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    Someone help an uber noob please??

    The sweet spot is duos. Find a seasoned partner to get you up to speed on the many nuances of pubg. Communication, tactics and execution are all distinct areas, that when come together, equals success.

    Custom red dot

    It’s more likely a contrast issue crushing your whites. Use the onboard calibration charts in the Xbox video calibration settings to get your white and black levels in order. Even nice tv’s are by default, running post processing on the input. Check rtings with your tv for a jist of how you should set your tv up for gaming, as in most post processing will be recommended to off to get your set more in line with a monitor. Good luck.
  3. Not quite a shooter, but competitive nonetheless, EA UFC 3 performance mode on the X runs at 60fps vs OG and graphics mode 30 fps. This includes ranked multiplayer. The game doesn’t play any different because all the input coding is designed within the 30 fps model. Although playing it at 60fps is definitely more pleasing on the eyes and elimates the “judder” effect.

    Is the backpack capacity changed?

    Vest levels add extra capacity as well

    PTS Rare Cosmetics

    The 1.0 release items and G-Coin were tested and released on PTS just before 1.0. Login on that PTS was the only way to acquire these items.

    Elite controller

    Sent you a PM with his info.

    Elite controller

    Unlike the plastic on plastic stick to frame contact on regular controllers, the elite is metal on metal here. That part doesn’t wear out on elites.

    Elite controller

    It’s a total crap shoot whether or not you’ll get a lemon or not. Grip peeling, floating stick hubs, and bumpers that fall apart have plagued the elite controllers from the get go. Most of these issues minus the stick hubs floating won’t show up until after the 90 day bs warranty due to regular playing. If you’ve got an extra $20, get the 1 year replacement warranty from GameStop. I hate that company, but this is the only insurance I would ever buy on anything console gaming. Just got the white elite. My original elite broke the bumpers twice and had stick hub issues. Found a private repair guy who fixed it both times pretty cheap. All in all, the controller is worth the gamble.

    XBOX One X playdough buildings.

    SSD is the solution

    Razer Wolverine Ultimate

    This is a very cool concept. My elite broke for the second time and I was lazy sending it to my repair guy. My standard controller then started having bumper issues so I was just going to pick up the PUBG controller as someone said the tension on the sticks was slightly better than the stock ones... there it was on the shelf next to the PUBG controller in all its glory, the white elite. Despite the durability issues of the elite I bought the limited edition and $20 year insurance replacement. Shipped my black $150 elite paper weight off to my guy and have 2 up and running. When the elite’s work they’re great, but so many people have been screwed feeling their premium controller is worse in build quality without Microsoft supporting a repair/replacement beyond 90 days. I was fortunate to find a guy that does repairs on them cheap and quick.

    Good teammates with bad equipment

    Plantronics Rig 800LX at $150 is a bang of a bargain and capable enough to handle sound and coms needs if cash is an issue. Wireless, 24 hr battery, clear mic, sufficient sound, game/chat mixer built in. Great mid level solution imo.

    Finally got a SSD

    Xbox One X reads 500 GB external ssd & 2TB external hdd together with no problem. Both are usb powered.

    Idea for rendering?

    What’s the point if most people with stock hard drives are still black screen 1/3 along the Miramar flight path.


    Yeah, because buying an SSD for Xbox PUBG and buying a computer to run PUBG are equal. SSD $60-100 vs PC $2,000. Yeah why not just play on PC if the solution is upgrading the hard drive? Aren’t you crying about extra hardware costs in the first place? The jump to PC comment is cost extreme and contradictory to whatever you’re spewing. Fine, don’t get an SSD... I really don’t care if you do. But, a solution to rendering right now, has been posted hundreds of times for you to use that information or not. Hoping for some magic optimization to happen for the rendering right now is not worth it, man.


    So a solution to your problem has given over and over again, but it is still not good enough for you? “So, how do we fix this guys?” You’re a special one.