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  1. wombie


    bf4 on release had probly the worse desync you ever seen in a game but at least they held there hands up and had the desync fixed with in a couple of weeks
  2. wombie


    I never said It was all down to desync I said the desync hasn't changed and the hit boxes are worse then they have been and they already said the desync is a part of the reason for the crap hit boxes don't know why they don't go back to the game build from the start of the year in game preview before the game got worse
  3. wombie


    what game you playing? since the hotfix the hit reg is worse then it has been and the desync hasn't changed at all your lucky if you get 1 in 10 games where the game will actually register the shots and damage its ment to
  4. desync seems to be the same before the hotfix hits don't seem to register a lot more often don't think someone wearing level 1 gear should be able to take 3 chest shots and a headshot and still keep going before headshotting them a 2nd time before they can heal just to kill them seems the hits and desync were a lot better at the start of the year when it was still game preview
  5. wombie


    ive been thinking the same about leader board stats the higher the kills the further I move down the board I did a 19kill chicken then 11kill win straight after moved nearly 100places down the board
  6. wombie

    improved desync?

    im an eu player i play na servers and the desync is nowhere close to what it is on the pts
  7. wombie

    improved desync?

    There is but thats the worst ive ever had it since the game released im EU player and its never been like that on any live server or pts before
  8. wombie

    improved desync?

    the desync on live is one of the worst problems I read the patch notes you say you've improved desync well this is my first game on pts and this is worse then on live https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/ravin-rhino2k9/video/61808801