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  1. Most regions it's a problem, but EU has always been fine in FPP on PC. A severe disadvantage. You do not need an expensive set, you can perform equaly as well by spending ~40 EUR for both devices. Cheaping out will mostly cost you with long game sessions if you are not carefull with what you buy as low quality devices might make it uncomfortable for long sessions. Though if you are just an average player you won't be spending more than a few hours in one go, so it should not be a big deal. The other factor is that they might break. But yeah, you absolutely do not need the expensive stuff, they have no impact to performance in the vast majority of cases. Just find what's comfortable.
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    Well consider this fact. PUBG and Fortnite are equals in terms of how bad the desync is. Ring of Elysium has it worse in terms of movement but about the same with gunshot and damage delays. Apex Legends and Blackout perform significantly worse than PUBG in terms of desync. That pretty much covers everyone in the BR genre with Apex Legends being the only BR game that you would expect to have the least issues here, but even with a handicap manage to do worse.
  3. HellDuke

    High ping problem

    Wrong website. This is for PUBG only on PC, Xbox and PS4. Bluehole does not develop or support PUBG Mobile, which is developed and maintained by Tencent
  4. Do you have XMP enabled on your motherboard? Might be the cause. I noticed this happen to me in Apex legends when I installed new hardware and enabled XMP. I did foolishly do other things together with disabling XMP so I am not sure at this point if that was what fixed the issue. As for @boby3104 different games are coded differently and might have different difficulties. Your system might not be stable and some software might not care, while others might just refuse to work. A good example is a hard drive and your OS. My brother had a laptop that was liquid damaged that caused the hard drive to fail. Windows would not work no matter what you did. We installed Linux and all it did was warn us that the sectors were damaged and files could not be retrieved from those sectors. Other than that, the PC was completely usable for 4 more years.
  5. HellDuke

    PUBG makes my PC shut down

    Try to see this from our perspective. If the lights go out in your house, do you call the electrician or the plumber? Sure, the plumbing could have broken and caused a shortcircuit somewhere, but first things first, check the electricity. Same here, your problem is showing symptoms of hardware failure. A piece of software cannot force shut down your PC. Unless I a misundersood your explanation. So to clarify on that point. Do you get the usual "Windows is shutting down" or are you starting the game and the power cuts off immediately? As in you have image on screen and then immediately it turns completely off. If it's the second option then you definetely have hardware failure, because software failure will either hang your PC or at closest to what you are explaining, it would initiate a shutdown which would happen exactly as if you clicked "Shut Down" yourself in the start menu.
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    Macro Mice?

    If you are not running any macros it's fine. There are some mice (like the bloody series) that come with macroes pre-loaded to the mouse onboard memory. Those get detected and prevent you from playing until you remove them. You might want to check all related software to make sure you do not have any mouse movement macroes set on your mouse. I have a SteelSeries Rival 300 and technically speaking it also allows macroes, but not sure if it's on the level that is not permissable. Since I do not have any set up, PUBG never had issues with either the mouse or the Steelseries software being installed.
  7. Do you mean it does not accept input or do you mean the backlight? If it's the latter I noticed with my Logitech G110 the same thing, I just went into the controller software and disabled the "allow games to take control of the backlight", yours might have a similar feature.
  8. HellDuke

    PUBG makes my PC shut down

    Not necessarily an overheat. If there is a failure of the PSU, MB or CPU it can overvolt, become unstable and simply turn off in order to avoid complete failure (damaged components). You said so yourself, that it happens randomly, so reinstalling might not even be the thing that helps, might be that it just randomly worked for a while. With hardware failures you don't always get consistent failures. I merely suggest the possibility of hardware failure and doing a stress test might reveal whether there is one or not. If you have already done that, the other options can be driver conflicts or some software conflicts (for example motherboard software that says they will overclock your CPU automatically when you start a game). You can try to reinstall the OS and install only steam and PUBG to see if that works, then start re-installing other software you have to see if anything starts crashing your PC.
  9. It's not a bug and it's not a horrible hit registration system. The exact same issue is present in all FPS games. It's the same in Fortnite, Blackout, Apex Legends to name a few. The only game that really actively does something about it is Battlefield, where they use client-side/server authoritative (instead of just client side) hit detection. That means that if your ping is very high you would need to shoot in advance. Watch this video to better understand what's going on (the full video is a good introduction to online play and common issues, but I will just give you a timestamp where the possible solution is explained):
  10. HellDuke

    ping "lagspikes"

    "A little". As for @Akdov370 it's not very likely to be your PC. In connectivity issues it's rarely the case. The most common problems are the router, ISP or underlying infrastructure (I think there was a point where all US traffic to EU was re-routed through China by some malicious third party for a while until it got spotted, so yeah, that can happen). If it happens for every game then the most likely culprits are your router or ISP. Try sending a ping to your router (normally it's either or, you can check what it is by running ipconfig in command prompt or powershell and checking the default gateway). See if you get any packet drops there. If you do then your router is having issues. Try rebooting your router as well and try pinging some website (like google or a local website). If you are getting drops to websites then it's possibly an ISP issue. You can raise the issue to them, they probably would help you with router issues as well.
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    Game crashed on startup everytime

    If a filing keeps going missing, check your antivirus and antimalware (or windows defender if you have no 3rd party softwre). Check the quarantine to see if the file could have been flagged as a false positive. If you are seeing that file in the quarantine, then try adding the PUBG folder to an exception list on the antivirus/antimalware and verify integrity again.
  12. HellDuke

    PLS help

    What kind of Antivirus Antimalware do you have if any? If you have something, you can try adding the folder to the exception list. Seems like the exe is missing, which would be caused by a false positive which ends up with the file in quarantine.
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    If only we had a sort of ping system to help with that... Sadly some people think it downplays their amazing "skill" of communication.
  14. HellDuke

    PUBG makes my PC shut down

    It's not necessarily due to PUBG. Are you sure it's not an issue with your hardware? Can you try to run a stress test? Possibilities include, but not limited to, power supply failure, CPU failure, motherboard failure. Starting PUBG and Battleye (along with a miriad of other anti-cheats) puts some strain on the CPU, so you might want to do a stress test on the CPU and see if it turns off under load.
  15. To avoid confusion, routing is essentially the path your packet takes from your machine to the game server. This is completely under the control of your ISP and the underlying internet infrastructure. PUBG has absolutely no control over how the packets from your PC go to the game server. What happens when you connect to a VPN: your ISP routes your packet up to the VPN gateway. Afterwards the VPN provider takes over and resends the packet and uses it's own connections. That can mean that they have their own internal MPLS line, so for them routing between some countries might be more direct or they have their routing tables sorted better than your ISP. That is the entire premise of "Gaming VPNs". If your ISP is decent at routing then a gaming VPN will not give you any benefit. The point is to give a gateway in your country so your ISP has little difficulties routing to it. After that they use their own internal network to reach a country where you are supposed to connect to and from there on it's their ISP that has to route to the game server. So a VPN can help in some cases, but with Oceanic there are lot more problems, player base being one of them. If I recall correctly the only real game mode properly available is TPP Squads, but someone from the region would be more suited to comment on that. If you are having troubles using 1 VPN provider you can try using multiple ones. Is the ISP the same for both you and your friend? Are you running on the same internal network? If yes then there might be an issue with buffer bloat or simply the router cannot handle both VPN connections at the same time.
  16. HellDuke

    Dedicated Servers

    Perhaps what OP meant was 3rd party servers? I found that people generally confuse dedicated servers with someone hosting their own server, like in CS:GO, Battlefield (not sure if the latest ones still have this feature or if they moved away) and Squad.
  17. As DeadlyEggXoP said, maintaining 60 Hz is hard enough. Most larger games struggle. Just because it's possible in a game of CS:GO, does not mean that it scales well. A lot of it comes down to the engine, so it would be something for Epic to resolve first and even then PUBG might not move to the newer engine version, because they are behind as it is due to some reworks that would be required to jump even to the current version (you can look for RoverDudes posts, he seems to very knowledgeable in this area). Also, keep in mind that 240 Hz would not solve all your woes. The ping would remain an issue. So called desync has been the bane of online FPS since the early days (well maybe not the start, since it was all LAN). The best thing PUBG can do to resolve that kind of issue is to implement what Battlefield does and stop compensating for lag. That is, if your shot was too late then it was too late. However with 100 players on the server, authorizing every hit might be quite the struggle for them. Games don't typically do 100 players.
  18. To be fair you were the one who decided to start with arguing semantics and decide with calling me the vocal minority. So if you know that by definition it can only apply to those asking for the removal of this feature, why do you try to apply this term to me? You did not give me much to counter either, all you did is say that it's daft to give the option to disable and gave an example of foliage in the early days, which does not compare. In the map marker case it is a second form of presenting the same information that is already available, in the grass example it's providing information that was not available. One one hand the argument is "the flare is enough information, PUBG is not about map markers" and then on the other hand it's suddenly "you are giving free information to everyone on the map!". So which one is it? These arguments are mutually exclusive. You can see the flare from the same amount of distance as the map marker is relevant from so you can't really argue that we are providing information to players that they do not already have. It's not an exact marker either.
  19. You do realize that that's not vocal minority means right?
  20. No you did not miss any thread because there doesn't have to be one and logically thinking there wouldn't be one. Look at this thread. From the announcement it barely got anyone saying that they don't want it. If someone doesn't care or likes it then they will most of the time say nothing on the matter, which has come to bite us in the ass by making ridicioulous changes and not implementing useful features with little to no downsides all because of a few people that kept crying about it.
  21. How about an option to disable it? Few people are bothered by something being on the map, no need to cave in to the vocal minority again
  22. HellDuke

    West Coast 90 Ping

    It does not serve the UK though, the UK has it's own server. Everyone in EU get's place in the UK, Germany, Sweden (I think, not sure exactly but one of the datacenters should be somewhere in the northern EU). "English speaking" is irrelevant to where the servers are hosted. As for the rest - the size of the population is irrelevant. Sure there are 50 million people on the west coast, but that's irrelevant. If the West coast has 10x the population of east coast, but the player base is 5x larger in the east coast then naturally the servers are getting hosted in the east coast. Though honestly I think that they could have at least attempted to host west coast servers.
  23. That has nothing to do with the monitor refresh rate. Wether your monitor is 60hz, 144hz or 240hz make no difference as the fire rate is tied to FPS which is not tied to your refresh rate. The simulations will run at the FPS, but you will only get 60 updates per second, so if you have 160 FPS then you will loose 100 frames of information on your screen, but the simulation data is not going anywhere.
  24. I believe PUBG doesn't use the latest version though do they? @Baboopa keep in mind that player count is not everything. Apex legends like you noticed has 60 players and smaller maps, yet their tickrate and netcode is actually worse than PUBG. With the current infrastructure PUBG has they probably could drop down to 60-64 players, which is something that has been done for along time. 100 players was something that was strived for in such games for a long time and apart from games like Planetside you really were limited to ~64 players in a single match. I remember Project Reality, a mod for Battlefield 2, tried to go 100 players. Servers didn't manage to keep up...
  25. It would increase the cost of getting a new account by a little, no more than that. You can get a new phone number very easily, just go to the nearest kiosk or store and buy a sim card. Unless they require activation by SMS you won't really even need to put it in a phone, but even if you did, that would just add a minute for them.