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  1. PUMBA12345

    Replay mess up graphics

    I have same ram amount and card, I think I had this with my old 660gtx as well...
  2. PUMBA12345

    Replay mess up graphics

    It looks like anti analysing is off, but worse. The grass and trees leaves looks very pixelated. Can't make video right now but i'll try at the future. I don't think it's corruption because I installed the game 3 times until now and in every client I had this. if you go freecam on replay and move around the map it's very likely to happen after.
  3. PUMBA12345

    Replay mess up graphics

    still it's very annoying how come nobody complains about that?
  4. PUMBA12345

    Replay mess up graphics

    you really want to tell me im the only one experience this issue?
  5. You need ssd drive and install pubg on it...
  6. PUMBA12345

    Replay mess up graphics

    This is an issue I have since release of the game... After I watch replay for 1-2 min the game graphics gets pixelated and nothing I try don't fix it. I tried playing with graphic settings, vsync, anti analisting and more but nothing than a restart solve this. Every time I watch replay I need to restart the game please help!!!
  7. PUMBA12345


    You have, everyone has this file in that directory, just follow tha path and instead of YOURNAME write your pc username...
  8. PUMBA12345

    Hit registration issue with video-proof

    2 hits are body hits, how is it OK than?
  9. PUMBA12345

    Hit registration issue with video-proof

    Anyone else expriencing this issue?
  10. PUMBA12345


    Yes i have this issue with higher resolution (2k), what you need to do to ACTUALLY PLAY THE GAME because I knew that we will get tons of new bugs that even not connected to Vikendy because we are dealing with programmers that don't even know how to program a calculator app without bugs is this: If the game starts with this issue and you can't even play you need to Go to your GameUserSettings.ini file (C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Local\TslGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor) -> Change ResolutionSizeX and ResolutionSizeY value to a lower resolution, than save and open the game again. After you get fixed picture, go to window mode, than change to the resolution you want, than go fullscreen again, and you can play. BUT! You need to do this every time you open the game Btw if you have the cursor bug when you can't reach the bottom of the screen, go statistics and back to loby, problem fixed! Write me if you have any other questions.
  11. I have suspicious hit registration issues for a long time, Here you can clearly see 8 hits on an enemy (half body hits) until the kill confirmed. Has anyone encountered something like this? Is it OK or I have an issue with the game hit registration? I'm starting to think my problem in this game is not my skill but the game itself and client - server issues... Here is the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ij3IWPcZnMs Please share your thoughts
  12. PUMBA12345

    Known issue since early access....embarrassing!!

    I want a reply from one of the devs....
  13. What don't you understand? People can't play, I don't know any other company that neglect bugs like this... It took years for you to fix teleportation, replay wrong crosshair position issue is still there from release, and this is from early access! I can't find enemys when the whole game is flickering! What are you guys doing there?! One of the most known games huge budget W-T-F why neglecting reports?! FIX IT!
  14. PUMBA12345

    Seeing blood but not doing damage

    With how many fps do you play?