting on more than $30mil off a broken game. We fell for their scam didn't we I just cannot wrap my head around the fact that they are marketing this game and even bundling it with consoles, when you can barely even play the damn thing. I love this game, when it works... until its fixed, I just don't see myself wasting 30 mins+ to get my shit ready for the top 10 just to have my game crash in the first fire fight I get in
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