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  1. I also experience some crashing. Though I don't crash all the time, I crash from time to time. GPU: GTX 1080 CPU: i5 8600k
  2. Bug Description: While playing Miramar, El Pozo more specifically , I suddenly lost control (or so I assume) of my character, also my screen froze and I couldn't hear the in-game audio anymore. Date Seen: 08.23.18 (after patch #20) Server: EU Troubleshooting Attempted: ----- Other Information: Haven't experienced it again, so didn't do any troubleshooting. Launch Options: ----- System Specifications:
  3. I also like to play with the UMP but I haven't noticed this issue. Is anybody also having said issue?
  4. Did you maybe accidently switch into single-shot?
  5. Actually I didn't have shadows on high (it was on low) when this screenshot was taken, but thanks for the info that this is just a bug (although, I don't think it's in their known issues or on fixpubg.com)
  6. So, better shadow quality could fix this issue and weather-ready maps are the cause for this problem? Btw, turning up the shadow quality shouldn't be the only possible fix as some people want shadows on low due to competitive reasons.
  7. I've noticed that the interior of Miramar's buildings look as if it didn't have any lighting at all. It just looks.... plain. Is anybody else having the same issue or is it just me? It looks the same with "very low" settings as it does with "Ultra" settings.
  8. PUBG's aiming is precise (although there is some desync), but what you are referring is 1. That player seemed to lag a lot. Good old lag. 2. The replay feature/deathcam is not a very good representation of where the player actually aimed. On his screen, he likely hit you normally.
  9. You know what, yeah. The combination of both models seems to be a really good idea. And, yes, the choosing part could be really bad for them.
  10. A progression system for each weapon sounds awesome.
  11. I think there has been a misunderstanding. If I understood you correctly, you said that when a new locked crate gets released, there should be a wait time of 4-6 (now 2-3) months until the crate is opened to all. I like that idea, maybe a little more than what I understood from your post. What I understood was this: When you receive a locked crate, after 2 weeks or so, the crate will become unlocked. With this method, some crates would always require keys, but keys would only speed up the process. Summed up: Your idea: When locked crate gets released, after ~2 months, the crate type will be unlocked. Meaning that all future crates from this crate type won't require keys. My idea: When locked crate gets received, after ~2 weeks, this crate, but only this crate, will be unlocked. Meaning that all future crates from this type will require 2 weeks of wait time or a key. I think I prefer your idea, but both idea can be very player friendly, if implemented correctly.
  12. Yeah, I like that idea. Of course, I'd prefere no locked crates BUT if this sadly is no option then, yeah, your idea is pretty solid. Although, 4-6 months seems like a really long time. Maybe 2 weeks? This way keys won't be mandatory, but a way to speed up the waiting process.
  13. In case it wasn't clear. I meant to say that all crate also the weekly random crates are non-key. Meaning that the locked crates system and, thus, keys has been removed.
  14. First of all, I really like your effort on communication. It's been going great so far. But what I have to say is this: The idea of the event pass as a monetization method is really good. It's much more player friendly than loot boxes. And this is where we reach my first point, that I want to talk about. I believe that the reason as to why many players are annoyed about the implementation of the event pass - even though it is a player friendly method - is because of these (maybe more) reasons: In addition to the 10 $ event pass, PUBG has paid-key lootboxes. The game itself costs money. Some think that other problems like performance are being left behind when you create skins for the event pass. The event pass is too short. The XP-gain of the event is not very well done. Now let's talk about the individual issues, how I would solve them and the issues that my solutions create. 1.: We all know that a massive game like PUBG needs fundings (servers, development etc., etc.). Thus, we need a monetization method. And now I pose the question: What would players love more: having one very successful monetization method or two separate monetization methods, both in very successful areas. I go with option a. We only need one very big monetization method (and maybe another small method (like selling special skins from time to time.)). So, I thought, get rid of keys for lootboxes. Open them to all players. What would this result in? Let's begin with the bad stuff: Players could get annoyed that their previously spent money on lootboxes was wasted. Rightfully as they spent money and now it seems like they did 't at all need to spend money - a total waste. Also, the steam marketplace might take a hit. A very big one in fact, because now everyone can get the very rare items that previously only some players (who had the money) could get. On the contrary, players who have got many locked crates and just couldn't open them, can open them now All at once. They are now finally freed of all these crates that just lied around in their inventory. This will feel very, very satisfying and might get some people back to playing the game. And exactly because of this I think it is immensely important that if you open looked crates, you need to be able to open all of them at once. Only then players will get this huge satisfaction. And to satisfy those players who have bought keys and "wasted" money, I would have this idea: For each crate, for each key these players will receive the crate type again BUT only with a maximum of 10 crates per crate type. Why did I choose this solution? Because then, these players will also receive a satisfaction wave like the other players who haven't bought keys. If, let's say, someone bought for each locked crate type 10 or more keys, he will receive 10 crates for each crate type. An insane amount of keys... And satisfaction (see what I did there?). Yes, the steam marketplace would be tremendously damaged, but the players would be happy and what is more important? I do have an idea to fix this problem that I will talk about soon. Of course, I know, the fresh air of satisfaction will drift away and players will become unhappy - again. So, we need a long-term system - a rehaul of the crate system. And I just happen to have an idea exactly for that topic, but I will not talk about this right here, right now as this single topic would become too long. But then again, the other monetization method - the event needs to get better. And I will talk about this later as this is not important for this first topic. To sum all this stuff that I said up (for the 1. point): PUBG needs a player friendly monetization method - the event pass as it is more player friends than paid-key locked crates. And also because the event pass has more potential for the future. Thus, all crates need to be opened, creating a sense of satisfaction, which is immensely important to maintain across all boards of players. This would result in a damaged steam market place and unhappy player base in the future, if no future steps are taken. Thus it will be VERY important to make a better event pass and non-key lootbox system. ----- I will talk about all of this, but not now. This topic is already very damn long and it's 3am. I will get to back to this tomorrow to maybe address some of my problems of this post, but to mainly talk about the remaining points (2.-5.)
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