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  1. tokitomaster

    Exp. Server Issue

    you only have the launch the official server and the test server.
  2. tokitomaster

    Exp. Server Issue

    the experimental server is disabled, was used only in the development of Sanhok.
  3. tokitomaster

    DEVS: only 2 optimizations?

    In the fase 3 there are 34 alive, the game is good performance until the last phase where only 10 are left alive.
  4. tokitomaster


    There are not 50 players in the penultimate circle or less in the last circle at the most there are only about 20. And what you say about the lobby that there are 99 players waiting for the game to start, I do not see you complaining about the lobby but about the last circle.
  5. tokitomaster

    Please, Disable the SA Server!

    I also have the same problem when playing in solo mode, it only lets me play in NA since the SA is limited for that mode, it does not happen in team mode or 1 against another team that in those modes if I can play in SA. In NA I generated lags, in addition to poor performance of the game by the constant increases in ping reaching 300ms. I live in Chile and my ping when playing in SA is 90ms, the game goes constant 60 FPS, but in NA I have too many fps dropping to 25fps minimum. All this was generated since Vikendi left on the official server.
  6. tokitomaster

    I3-4160 GTX 1050 2GB AND 16GB DDR3

    I play Pubg with a 1050 Ti 4GB, the CPU i5 4460 3.20GHZ and 12 GB Ram, in addition to not having SSD but an external disk of 4TB. Play in ultra high graphics and 1080p the game goes fluid between 55 to 70 fps, only now I have problems with fps drops, since I have a very high Ping in NA being me in SA. And so I can not play well in solo mode. Your system is being for a game of low requirements since the majority requests a minimum of a quadcore and a 4GB graphics card. In other words, with a 1050 of 2GB if you can play but you will not get 60fps high, only low graphics will reach 60fps. The game does not work well in perfomance that I notice but as you say you have more problems I think it is due to your windows or something that consumes the HDD too much.
  7. tokitomaster

    lobby fps drop

    do you have cpu of 4a gen?
  8. tokitomaster

    Revive Bug

    press F to revive teammate
  9. tokitomaster

    No join in SA Server

    Hello, I have problem with the ping, I live in Sudamerica (Chile) and playing in SA server. But the in to days playing in NA server, because the game join me to NA servers, playing in NA server causes me high ping 180-200, fps drops, laggy and poor performance. In solo player the SA server is limited redirects to Na server, When I play in team mode join in the SA without any problem ,the game run perfectly, without fps drops 60 ~ 70 fps and ping 75 ~ 90, Please fix the server for SA players in solo mode.
  10. tokitomaster

    PUBG lights in building super bright

    There is a discussion topic about this bug https://forums.pubg.com/topic/325643-pubg-lights-in-building-super-bright/
  11. tokitomaster

    General Map Issues

    No sound in you video
  12. tokitomaster


    usando el premium pass
  13. tokitomaster

    Object obstacles

    Hi, I post the bug in https://forums.pubg.com/topic/284055-general-map-issues/ for this bug rendered objects, this bug is only in this object.
  14. Hi, have this bug after exit the round, I dead and session finished, appears the screenshot PUBG and game no respond, use windows keys I try to close the program no respond. I stay with this screen all the time. The only thing left is to restart the pc. this bug sometimes happens when the game ends. Use a windows 10 Pro 64bits.
  15. tokitomaster

    General Map Issues

    Date Seen: Mar 03 2019 Area Of Map: A place of Vikendi Description: One of the objects is not rendered correctly when trying to get away. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wVgwCUKtPs