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  1. burchie

    Are you kidding me?

    https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/cs-burchie/video/73555948 The servers are trash every “patch”. This clip is from when the game ran its best for me. It’s going to have problems indefinitely. There has been no consistent improvement..update after update something gets fucked. I used to have wishful thinking but in the end it just pissed me off more. Just accept it for what it is, a great concept with piss poor implementation.
  2. burchie

    Do we have an update on this?

    It’s almost as if you just copy/paste these replies.
  3. I noticed this too, they don’t even lock it. It’s straight up deleted because it’s what they don’t want to hear. They deleted that Miramar 7 times in a row thread maybe 10 minutes after I posted my thoughts on map selection and suggested a loot increase on the big maps if they aren’t going to add it. It’s fucking annoying..
  4. burchie

    Free Fall System is Broken

    This is the solution, I had the same problem. I put my forward run sens to 20 and I’m finally back to being the first one down again.
  5. burchie

    pubg is dead

    Lmao that’s fuckin’ rich
  6. burchie

    New store is sick!

    Why do you guys get so hyped over cosmetics? “Who cares about the numerous performance issues, I got a new jacket.” Shit’s dumb.
  7. Pubg is behind because it runs like shit half the time, not because of the absence of aim assist.
  8. burchie

    Salty messages

    Only one I’ve gotten was someone who sent “holy virgin.” Little does he know I fucked his mom later that night.
  9. “You’re acting like a child and being immature.” How’s this for immature? Kiss my ass. I paid for this game and can do whatever the fuck I want. I have to deal with the bullshit in tpp when I can’t get a fpp lobby, you scrubs can get over people backing out of the lobby. Just because y’all enjoy shit loot doesn’t mean I have to.
  10. burchie

    Xbox Update #4 - Feedback Topic

    Massive failure on grouping Sanhok with the shit loot maps.
  11. burchie

    Broken ass game

    Gunplay feels nice, but that’s gonna change when they inevitably fail at refreshing the servers for another three months. What I’m getting annoyed at is having to title screen after EVERY game.
  12. burchie

    Mini 14 Appreciation Society

    To me, the mini is dogshit damage > rof/bullet speed 7.62 all day err day
  13. burchie

    Game crash: Megathread

    This is such a fucking joke.
  14. burchie

    Game crash: Megathread

    Inb4 some douche tells you to give them time. Like, no shit, Sherlock. I can deal with textures not loading, desync, and all the other issues because I least I still have somewhat of a fighting chance. When it crashes, it’s just a big middle finger pointing up at you giving you no shot whatsoever to win. It’s bull.
  15. burchie

    Game crash: Megathread

    End game, standing still, aiming through a scope, and it fucking crashes. Unbelievable. You would think 6 weeks would be enough time to fix a crashing issue, but I’m starting to give up hope. If it’s like this in another week I’ll uninstall and try again in a few months because it is just wasting time to get so deep into a game only to crash. Not to mention how much it straight pisses me off.