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  1. Hixbot

    OG or X?

    I find the last update improved the x1x dramatically. It is now about equal to my OG, but ofcourse looks much better.
  2. I believe fundamentally the whole game is downloaded for every patch to avoid fragmentation of the game assets across a mechanical hard drive. Since this game streams in assets as you play, rendering performance is highly dependent on hard drive speed. A mechanical harddrive reads data at its fastest during sequential reading, so if the data is written together as a block when installed, it's more optimal for sequential read performance.
  3. Hixbot

    Any noticable improvements?

    I'm curious to the point of this thread? There's a feedback thread pinned to the top, the devs actually look at that one.
  4. Pet semetary! Also, to the OP, no.
  5. Two playlists are the most the playerbase will support. They separated Vikendi because of this survivor pass junk. Once thats finished they'll put it back to battle royale and mini royale, which is a reasonable compromise. Individual map selection will kill the game. Two playlists will be fine.
  6. I want this game fixed too but the thread title makes no sense. MS has zero to do with the development or lack-there-of of this game. Besides MS is the worst for customer feedback. They completely removed the uservoice website because they didn't want any more of our feedback.
  7. If slow rendering is an advantage I guess you could install the game on a 15 year old USB 2.0 hard drive. I don't think it's an advantage though. Getting stuck in walls and falling through the map, such a pain in the ass. I'll keep my SSD.
  8. Hixbot

    PUBG for low powered PCs.

    Indeed. The fps are bottlenecked by the cpu. Only a re-code from the ground up for this gen console could get us to 60 fps. Ports from other platforms will never get us there. No amount of graphics/resolution downgrades will resolve a cpu bottleneck on existing code.
  9. Hixbot

    PUBG for low powered PCs.

    Doesn't really matter. Go back to the first Nehalem desktop i5s and your talking an order of magnitude faster than Jaguar. Let's remember that Jaguar is based on AMD's Bulldozer architecture which suffered massive instruction per clock inefficiencies compare to even the first Intel core generation. Then consider that Bulldozer is a pared down mobile version of bulldozer, only 30 watt TDP.
  10. Hixbot

    PUBG for low powered PCs.

    That Corei5 is 5x faster than the Jaguar.
  11. You've never experienced lag?
  12. This doesn't bother me.
  13. I got the Samsung T5 on sale. Works great.
  14. I think fortnite and overwatch have more to lose to apex. I think the BR playerbase is large and growing it can sustain many more titles. The only thing killing Pubg on console is Pubg itself, and it's failure to resolve frame rate and rendering performance issues.
  15. Anyone else read this in a robot voice?