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  1. Strange for everyday challenges. I realize that this is not a priority, but can we know at what time are the daily challenges reset?
  2. I live in the EU and the game puts me on the NA server in TPP. Please fix the problem
  3. How are the survival points calculated? I made a top 2 with 5 kills and I only had 4 points...
  4. I live in Eu with fiber, and the game tells me that I have a ping too high. In "customization", it lag enormously, half of the equipment does not load, as in the shop. Otherwise, at stake, the loading of the buildings is better than before, not found particular concerns, for the moment ... And every update, I pray that there are people in FPP EU, but no
  5. 10 minutes to find a match in FPP on PC ??? He has a big problem then. I find a part FPP PC in 5 or 6 seconds, in the morning, afternoon or in the middle of the night, solo or duo...
  6. I live in France, so I play around 2pm / 6pm (GMT + 2)... I'm waiting 6 minutes with 36 players, when I can find a match
  7. I had stopped PUBG on Xbox One for 2 months. I came back this weekend, to see if there were more players in FPP than before, and unfortunately, no match found. I'm giving up. The Devs could make an effort to entice players to play FPP. And since there is the option of the FOV, the FPP is very nice to play, but console players prefer the TPP. I will stay on PC
  8. (Xbox One X / 1080p) Good update overall. I noticed that in squad (TPP), when one is dead and spectator of a teammate, the loading of textures (interior of buildings, furniture ...) are very long, even non-existent.
  9. Sorry, I was wrong forum, move me in "Test Server Feedback"
  10. Why receive double loot for weapon skins, and not be able to exchange them? And when I buy 4 boxes of the same category, receive 3 times the same loot is a little excessive, right?
  11. You'll find the G-Coins in "Shop" and "My Items" in the game menu
  12. (France) No update of the PTS at the moment, and no connection to the server. Info on Twitter:
  13. Respect & Fair-play!!! Gamer Addict sur Xbox One S. GT: L3thal Euskal

  14. The game crash part of 3, and often on Miramar. I play Xbox One S. The game closes and sends me back to the console
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