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  1. just noticed this too. Am wondering what it counts as for missions. I guess sniper.
  2. Just did exactly this after a few attempts doing it in my usual FPP. Literally clicked join in TPP, mission was awarded, clicked cancel. No horror show TPP gameplay for me but still got the mission.
  3. Exactly. That's what we're all about. Working as a team to ensure we all have more fun! :)
  4. Hi papajimmy I just checked it for you and you have posted it in the correct place. You are just waiting now for our Training Office to assign you to your Intro Squad. Welcome to TG!
  5. Teamspeak is gone my friend! Where are you based? Are you a current member still?
  6. Hey L3GACY Did anyone on PC from TG add you at all? We are looking to try and build up our PC Brigade right now. Would be cool to have you along.
  7. Tactical Gaming is a large, cross platform community with approx. 2000 members. Established in 2004 and with our own website and Discord servers for each of the games we support this is a well established community. Got a mic?Interested in playing as part of a team with a large gaming community where the focus is on teamwork and friendship? If the answer to both these questions is yes then head over to www.tacticalgaming.net/hq Tell them dustylines referred you! ------------------ Recruiting people! ---------------------------------- Tactical Gaming Platform = All Rank= Any Rank Region = EU or NA Microphone is required! Age= 15+ We are a gaming community anyone may join our website is http://www.tacticalgaming.net/hq/ please sign up if interested and use dustylines as the referrer please pm me for more details -------------------------------------------------------------------
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