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  1. luigi evahard

    PTS with disc

    @STL BATMAN hey man, if you don't know you can transfer you license to your sons Xbox. If your always online it won't affect you at all but he will be able to play all your downloaded games on his Xbox. It seemed like you have two xbox's so I thought I'd suggest this, it will save you having to buy two copy's of each game.
  2. luigi evahard

    Survival challenge not counting properly

    Yea but if two players are in front of me and I spray them both down I only get 1 kill worth lol. Just stupid if you ask me It is if they bleed out or I kill the rest of their team...
  3. luigi evahard

    Survival challenge not counting properly

    at least I'm not going crazy lol. Its pretty dumb that it works like that, you would think it would be if you knock someone it would count as what you knocked them with instead it counts as nothing unless you play solo or finish a squad, pretty dumb if you ask me.
  4. luigi evahard

    Survival challenge not counting properly

    So after thinking about it I'm pretty sure if your playing squads and knock someone and they bleed out it doesn't count as anything. Only the last person in the squad will count if you do it this way. I played 1 solo game and it all counted perfectly. Every squad game I played only the last guy counted properly so again well done pubg corp. In the words of Joe "you done fucked it up"
  5. luigi evahard

    Choppy, lag, frame rate loss

    I've been experiencing that since sanhok released lol
  6. luigi evahard

    Survival challenge not counting properly

    Where does it say you need to do it in 5 mins? The few matches I played before didn't count either I thought that maybe they didn't count until you had survived 2 minutes but clearly that's not the case Just played a game then and got 4 kills with an m16 in like 3 mins. Let's see if it counts The only one that works for me is the bandage challenge
  7. luigi evahard

    Survival challenge not counting properly

    So I just played a game where I got 3 kills with a DMR, 2 with an AR and 1 with a frag and all that counted was 1 DMR kill and 1 AR kill. Good job pubg corp another thing in your game that just doesn't work
  8. luigi evahard

    PTS FPP Mode

    Pretty sure there just isn't enough people. Hopefully tomorrow more people will have it downloaded
  9. luigi evahard

    PTS Sensitivity Issue

    I use type a so I hope your right
  10. luigi evahard

    PTS Sensitivity Issue

    Do you mean on the pts?
  11. luigi evahard

    Game crash: Megathread

    Xbox one X, my game crashes when opening my inventory. Im pretty sure you guys know exactly why it crashes and could fix it easy by, removing the character model. but no Xbox one x enhanced means enhanced crashes aswell.
  12. luigi evahard

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    My point was how can u have fun when you have a much easier version of the game? Kind of like being able to loot with a one x while og guys stand there if u kill them how do u feel? Not much excitement I bet. If your making it easier that's less fun IMO. If u win without fun what's the point?
  13. luigi evahard

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    OK so as far as I know the xim was invented as a accessibility device, ie for physically disabled people who cannot use a console controller for whatever reason. So IMO if you have all your digits and own a xim your just sad. Idk how u could use it and not feel bad all the time, surely its not fun? Nobody cares how good you are, why lie to yourself?
  14. luigi evahard

    Game crash: Megathread

    Xbox one x here and most of my crashes seem server side, for instance if my squad drops stalbar we almost always have synchronized crashes my squad has og xbox's so its def a server problem. Last night I was knocked and when our last squad member got shot it instantly crashed. I've never seen an error msg and it always crashes to dashboard
  15. luigi evahard

    Game crash: Megathread

    xbox one x here and i get crashes when opening inventory in areas like roshok and myltia places right inbetween a few big towns. pretty sure its loading to much, im guessing the map could be optimised to not load towns behind hills an whatnot, without sacrificing actual draw distance. not expecting map optimisation just yet, maybe jus turn 3D character model off in inventory