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  1. Lmao did anyone watched the video 'till the end?
  2. That would be a good idea if you loose your bullets on each magazin drop.
  3. Sick clips guys!
  4. Dude that suppresor and that molotov straight to the head lmao, nice chicken btw
  5. Running to safe zone. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/immatias/video/70770651 🐔🍳
  6. imMatias


    I meant in a funny way, Those skins are nasty doe
  7. imMatias


    OP is trolling
  8. imMatias

    New Erangel

    Wow, Erangel looks so good
  9. imMatias

    My best shot | Not that tryhard

    Of course, it is, the title is because I always spray my guns and I dont bend to often while aiming. Sincerely I didn't have a shot like the M24 since BF1 days.
  10. Hey! This is my first mixed videos and my best shot is the first clip. I take between 3-6 kills per match, mainly do Solos and sometime random squads (All my friends quit PUBG becuase you know, its PUBG). https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/immatias/video/70457973 Save the comments on my aim please 😅😅. Wait the the end. Cheers from Chile!
  11. imMatias

    Xbox DVR recording automatically

    Yes, I usually Record what happened X sec/min. ago
  12. https://pubg-replay.com/match/xbox/a5a0c431-d100-4e69-9056-e1f900351e25?highlight=imMatias This confirm my encounter with emmm, kill em allll