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  1. 50 cal would be nice. 10 bullets. Can only be fired in prone.
  2. Burns

    I'm Lev 34!!!!

    Abit shit that you can get duplicates.
  3. Burns

    Thoughts on the P18?

    😂😂😂 Very good point 👌🏻
  4. I personally don't use it as i find it sub par with all the other pistols. Its very weak in my opinion and will only pick it up on landing from a parachute.. What are your opinions on the weapon?
  5. Burns

    Beryl is OP

    You mean that gun with the highest DPS? Never heard of it.
  6. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/apex-burns/video/63367612 Forgive the potato at the end ?
  7. You do realise the right stick is adjustable right? Sounds like you need to turn your right stick deadzone up a little higher to me Are you currently on the default of 10?
  8. Just got a nice AK spray on Hypezone ?
  9. Im game if EU can play ??
  10. Burns

    No recoil fully auto

    MK14 AKM Beryl (Maybe) M16 (Burst only) They are the only weapons that have challenging recoil but even with saying that, all of them apart from the M16 you can nail the recoil and get great sprays with. All the other weapons in game you can get the hang of very very easily as there really isnt much to them ?