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  1. Hello Recentlly have I played a game of PUBG solo and won that game. I know that this is a well known bug but its still annoying, After I retuned to the menu I noticed that my BP haven't updated. I have restarted the game, no adds, I have played another game, no adds (exept the BP from that game but still not the BP from the game that I've won). In the attachment are 2 screenshots from the game (Important: the screenshot of the menu is already with the coins from the game when I tried to fix it with another game) Will this fix by itself? Thanks for helping Kind regards MAXIMMAS (Maxim / Max) Screenshots: https://gyazo.com/f510e67be3d2fb74815e0ca852161563 https://gyazo.com/f5ae60c598f9dec939a294c9a688f0c3
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