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  1. Mmmmm sorry, I don't think it has to do with a new device, I just think it's Vikendi release. Every so often there seems to be a sudden influx of something.. whether it's TK .... or other strange influxes in player's "skill". M&K is only one of a number of things of concern.
  2. All day today the game is lagging/freezing for a few milliseconds near other players/ in mid combat. Anyone else getting this? It’s getting to a point where this is really unplayable.
  3. I’ve been playing consoles for years and had no idea about controller mods or K&M up until recently. A whole lot of stuff makes sense now. Here I am thinking I may be a “bad player” or others may just have spent many many more hours playing than me ? But yeah I think Fortnite said they were going to add a function to detect peripherals recently for matchmaking. No idea how that’s going to work since you can just plug it in after like you said.
  4. They most definitely are which makes it all the more hilarious as to why they turned off chat pad compatibility. I don’t get it. Would love hot keys for meds and emotes.
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