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  1. burchie

    Xbox Update #4 - Feedback Topic

    Massive failure on grouping Sanhok with the shit loot maps.
  2. burchie

    Broken ass game

    Gunplay feels nice, but that’s gonna change when they inevitably fail at refreshing the servers for another three months. What I’m getting annoyed at is having to title screen after EVERY game.
  3. I’d rather have ads in a vehicle and not look like I’m having a fucking seizure. I mean, it makes sense off road but on a paved road that shit is dumb.
  4. burchie

    PUBG AI Suggestion

    “I go some games without even seeing 1 player till the last circle.” That’s because you aren’t looking for anyone.
  5. burchie

    Mini 14 Appreciation Society

    To me, the mini is dogshit damage > rof/bullet speed 7.62 all day err day
  6. burchie

    What’s the best map?

    Sanhok by a mile
  7. I’ve had more host closed connection messages in the last three days than I’ve had overall since release.
  8. burchie

    TK is out of control again.

    I don’t have this problem. Why? I make friends and play with them. No one on? Use LFG. Maybe you won’t get the best players but at least they’re serious about playing and at least trying to win. Fuck randoms, I seriously don’t understand why anyone would search alone and play with them. Learned this back in my Halo days. Shit got old fast.
  9. burchie

    Recommend a headset

    I go the cheap route. My Astro A10s work great and they were only $50. Most of the time I hear the little shit my teammates won’t.
  10. burchie

    Smoke frame drops

    I’m pretty sick of this bullshit too.
  11. burchie


    I’d be okay with that. Not going to happen though. After FPP was implemented I’ve never liked how TPP plays overall, but that is not a popular opinion here. Prepare to be disagreed with. Hard.