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  1. luigi evahard


    Why quote me? You didn't mention at all that you actually threw the grenade lol. I have a question, why keep doing it if you know it happens?
  2. luigi evahard

    PTS with disc

    @STL BATMAN hey man, if you don't know you can transfer you license to your sons Xbox. If your always online it won't affect you at all but he will be able to play all your downloaded games on his Xbox. It seemed like you have two xbox's so I thought I'd suggest this, it will save you having to buy two copy's of each game.
  3. luigi evahard


    Pulling the pin does not start cooking the grenade your character pulls the pin when you hold RT you have to press LB to let the "spoon" go which will prime the grenade at that point there's no going back
  4. luigi evahard

    Performance Mode....

    Yea I dont have much faith that they reach it either, I just want v-sync turned off and some anti aliasing the game looks like shit even in 4k oh and some motion blur wouldn't hurt
  5. luigi evahard

    Performance Mode....

    So it took the devs an entire year to lower the res to 1440p but they didn't adjust AA, v sync or uncap the fps. Well done pubg corp you guys really know how to do nothing useful and make it take so much longer than it should
  6. luigi evahard

    You know what really grinds my gears?

    I think people complain because they create new issues and don't fix them or even acknowledge them so what else are we meant to do? Here's a few examples. rendering on the one x was perfect on release it took months before I touched an unrendered building now miramar is only unrendered buildings. I think they said something about there predictive rendering algorithm got messed up somehow. OK fair enough... Why haven't they fixed it yet? Improved garbage collection. Now I get random Freeze's when walking away from towns, doesn't seem like an improvement to me. because I never had any streaming issue's after landing before this improvement. Event mode that you can't play with friends even though it worked for months before this.
  7. luigi evahard

    Ghillie Crossing [Dec 6-Dec 10] Feedback topic

    Lol I thought you guys put this event up again because squads didn't work last time, I was wrong. Squads still don't work can't ready up without just leaving and rejoining for 15 minutes and hoping it randomly works for you're whole team. Seriously pubg corp you're game is dying because all you do is change random shit that aren't issues and create more bugs and performance problems every update. Use can't even add simple options to turn off vsync or lower resolution. Pubg is a great game but this dev team is completely incompetent, they've proven that many times. Good luck with the game I'll be back when its actually ready to leave game preview lol.
  8. luigi evahard

    PUBG on PlayStation is 20gb larger than Xbox

    This could be a compression thing? Idk. Does anybody know how big the PC file is?
  9. So you can't play with friends and you can't play FPP? Seriously how do you guys keep fucking shit up it worked last week and now it doesn't. I've never seen this level of incompetence from any other developer ever. Dayz servers are down right now because character database broke so I come to try the event and it just doesn't work, no server issues here just can't ready up or select FPP. When are you guys going to fix the menu's its been broke ever since miramar and not a word from the devs.
  10. OK so I don't want to just say the UMP is OP (it is) but has anyone seen WackyJacky's vids comparing the different weapons recoil patterns on pc. It looks like the ump has about half the recoil of the AK. So why does ours have like 5% percent of our AK when our AK already has half the recoil that it does on PC? Personally I think all guns should have their recoil balanced according to DPM but that's clearly not the case. Surely if anyone on the dev team has played this game they will have noticed 75% of players use the UMP What's peoples thoughts on this? Constructive comments only please
  11. luigi evahard

    And this player use normal controller...

    Video didn't look suspicious to me at all he's just good with a controller and ump has no recoil
  12. luigi evahard

    1080P / XBOX ONE X NOW!

    So what they need to do is create new lower res/less taxing alpha effects? That makes sense, idk why they haven't done that yet. Blood spatter and smoke clouds don't need to be that thick, and water splashes don't even need to exist lol
  13. luigi evahard

    1080P / XBOX ONE X NOW!

    Yea sits around 25fps maybe in some circles, but I've had plenty of circles with 10 15 people left and it drops below 20fps when looking towards a town with players in, and goes right back to 30fps when I look away. Also how do you explain the game almost freezing when water splashes on screen when driving a boat 600m away from the island? I'm not an expert but that doesn't seem like a CPU issue to me, and what about smoke close to the screen?
  14. luigi evahard

    1080P / XBOX ONE X NOW!

    Why doesn't it run shit when you look away from where the players are? Like you said you can't see them anyway
  15. luigi evahard

    1080P / XBOX ONE X NOW!

    Lol still going with this defence are we? The game is not CPU bottlenecked... If it was the one x would have a better average frame rate than the OG but it doesn't, also it wouldn't drop frames when scoping because all that changes is the POV and some depth of field effects none of which are rendered by the CPU. The main telling point is pubg corp lowered the graphics settings to combat this