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  1. Zombisztajn

    10 grenade challenge tips.

    This is BattleRoyale! Stay in bluezone and search nades...
  2. Zombisztajn

    Survivor pass level

    35, but this quest is stupid, I don't play squad, I can't find nades and more...
  3. Zombisztajn

    Why this game join me to OC server

    No, notifications can disappears but the game still connects me with OC servers. But only on solo, on duo i don't have this problem.
  4. Zombisztajn

    PTS going up next week?

    PTS? You can test game all time, on normal game. This game is one big test
  5. Zombisztajn

    FPP Players in TPP Game

    Just remove TPP mode, this is the best option.
  6. Zombisztajn

    Whats next.

    Soon™ Wait 59 days when pass is ending, then they'll remember the game.
  7. Zombisztajn

    PUBG is dying again at the hands of Apex

    I hate BlackOut but Apex is great. I have been playing Pubg since December and what we have? Still the same problems. Rendering, Dsync, movement and more. And what we get? Skins. I'm bored with landing and waiting for the buildings to load. No i don't have SSD and Apex does not need it and he have 60fps.
  8. Go to PC or try use controller, you play on console. Console need controller not M&K uhhh....
  9. Zombisztajn

    The worst task on Survivor Pass

    Quest for this week is sick. Why? 1. Win match in Squad - I hate squad, I don't play this mode. 2. 15 times land on Hot Springs - Could not have been more times? 3. 30 healing items on Castle - I hope that this does not mean playing 30 matches and use one item
  10. Yes, this is OP, we don't have aim assist in this game so mouse is more precise in shooting.
  11. Bluehole want fair gameplay, he can block Xim user but he does not do it. This is one of the things that users have been asking for a long time. Did Pubg lose a very large part of the players through this? Currently, I do not want to play it.
  12. Zombisztajn

    Switching weapon skins in game

    Not working for me.
  13. Zombisztajn

    Explain this please!(clip)

    You hit the wall bro, welcome in Pubg.
  14. We get this options? When i get weapon from enemy I want my skin, not enemy skin, a small thing but sometimes it annoys.
  15. Zombisztajn

    Do it something with M&K user

    Prove it? I do not have to. Fortnite get tools from Microsoft to block Xim user, why BlueHole does not do it ? Then you will not have to prove it