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  1. You should ask yourself a series of questions before you look for a monitor: Is the monitor only for xbox? If so Xbox is capped at 60 frames What Xbox version do you have? Only Xbox X supports higher resolution than 1080p In general you can get a 1080p 60hz monitor relatively cheaply like ~200 bucks. Also there is a dedicated option on your Xbox called PC RGB meant for outputting video on a monitor. Also input lag is usually not a big issue for monitors as they are usually pretty low, but you can always check the display lag database.
  2. 2025, patch 1337.1 ’Fixed rendering’
  3. Compared to any other popular shooting game this game has terrible sensitivity settings. BF5 Apex Legends Titanfall Call of Duty The absolute minimum they could do is: Aim accel off for hip fire option Aim accel threshold point option 1:1 sens option Scale ads sens with general to allow a much larger range of sensitivities Increase sens range At this point they should just copy BF5 sens options but they don’t care about QOL changes until they ‘fix the rendering’ which will probably be never. They don’t have to reinvent the wheel, there are plenty of games which already implement great sensitivity settings. It’s very apparent they don’t have any competent console players internally to give feedback. PUBG on console is a gimped version of the PC experience. We don’t even get map selection ffs. Taking choice away from the player is a AWFUL idea, stop forcing players choice. /rant
  4. SecondPersonPerspective(SPP) is the the best game mode and anyone who disagrees is a loser.
  5. I don’t play the game anymore but it is a lot more fun when you are good at it. Here is the best tip: Try different things, if it doesn’t work disregard it, if it does work keep it. You can’t expect anything change if you don’t actually do anything to improve. Here are some generic tips: Increase height of right thumbstick with kontrol freek get back paddles decrease ADS sens to be accurate decrease input lag on tv by using ‘game’ or ‘pc’ mode always point cross hair at where you think the enemy is going to be Play with squad know the best guns
  6. I always liked the ds4 controller. Just wish Sony made an official elite version.
  7. I prefer consoles personally: no hacking robust live service 1 friends list across all games party chat system Consoles rarely go wrong
  8. You missed the entire second part of my statement. When I said they don’t need to worry about splitting the player base, due to the large amount of players, separate lobbies based of input method was implied. I should have been more clear.
  9. I think you guys are missing a huge opportunity. Hacking is pretty much non existent on console. You guys also also have a big enough player base to not worry about splitting the community, not to mention how many players native mnk would attract.
  10. Even if there is an abundance of XIM players, I can still hold my own with a controller. Which would indicate that it’s not a huge advantage.
  11. This thread is so full of misinformation taken as fact it is actually quite surprising. Surprised this thread hasn’t been closed tbh. The following statements are FACTS: - It is entirely possible to have good aim on a controller, even with no aim assist (YouTube videos with hand cams to prove this) - mnk adapter feels nowhere close to native mnk, however it does still provide an advantage, (not as big as people believe) - An extreme minority of players use mnk adapters (confirmed by devs) -There is not a legitimate concern of ‘splitting the playerbase’ if native mnk was introduced because PUBG has 100k+ players and this feature would attract more pc players
  12. They need to implement an axial dead zone for the left stick like in BF1 and BF5.
  13. The left stick is too sensitive, it’s too hard to walk in a perfect straight line. They need axial deadzone option.
  14. I think they need to implement an axial deadzone option like in BF1
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