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  1. If your going to troll at least be somewhat funny about it
  2. Using a M&K on Xbox is clunky AF without native support can't ever get used to the input delay and on pubg it’s soo much noticeable to me. Using a controller is so much more enjoyable for me imo but people should use whichever is more comfortable.
  3. Everything you claim that can’t be done by controller I have done with my basic controller so Its Not impossible. just because someone has fantastic accuracy doesn’t mean they are using a MnK. if I remember right didn’t you buy a MnK to give it a try and if you had you’ll know someone using a MnK can’t do 360’s with ease with one. Don’t worry about any unfair advantages someone could have bc there’s nothing you can do about it and stepping down to their level just makes you worse then them.
  4. Well what do you prefer a controller or a keyboard?