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  1. Not really caring about these G Sync cause i dont support mostly asking for V-Sync vs 60fps As far for V-Sync being enable it will mostly cap it at 60fps....but sometimes it may cap at 30fps if v-sync was turned on during low fps?
  2. Yup this a big map and the circle should remained the finalized timings which is the current one.
  3. Seem like they changed the single warehouse buildings to twin warehouse building south of stabler is that good?
  4. Erangel vs Erangel 2.0 Building changes Your Thoughts
  5. Yea i think going leave at 65 Fps at this time as the "Tearing" is not really bothering. Just asking if FPS Limiter is better to use than V-Sync.
  6. Cant compare non battle royale game with a battle royale game...
  7. 65 or 66 FPS should be good as the game going spike down 4 to 5 fps during gameplay? Keeping the CPU and GPU utilization under full load for a 60 HZ Monitor.
  8. I mean is how it is...Emergency powers to resolved United States Crisis at US-Mexico Border to keep away bad people. The goal is to make building and terrain adjustments in some parts of Engael to keep away "campers who take advantage of the balance issue". Both in TPP and FPP.
  9. Leaving it at Unlimited FPS for a 60fps monitor would increase utilization for CPU and GPU making Fans run louder?
  10. For a 60HZ Monitor which only sees 60fps in games? Which option is better to keep at 60fps?
  11. Its like How Donald Trump used his emergency powers to resolves United States Crisis at the United States Meixco Border to keep away the bad people.
  12. More cover and force camper to change plans which wased used since the game came out
  13. The goal is to build a barrier to resolve PUBG Campers Crisis as part emergency demand and to make PUBG good again.
  14. A Suspected Leaked Map change Actually "The remaster plans" for this map should finalized with the adding new covers such as More Buildings mostly on areas that "deemed" unpopular to give more cover to players and stop "pro" players taking advantage of best camping spots. Remove few buildings across the map (buildings that are significant) Remove some Trees and Rocks across map Rearrange tree and some rocks across map
  15. There was.....thats why the loot on this map is being corrected They are remastering this map basically ....
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