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  1. Other games solve this by having an ‘advanced’ section, so if you don’t care for it it is simply out of sight. And then if you ever want to fine tune controller you still have the option. More flexibility in terms of controller options is usually a good thing though, for example you might find you aim a lot better with different set ups.
  2. BFV is pretty much the golden standard for console options right now.
  3. In no particular order 1) Aim accel slider for BOTH hip fire and ads 2) Aim accel threshold slider, ie) where along the sensitivity curve aim accel kicks in as in games commonly have aim accel kick in at a near fully pegged stick 3) ADS sensitivity that scales with your hip fire sens allowing a lot more flexibility or range of sensitivities you can use 4) Sensitivity scale from 1-100 same reason as previous point 5) Custom button mapping ie) I want to hold my breathe with a different button on Type B controls

    Individual Map Selection

    Erangel/Miramar needs to separated from Sanhok. The 2 groups require totally different game styles. I want to be able to choose which specific game style I would like to play, big map with car chases, or small map with cqc. I am simply just just going to leave queue on the map I don’t want to play. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    Individual Map Selection

    I agree with you. The big big maps have a completely different play style then the Sanhok.

    Individual Map Selection

    I love Miramar. The car chases with the Mirado are epic.

    Individual Map Selection

    This. The separation should be between large and small maps because they play so different. If if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

    Individual Map Selection

    I literally have never had a problem finding a game.

    Individual Map Selection

    Wouldn’t map selection allow this?

    Individual Map Selection

    Screw the majority over for the minority? how is that fair?

    Individual Map Selection

    Very disappointing.

    A need for Skill-based matchmaking?

    I think there is already a hidden mmr system in place. Although they might be less strict in trying to match mmr in order to speed up queue times.

    Aim Acceleration and sensitivity settings

    Generally a high hipfire and medium ads is good for most people. High hipfire helps you loot and navigate easier, medium ads helps you be accurate when trying to shoot. That being said the sensitivity options in PUBG are complete trash when compared to other games such as BFV and Warface and Titanfall. Why reinvent the wheel when you don’t have too, other games feel way better to control, one of the reasons I don’t play this game as much tbh.

    Mouse/KB support about to be official

    Why are the arguments against native mnk always so bad? I don’t want to go against mnk -> lobbies can be segregated I don’t want the player base to split -> PUBG is extremely popular and even though the base is shrinking its absolute concurrent player base is still probably really high just buy a pc -> not everybody has the money to buy a decent prebuilt rig or the know how to assemble a pc, also troubleshooting pc problems is a pain in the ass A diversity of inputs for consoles is the future, get over it. Microsoft isn’t just going to let third party devices rake in the cash without their slice of the pie lol.