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  1. Love this!! Well said 👍👍
  2. I agree with everyone else! I say this is a bad idea! Let pubg do it’s own thing and keep being realistic and just keep adding to the game fixing things here and there... and hopefully later on in the future we will be playing with 60 FPS
  3. mike11809

    Canted sights

    True that my friend!! Agree 100%
  4. mike11809

    Canted sights

    You mean LB?? I use Type A not sure if RB does something else on the other setting?? Either like the idea! I prefer LB
  5. mike11809

    Canted sights

    The more and more I use the canted sight I guess you’re right...
  6. mike11809

    Canted sights

    Pc has it where you can toggle while ads and even running without having to aim down sights you get my drift?
  7. mike11809

    Canted sights

    Thanks for replying @PUBG_Andymh5 really cool to see devs of the game reply back to the community!! My first post on here and a dev already showed up!! Awesome job on the update once again
  8. mike11809

    Canted sights

    I know that but pc has it when you can toggle it while in ADS and while just holding your gun normally...
  9. mike11809

    Canted sights

    Will there be an update later on where you can toggle the canted sight anytime like pc or no??
  10. mike11809

    Canted sights

    I hope the devs can have it to where you can toggle the canted sight without having to ads like pc has it.... other than that keep up the great work! New update is fun!
  11. It’s there you just gotta look smh