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  1. It's not a bug and it's not a horrible hit registration system. The exact same issue is present in all FPS games. It's the same in Fortnite, Blackout, Apex Legends to name a few. The only game that really actively does something about it is Battlefield, where they use client-side/server authoritative (instead of just client side) hit detection. That means that if your ping is very high you would need to shoot in advance.


    Watch this video to better understand what's going on (the full video is a good introduction to online play and common issues, but I will just give you a timestamp where the possible solution is explained):


  2. 6 hours ago, santimaster2000 said:

    What about my issue ? SmartManager doesn't interact with the game, at all.


    You said yourself that you made a separate post about it. Smart manager also has nothing to do with Saitek or with Logitech X52 Pro Joystick. Also, are you certain that it does not do anything with any processes? Looks like the sort of program that might manage active processes as well.

  3. On 11/22/2018 at 7:34 AM, wolfrik said:

    that's not bug its logic bro u need to make some room in ur bag before u can  remove ur vest since vest also give you some capacity & if u are already full with ur bag & vest u cant switch vest or sometimes extended mags without dropping something out of bag. But if u try to swap the vest from floor with ur vest on ur body   that would not give u problem Since capacity remains same 



    While it does make sense from how the game works, I suppose it could be coded to drop some items on the ground. I think PUBG mobile does that, though it has been a long time so I cannot be sure I remember it right. But then, of course, the question remains, what do you code to be dropped first?

  4. I died at the hands of cheaters a few times, though it seems like EU FPP servers don't have as many of them. My experiences were so far:


    1. New map, on the roof of one of the churches, enemy aims down sights at the bell tower and then immediately snaps onto my head at the doorway to the staircase.

    2. Again new map. Enemy is sprinting and switches to sniper rilfe (duo, so perhaps friend noticed me and pointed it out), however then he goes prone and immediately after switching animation snaps 90 degrees to the right and aims straight at me.


    These 2 were obvious cheats. Then there was another guy:


    2 kills visible in kill cam (solo FPP). The first one he kills from a relatively short distance, with a full auto SCAR (empties a magazine). Thought maybe lag doesn't provide a full picture (as we know the aim always tends to trail the target in replays). However, when I got killed, he fired full auto from the hip and his crosshair didn't even point to where I was at any point. I still got killed with a headshot.


    Others might have hidden the fact that they've cheated, but honestly, I didn't feel like it's that prevalent in the EU servers.

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