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    Avg Damage Dealt

    This has been fixed; please archive topic.
  2. Apparently buying separate licenses for PUBG doesn’t buy you your own graphic, sound and keybinding .ini file if you’re logged into the same Windows profile. Looking for an easy way to toggle between each of our own PUBG settings (without using separate Windows profiles, and without dragging a different .ini file into the AppData directory each time we login to our own Steam account). —Easy, for me, would even include creating separate game-launching icons that will call for the right .ini file. Am I the only one that finds keybindings important enough to not want them disturbed by another player logging in since the last time I played? If logging into Steam as myself tells the game which character to load, it seems reasonable that it could similarly identify, at least my keybindings, if not the graphical settings. An option... store 2 sets of settings in the one .ini if there must only be one. And allow toggle within game settings to use either the first or second set. I could even deal with a secondary installation of the game if it will work, but out of principle, needing to login to a different Windows profile is a bananas requirement.
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    Avg Damage Dealt

    As in the test server... at least on my machine, the statistic Avg Damage Dealt seems to show a number that would be closer to TOTAL Damage Dealt. Why are we not dividing this number by the number of matches played? Or just calling it Total Damage Dealt? This is one of the better stats for tracking improvement and I find it strange that it isn't mentioned more... Came up in the Test Server bugs too, but nada. Maybe this is just happening to two of us, in which case, I'll divide the number myself on paper like it's 1991 and move on. Thanks.
  4. Oh no... please tell me this isn't happening again.
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