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  1. Hello everyone. First of all, this topic is not a topic FPP vs TPP, thanks. We all know there are not enough FPP players. Why not put challenges in FPP mode (Make 10 games in FPP, play 10 hours in FPP, or other ...). This may allow to know the FPP mode to some players, there are more people on the servers. This is just an idea, but why not try
  2. The competitive mode is the FPP, it's a fact. For proof, the rules on the official website. https://www.pubgesports.com/
  3. I play for years on PC, but I prefer the One X. I'm used to the keyboard / mouse, but the joystick Elite is great controller
  4. I just stopped PUBG on Xbox. I hate the TPP, and the FPP no longer exists. Console players prefer ease, 360-degree viewing, looking behind walls, etc. On PC, I find matches FPP in 4 seconds in EU. I love PUBG, but on console and its TPP, the game is already dead.
  5. L3thal Euskal X1

    State of FPP PUBG - Lessons and feedback

    Even PS4 players want the FPP. I believe that Xbox players prefer the ease with the TPP. I stopped playing PUBG because the FPP is non-existent. I've had the game since it was released a year ago, and I've been waiting for the FPP since that day, and region locking is the only solution, but it looks like it's not the priority of PUBG Corp. I keep coming to the forum to see if there is news from the FPP, and I will come back to the game when the FPP is there.
  6. L3thal Euskal X1

    November 15 hotfix feedback topic

    Their topic is no longer useful, they do not even read anymore. More than a month without updating !!! And on the store, always indicated "optimized for Xbox One X".
  7. L3thal Euskal X1

    November 15 Hotfix Feedback Topic

    (Xbox One X / 1080p) Good update overall. I noticed that in squad (TPP), when one is dead and spectator of a teammate, the loading of textures (interior of buildings, furniture ...) are very long, even non-existent.
  8. L3thal Euskal X1

    Double loot for skins???

    Sorry, I was wrong forum, move me in "Test Server Feedback"
  9. L3thal Euskal X1

    Double loot for skins???

    Why receive double loot for weapon skins, and not be able to exchange them? And when I buy 4 boxes of the same category, receive 3 times the same loot is a little excessive, right?
  10. L3thal Euskal X1

    PTS (is it live?)

    You'll find the G-Coins in "Shop" and "My Items" in the game menu
  11. L3thal Euskal X1

    PTS (is it live?)

    (France) No update of the PTS at the moment, and no connection to the server. Info on Twitter:
  12. L3thal Euskal X1

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    Yeah ok looooool. Give up forever!!!!! ????
  13. Respect & Fair-play!!! Gamer Addict sur Xbox One S. GT: L3thal Euskal

  14. L3thal Euskal X1

    Game crash: Megathread

    The game crash part of 3, and often on Miramar. I play Xbox One S. The game closes and sends me back to the console