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  1. I think fortnite and overwatch have more to lose to apex. I think the BR playerbase is large and growing it can sustain many more titles. The only thing killing Pubg on console is Pubg itself, and it's failure to resolve frame rate and rendering performance issues.
  2. Anyone else read this in a robot voice?
  3. Hixbot

    Why. Is. The. Map. Circle. White.

    FYI calibrating your white levels on your display makes it much better. If your white levels are washed out you typically need to turn down your contrast and maybe your back light. Also make sure your hdmi level in your Xbox settings is set to match your TV. Quick reference to TV calibration, Contrast adjusts your white levels Brightness adjusts you black levels Backlight adjusts black and white levels together. If you get a clean grayscale pattern you can calibrate by eye with decent results. Obviously the devs need to fix the circle color. But in the meantime a white level calibration will help. Watch this YouTube clip on your Xbox, if you don't see flashing bars on levels 230-234 your whites are washed out. Turn down contrast and/or Backlight until they flash.
  4. They don't know how many people are using MnK on emulators because they can't detect them. If they could detect them, they'd be banned. Since they are not banned, they can't detect them, therefore they don't know how many are in use.
  5. Why are you so hostile? It's totally true. If your video is at least 10 minutes, you have much more control of the ads and your profit. In my opinion it's a terrible thing for the common youtube viewer as videos that probably should be 1 minute long are getting stretched to 10 minutes because people want more money.
  6. Hixbot

    Turtle Beach Elite Pro TAC

    I have a Skullcandy PLYR1 setup that will turn a Dolby 5.1 optical input into Dolby Headphone. but now that the Xbox has built-in options to output headphone surround (windows sonic, Atmos headphone), I find that having an external device to create headphone surround is not needed. And truly that is just for games that actually support surround sound. Pubg does virtual surround over stereo much better than it does discrete surround sound over Dolby 5.1. Just using a pair of headphones with the Xbox set to stereo gives you much better positioning than using a surround sound DD5.1 mixed to virtual headphone surround.
  7. Thanks everyone for the help.
  8. Yea you can all join the same custom match but it will split you up onto different squads, there doesn't appear to be a way to move to the same squad.
  9. I know every once and a while I have 5 or 6 pubg friends online and we can't play together because custom games won't let us squad up. Why is this?
  10. Hixbot

    They should really give us

    I know the remote bombs in Blackout are my least favorite part of that game. To difficult to strategize an effective defense, to easy to land a squad wipe.
  11. Xbox live status site is down. xbox support forums are down. I'm guessing they're getting a massive DDOS right now.
  12. It's happening to my friends that don't even have pubg.
  13. Hixbot

    Xbox One X or S

    My experience is the X the textures are considerably better quality than S. FPS performance is about the same, X rendering performance is a bit worse than S (without a SSD). A SSD improves rendering performance considerably to be a non-issue.
  14. Hixbot

    SSD people

    Any cheap SSD will do the trick. The USB 3.0 interface will hold it back a bit so it doesn't need to be top of the line. I got a good price on the Samsung T5 so it's what I use. Pubg is the most sensitive to drive speed, but it's also made a huge improvement for me in load times in Battlefield, Forza Horizon, and Red Dead Redemption.
  15. Hixbot

    SSD people

    Also helpful when driving fast on Vikendi. You don't fall through the ground to the ocean below.