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  1. A SSD is a better upgrade for this game. But yea, the X is worth it.
  2. The loot was buffed a little too much in Erangel in my opinion. The sensitivity and/or acceleration on the right stick has definitely increased with this update. Not necessarily a bad thing, but if the devs think it was untouched then something odd is going on. My guess is creating type c or boosting the map cursor speed led to some copy paste error.
  3. I'm on a Samsung plasma. I use a Sony CRT on my PC. Not a fan of sample and hold displays. Once consoles can reach 120fps, I'd consider a TV with black frame insertion.
  4. FPP PUBG can't survive on consoles. It's been knocked and nobody is reviving it. I don't say this with any joy, just sad facts.
  5. I like it. It's a good dmr, the bullet speed is great.
  6. I tell my mom when someone team kills/cheats/teams in pubg. She calls the mom of the other player and gets them grounded from xbox.
  7. He calculated avg kills per game because that's the stat he was interested in.
  8. I think he means the gamer should take his jacket off, not the in-game character. I play in the nude and I get 60fps.
  9. They don't know how many people are using MnK on emulators because they can't detect them. If they could detect them, they'd be banned. Since they are not banned, they can't detect them, therefore they don't know how many are in use.
  10. I prefer the Thrustmaster TX steering wheel. Doesn't help me much in gun fights, but I can drift the Dacia like a boss.
  11. The advantage of a mouse is not small, it is absolutely massive. In the hands of a highly skilled mouse user, it's just immensely more effective than a controller. Pubg is particularly more suited to a mouse with a complet lack of auto aim. That being said, there is no point to these threads, Bluehole and MS can't ever do anything about it. These threads only succeed as advertisements for Xim.
  12. Still getting crashes. Full speed in a vehicle. OG Xbox One.
  13. Crashing has seriously reduced since the last patch (used to happen to me on average once a game). now I crash once every 5 games on average. Happens in a vehicle or running in open environments, never happens while camping or standing still. Usually the frame rate is choppy before a hard crash. Occasionally the crash happens to me and a squad-mate at the exact same time, but sometimes it will happen to only one of us. OG XBOX ONE.
  14. Is there any point to this thread or this section at all? Do devs ever comment in this forum or show any sign that our feedback affects their work?
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