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  1. L3thal Euskal X1

    State of FPP PUBG - Lessons and feedback

    Even PS4 players want the FPP. I believe that Xbox players prefer the ease with the TPP. I stopped playing PUBG because the FPP is non-existent. I've had the game since it was released a year ago, and I've been waiting for the FPP since that day, and region locking is the only solution, but it looks like it's not the priority of PUBG Corp. I keep coming to the forum to see if there is news from the FPP, and I will come back to the game when the FPP is there.
  2. L3thal Euskal X1

    November 15 hotfix feedback topic

    Their topic is no longer useful, they do not even read anymore. More than a month without updating !!! And on the store, always indicated "optimized for Xbox One X".
  3. L3thal Euskal X1

    November 15 Hotfix Feedback Topic

    (Xbox One X / 1080p) Good update overall. I noticed that in squad (TPP), when one is dead and spectator of a teammate, the loading of textures (interior of buildings, furniture ...) are very long, even non-existent.
  4. L3thal Euskal X1

    With or without shoes?

    I received my punk boots, I run like crazy everywhere 😜
  5. L3thal Euskal X1

    Deleting the FPP EU mode! I stop PUBG!

    Proof that no
  6. L3thal Euskal X1

    Deleting the FPP EU mode! I stop PUBG!

    Yes thank you, but we keep abreast of the news. And if you read correctly, I created this post 30 minutes after the first announcement. And it is precisely by creating these topics, that they read the comments, and that they return to their decision. And this is a good thing.
  7. L3thal Euskal X1

    Deleting the FPP EU mode! I stop PUBG!

    Sorry, it's a French expression^^
  8. L3thal Euskal X1

    Deleting the FPP EU mode! I stop PUBG!

    thank you for listening to us. I love PUBG because there is the possibility to play in FPP EU, I hate the TPP, and I'm not the only one in this case. Block regions as you have announced, and we'll see if there is an improvement in FPP matches (among other things).
  9. L3thal Euskal X1

    Kidding right?

    it becomes anything this game. One day they say that they will lock the regions to improve the FPP mode in each region, and then they delete the FPP modes, in EU, we are left that the FPP Squad. We have been patient enough with this game, they do anything and we take idiots. We buy a game and a few months after they delete half of the modes. We pay for that? lol
  10. L3thal Euskal X1

    Deleting the FPP EU mode! I stop PUBG!

    I am more than disappointed, they kill their game themselves and after they are surprised that there is a lack of player week by week. For my part, it's the straw that breaks the camel's back. I do not expect anything from them anymore.
  11. L3thal Euskal X1

    Deleting the FPP EU mode! I stop PUBG!

    Do you read the weekly community letters? On it, they tell us that they want to block the regions for an improvement of the FPP EU . And now they delete the mode. This weekend I was able to find games in FPP EU, and now they force us to play in TPP. When buying the game, it's with all the modes available.
  12. It's been almost a year since I joined the forum, trying to give constructive feedback to change the game. It's been months that I've been waiting to see an improvement in the FPP EU, weekly community letters that told us they were working on the problem, and result? Removing the FPP EU mode, without any explanation, excuses. You do not care about your community, and I'm past the age of being taken for a pigeon. Congratulations!!!
  13. L3thal Euskal X1

    Pub G Xbox Tournaments/League

    Y a t il des tournois FPP en Français? Je n'attends que ça^^
  14. L3thal Euskal X1

    Iron Rain Tourney - FPP Duo - $30 Prize

    @Civilian Kiwi Congratulations, very good initiative ... I am from the EU but I wish to register if it is possible. my GT: L3thal Euskal