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  1. I just don't think it will lock 60fps by using OG settings. Surely it will do better. Especially for freesync displays (assuming we get an option to unlock the framerate).
  2. Hixbot

    So... FPP still only in NA?

    There's no players on NA either. I wait for 10min frequently, no match.
  3. An idle player pulls chute late and therefore lands ahead of the floaters. A floater pulls early and floats down at 15kph. They wait to land in the center of the first circle, or in the case of sanhok, the first air drop.
  4. The jaguar cpu is a low power mobile version of bulldozer architecture which has an abysmal instruction per clock and a terrible clock rate at that. It is 100% the bottleneck. The cpu has like 20% the performance of a sandybridge i3 at the same clock rate.
  5. Well those are nice linear data points you have there. But a cpu bottleneck can cap your fps. Even lower it to 480p there's a point the cpu won't deliver more frames. For everyone without a freesync display a locked 30fps is the best we'll get. For those with freesync, they may get 30-60fps if the devs offer an unlocked framerate option. I don't think we'll ever see a locked 60fps. But I'd be happy to be proven wrong.
  6. Lowering the resolution and graphics does nothing for a cpu bottleneck.
  7. 60 FPS won't happen on jaguar cpu. Not without some serious re-code. it's a silly conspiracy theory that 60fps is easy they just lock it to 30 fps for parity with x1s. If that were the case we wouldn't have 25fps so frequently. Brendan greens quote that it was 60fps on pre builds was probably with zero players. Or he just lied.
  8. Hixbot

    Seagate 2TB SSD

    Practical transfer rate of USB 3.0 after overhead is 400MB/s. SATA3 has a practical transfer rate after overhead of 600MB/s. Internal drive of Xbox one has a SATA2 interface, with a practical transfer rate of 300MB/s. Internal drive is a 5400rpm HDD about 100MB/s read speed sequential. An external 7200 HDD might get 150MB/s read speed sequential. The cheapest external SSD will easily saturate the USB 3.0 400MB/s limit. It will also have near instantaneous seek times, which is many orders of magnitude better than a HDD. HDDs also are terrible at non-sequential reading, something PUBG and will do when streaming assets. A SSD can read non-sequentially without so much of a penalty. I guess the point, don't get an external HDD for performance reasons. Even a 7200rpm HDD, the improvement would be minimal. Get a low-end cheapo external SSD. A high end SSD would be overkill.
  9. Hixbot

    Seagate 2TB SSD

    A nvme m.2 ssd in an enclosure is way overkill for the Xbox one usb 3.0. A cheap SATA ssd in an enclosure will saturate the USB link just fine.
  10. I prefer the Thrustmaster TX steering wheel. Doesn't help me much in gun fights, but I can drift the Dacia like a boss.
  11. This is the truth of it. The CPU on the OneX is the bottleneck. Lowering the resolution only takes load off the GPU. They could run the game at 720p, and there would still be dips to 20fps, because the CPU isn't fast enough to run this poorly optimized code. Truly this game could run at 60fps, if the devs coded the game from the ground up with the Xbox CPU in mind. but as it stands it's a PC port with little optimization. PCs have CPUs that are many orders of magnitude faster than the xbox. but if the devs put in the work, it could run much better. Fortnite and Blackout run at 60fps without issue. Without optimization for the CPU, simply lowering the resolution isn't going to help much if at all.
  12. Yeah I have a One X on a 1080p TV. I don't want supersampling, I want better performance. 1080p mode performance mode would be a nice option.
  13. Hixbot

    Proximity chat

    100% approve of proximity chat. Not at all concerned about teaming, it's not something that many players actually do, and it's easy enough to report. Sort of agree about the racist teens could ruin it for some. But it would always be an option, nobody will force you to enable proximity chat. I think overall it's a good idea. Good for a laugh. This game needs a bit of fun.
  14. Hixbot

    Performance Mode....

    Go to the test server forum section.
  15. Yeah, not to mention near instant seek times on a SSD. My only point was USB 3.0 is going to hold back all SSDs somewhat, so you don't need a top of the line model. Any SSD is still going to be better than a HDD even on usb 3.0. But a high end EVO won't be noticeably better than some cheapo SSD on USB 3.0.