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  1. riktor skale

    Circle speed option for custom matches.

    Never played this on PC. They need to get that option over to console ASAP.
  2. Think there used to be a suggestion forum but can’t seem to find it. Would love to see an option to control the speed of the circle for custom matches. Ideally, it would be great if it just starts to move SLOWLY right after each timer ends. Really much rather prefer the circle be used as a guide instead of an enemy. The speeds are so random and people who simply happen to be plopped in the final circles inherently have an advantage. Havent been following the updates but it it feels like final circles in Vikendi move much faster now and not liking it at all. It was good the way it was before.
  3. riktor skale

    Update is ready.

    Up yet?
  4. riktor skale

    A "token" you'd like to receive

    The Season Pass level up was a great token. Definitely not BP and NOT raider crates. Raider crates are the only ones where I’m not a fan of any skin inside.
  5. riktor skale

    A "token" you'd like to receive

    I heartily enjoy the game as well, but running around in KMart clothes would be hugely disappointing. It’s almost like saying you’d play the game with just one map. After some time it does get boring. For me, this is the only game I’ve been playing for a long time now. I tend to pick one or two games and stick with them for a while.
  6. riktor skale

    Update is ready.

    I’m at like 12.8% and it’s been downloading for 2 hours so far. Is it going this slow for anyone else too?
  7. riktor skale

    Bad network lag right now in NA

    Yes, I’m getting that message all throughout the match. I’ll join a game now and send a vid over.
  8. Been having bad network lag right now. Game is unplayable. Is it just me? Anyone else experiencig this atm?
  9. riktor skale

    Pubg Xbox player bots

    Never came across any bots like in the dumb mobile version.
  10. I got the hat and sunglasses from Vikendi Scavenger Hunt, but I noticed right afterward that my vintage gas mask and full gas mask are missing? Found it weird that I gained 2 items but lost 2. I’m certain I had it the day before. Anyone else have a similar issue? Will they help me find out what happened to these items if I submit a ticket?
  11. riktor skale

    Can we discuss the missions for Vikendi: Pass?

    The 10 grenade is the most ridiculous thing ever yes. I’m actually a more defensive player so I like most of the challenges. Im still struggling with landing at Cement Factory and getting 3 kills.. but I’ll get it eventually. I know people are gonna say missions are optional but it would be nice if we had more choices in offensive/defensive challenges so people don’t feel like they’re going out of their way to focus on that.
  12. riktor skale

    vikendi scavenger hunt

    I want to add it looks like I lost my Vintage Gas Mask and Full Gas Mask? The ítems are loading SUPER slow if at all. Clearly they’re having a problem right now.
  13. riktor skale

    vikendi scavenger hunt

    I was about to post the same thing. My stuff is gone too.
  14. riktor skale

    Feb 8th dev update

    I’d like to add that the reload button is still broken from as far back as the Miramar update. Before Miramar, you could reload instantly upon picking up a gun and ammo. After the update you have to press and hold the A button twice. It’s like broken and doesn’t register. Yeah the lobby for this update is a disaster. Can’t even leave a squad.
  15. I laugh at the “git gud” and “people have been playing FPS for years” comments. I’ve been playing FPS for a long time and there’s just no way people can make certain shots or know certain things so often in one match. I find that the M&K as well as other hacks.. are worse in Squads. They’re prevalent in solo too but there’s a lot going on and hacks on console only help to an extent. Nothing like the ones on PC. I 100% agree, people in final circle generally consist of ones using one or more means of “assistance”. Especially the ones who play aggressive/offensive.