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  1. I'm just about on the same page as you. It's pathetic that they consider this a "full release", then they use the excuse that its on xbox preview. Xbox preview doesn't mean create a game that looks like a ps1 game, and runs like my grandmas vacuum cleaner.
  2. Every time I play this game, and I don't lag out, I always have a problem with picking up equipment using the equipment menu(start button(just so you know what button it is, try not to screw this system up more because you definitely ruined the performance of the game more than how it was at launch. Good job at messing that up by the way, it takes a lot of talent to screw up the game more than what it was like)). Somehow the game does not want me to pick up items on the ground when i scroll to them.
  3. My game has now crashed 3 different times today, in three very different locations on the map. Wasn't there supposed to be some kind of performance updates? Oh wait, there was already two of those, and they somehow managed to either make my game worse or just as bad before the patches were implemented.
  4. I've played this game for a while now, and honestly the one thing that has killed me the most other than the constant crashes is the third person aiming. For example, my aiming reticle would be right on the enemy, and my bullet would hit the ground or wall right in front of me. I don't understand why you would make this a feature in the game. If you are to have a aiming system in place for third person, at least make sure it works correctly before launch. Since you rushed the game to the xbox preview page, you should have at least just made it straight first person because it make absolutely no sense to implement a third person aiming system that doesn't work properly. P.S. I had high hopes for this game getting released on xbox, but the developers have proved everyone wrong by publishing a game too early for release. PUBG being available on xbox preview is no excuse either, especially if you are putting a price on a unfinished product. It's like me purchasing a car, but it doesn't have a steering wheel AND frequently shuts off when I am on the freeway. Good luck fixing this garbage dump of a mess devs.
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