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  1. Bugs to report. No buildings loading at all then client crashes after about 5 minutes of trying to navigate invisible walls and doors. Plane drops all 100 people together on a flight path that starts over prison heading north northeast on Miramar De-sync issues where you can be shot despite the fact you are behind cover on your screen. This also works the other way that i was shooting a stationary target over and over and over again. Turns out they were actually about 4 paces to right of where they showed on my screen. Lastly the rubber banding is a joke. You land and are incapable of looting for atleast 30 seconds then get random spikes throughout game. Have 300mbs fibre internet and a pc nicely above the Minimum specs you recommend so I should have a smooth experience. I love this game but seriously need to sort your shit out the yet server was more stable than what you sent live!
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