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  1. tokitomaster

    PUBG lights in building super bright

    Same bug for me but a few weeks ago. Solution download the last driver of nvidia 417.71
  2. tokitomaster

    Patch #25 in live server: low FPS in lobby

    Please delete I create a new theme
  3. Hi, Steam to announced the Patch #25 in live server, in the notes of the patch there is a line that says "Fixed an issue where the lobby screen would sometimes overlap each other when in low FPS " But in the lobby the FPS at 0 to 20 fps. besides that in the Vikendi map the fps do not go up from 40 FPS, but I do not know because just when I was recording the game I was close to 60fps.
  4. Hi, Steam to announced the Patch #25 in live server, in the notes of the patch there is a line that says
  5. tokitomaster

    Will this pc run PUBG? help

    Very little frequency has that processor and being a quadcore, the minimum would be a 3.00mhz, RAM would have to be at least 8 GB but the right thing would be 12GB. The 1050 Ti is fine, playing with high graphics you are close to 60 FPS, but with that CPU you will be very limited to the graphic card.
  6. tokitomaster

    Xbox OG : game just unplayable now

    Its a PC FORUM, if any problem with PUBG in other consoles, you post in section XBOX/PS4 in HOME Forum
  7. tokitomaster


    If they are, what happens is that they are very limited, you should look for them in the most elapsed places like the cement factory, cosmodrome or in the same cities
  8. tokitomaster

    Sanhok location help

    you stayed until the game ended or you left after falling?
  9. tokitomaster

    Sanhok location help

    not be where is the removal of land in Quarry?
  10. tokitomaster

    Night mode? incorrect for this players

    that would be a call of duty
  11. Hello, I have seen complaints that the Vikendi map at night is very clear or that it is simply the day that instead of the sun they set the moon. Well, I'm going to tell you that the night mode of PUBG in Vikendi is fine because if you look for pictures of places with the northern lights it is not that it looks dark but clear, it is because Vikendi is located in the north of Russia very close to the north pole and we know that in those regions there is no night when the sun is in the northern hemisphere. If you see in the real picture it is not all dark it would seem that it was sunset after the sun disappeared on the horizon, so in conclusion Vikendi being closer to the north pole does not have a night as if it were in the United States. https://o7.us.icdn.ru/l/lilones0815/3/imgsrc.ru_40653953CVi.jpg https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1635296010
  12. Do you post in XBOX section https://forums.pubg.com/forum/178-xbox-pubg/
  13. tokitomaster

    objects is not texturized

    Hi, play Vikendi night mode and flying to Cement factory, exploring see a conveyer belt is a default texture and same for little conveyer belt.
  14. The file images are broken?? Dude This topic is help to the guy say all white and futures cuestions.