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  1. Have had a lot of success looting in the places logic tells you it would suck. The map logic is reversed in my experience.
  2. There already is a difference in vaulting between tapping and holding. Hold to vault on, tap to vault over.
  3. “I need a story” WTF, why? It’s just stupid fun with water cooler moments.
  4. While using iron lung, the lung indicator is missing until it is depleted (red)
  5. Was watching hype zone when it shifted to an older Russian fellow. Not until someone wrote “sad M&K on Xbox” did I realize it. He didn’t deny it, just said “I am old man for this game” a couple times. Camera was positioned back enough where you could see the hand separation and mouse play with the right hand. His tracking was on point. First confirmation I’ve actually had. Don’t know if I’ve ever been killed by M&K though.
  6. Toggle on/off option in the settings is sufficient. Personally it works great for singling out a specific item amongst clutter, without opening the loot menu. I’m not running past suppressors and comps now either.
  7. Let’s say they add M&K support and split the lobbies. M&K scumbags will still xim into the controller lobbies and the M&K will be worse than EU FPP. There’s literally zero reason to M&K on Xbox other than the control advantage over everyone. You can get 4-5 times the frame rate on the superior PC version and use your M&K with everyone else over there, but no. Why?? Because they suck on an even playing field and enjoy trolling on console.
  8. You’ve got 30 hours to sort it out... Try the app or Xbox.com to download
  9. Doesn’t matter what time the servers go live, when they do, there’s going to be a lot of people who won’t be able to connect due to server overload. Be ready for that unfortunately and curb your expectations accordingly.
  10. “We’ll update this thread with more information on future testing windows as they become available.” Stay vocal EU.
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