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  1. Bruh, that's what I said, that audio setup looks way better/pro than using a M&K haha
  2. I'm more afraid of this than a M&K user lmao
  3. I had a few random squad chickens with no mic
  4. Same for me, when the first furniture load up, my screen freezes for up to 3 secs, that also happens when i pick up a weapon.
  5. Manhattan idea seems good. Imagine squads at the subway like Operation Metro on BF3! daaaaaaaaayummmmm
  6. lmao the first video was good in terms of graphic content but then the playdoo appeared
  7. Lmao did anyone watched the video 'till the end?
  8. That would be a good idea if you loose your bullets on each magazin drop.
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