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  1. How about an option to disable it? Few people are bothered by something being on the map, no need to cave in to the vocal minority again
  2. HellDuke

    West Coast 90 Ping

    It does not serve the UK though, the UK has it's own server. Everyone in EU get's place in the UK, Germany, Sweden (I think, not sure exactly but one of the datacenters should be somewhere in the northern EU). "English speaking" is irrelevant to where the servers are hosted. As for the rest - the size of the population is irrelevant. Sure there are 50 million people on the west coast, but that's irrelevant. If the West coast has 10x the population of east coast, but the player base is 5x larger in the east coast then naturally the servers are getting hosted in the east coast. Though honestly I think that they could have at least attempted to host west coast servers.
  3. I actually liked the PUBG Mobile approach where the crate had a green light for a bit of time after killing the enemy, but went away after you looted them or after a few minutes.
  4. That has nothing to do with the monitor refresh rate. Wether your monitor is 60hz, 144hz or 240hz make no difference as the fire rate is tied to FPS which is not tied to your refresh rate. The simulations will run at the FPS, but you will only get 60 updates per second, so if you have 160 FPS then you will loose 100 frames of information on your screen, but the simulation data is not going anywhere.
  5. I believe PUBG doesn't use the latest version though do they? @Baboopa keep in mind that player count is not everything. Apex legends like you noticed has 60 players and smaller maps, yet their tickrate and netcode is actually worse than PUBG. With the current infrastructure PUBG has they probably could drop down to 60-64 players, which is something that has been done for along time. 100 players was something that was strived for in such games for a long time and apart from games like Planetside you really were limited to ~64 players in a single match. I remember Project Reality, a mod for Battlefield 2, tried to go 100 players. Servers didn't manage to keep up...
  6. It would increase the cost of getting a new account by a little, no more than that. You can get a new phone number very easily, just go to the nearest kiosk or store and buy a sim card. Unless they require activation by SMS you won't really even need to put it in a phone, but even if you did, that would just add a minute for them.
  7. HellDuke

    Game crash randomly

    It's a registry fix: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\GraphicsDrivers] "TdrDelay"=dword:0000000a "TdrDebugMode"=dword:00000001 "TdrLevel"=dword:00000000 But again, I doubt this would be much of a fix Another similar issue seems to be related with XMP (I think I saw it on the PUBG forums). Do you have an XMP profile enabled in the BIOS? If so try disabling that. Another potential issue listed was an overclocked GPU, so might want to turn that off. Other things you can do is simply look around for the specific errors, for example, the lines: tsl-client-dev-branch\build\UnrealEngine\Engine\Source\Runtime\Windows\D3D11RHI\Private\D3D11Util.cpp tsl-client-dev3-branch\build\UnrealEngine\Engine\Source\Runtime\RenderCore\Private\RenderingThread.cpp
  8. HellDuke

    Game crash randomly

    Looks like a GPU related issue in the Unreal Engine. If you have the latest video drivers try rolling back to older ones. Also, might be some other potential fixes, but I hesitate to suggest them.
  9. HellDuke

    How is it possible?

    Before accusing others of not doing research I suggest you do your own. While Steam blocks the most popular VPN addresses outright but not all of them. They also warn you in ToS that they would ban you if you get caught, however that is no trivial task. In relations to the address, it's not the address on your account, but the address on your credit/debit card. Transfer funds to your PayPal wallet (or use any other method that does not require your actual credit/debit card details) and the problem goes away. So yeah, I did do my research, thank you very much.
  10. HellDuke

    Why is Ping So high

    Doesn't seem out of the norm. Don't forget that the site is unofficial and lists datacenters that PUBG does not even use. While Bluehole has to give an official answer on that, I would not be surprised if Amazon AWS in Mumbai is not utilized. For example we know that PUBG does not have any servers on US-West as all US players get placed in US-East regardless of their location.
  11. To add to DeadlyEggXoP, keep in mind that it's your patch that is 34 MB. The server is not running the same thing as your PC and different changes are necessary. Also, keep in mind that everything is connected. So the maintenance might not even be on the game servers, but the master servers. Database maintenance for one. You can't have players make changes to the database while you are cleaning it up. What if there are changes to the existing database scheme? In that case the time it takes to implement those will be directly proportional to the amount of data that is stored there. Also, remember, that pretty much every online game has maintenance of some sort. In some cases it's a simple server reboot during which time you can go to a different server. In other cases it's just the matchmaking system, but the game offers a non-ranked mode you might be able to use or a server browser. The smaller the system the faster the maintenance. It also helps having redundancies, but again — if you have any kind of progression on that system, the players would lose all progress made during the maintenance window. The less centralized and more compartmentalized it is, the easier it is to split it up. PUBG does not have the luxury of making changes one region at a time. Changing that would probably be a non-trivial matter either.
  12. HellDuke

    How is it possible?

    Didn't think anyone would actually bring that idea up, but ok, let's go down that rabit hole as well... If that was an option that could work, have you thought as to why there is not a single game that does this succesfully? So long as you sell it digitally it won't work. So you only sell the Chinese version in China.. Ok, then the people in China will use a VPN, go to the EU store and buy the EU version. What has the different version accomplished?
  13. HellDuke

    How is it possible?

    How hard is it to fix desync? Depends on how you look at it. Once you understand that it's not some kind of bug that can be fixed you can say it's easy, because there is nothing to fix. Hower if you just think about getting rid of desync — incredibly difficult. It's a natural phenomenon of playing a game online. It's so difficult that there is not a single FPS game that has gotten rid of it entirely. You can mitigate this with server side hit registration, however that is only something you can do with a small game. Another option is client-side server authoritative which is what Battlefield does. Then again, they are at most up to 64 players, who knows how well it would work on servers with 100. Even back in Battlefield 2 days people tried 100 player servers. Didn't work out well. And as I replied (more accurately was implying) in another thread regarding keeping China in China? Without hurting people that did nothing wrong — impossible. If someone from China wants to play in EU, they will. There is nothing you can do about it short of lumping them together with people that use the same methods for legitimate reasons (being on campus, having ISP that has terrible routing etc.). Movement etc. is purely a design decision. You may like BR games but perhaps you do not like tactical shooters that lean more towards realism. You can love FPS games, enjoy Doom but hate Arma. There are different design decisions to achieve different feels to the game. As I said, movement is pretty much purposefuly the way it is and is not something to be fixed. To you it may be like swimming in a jar of oil, but other like the feeling that you need to commit to your movements and you can't just go "You know what, running out here was a bad decision, nope, gonna immediately stop and hide". Immagine you just finished a painting that you feel looks the way it should and is really beutifull. Then someone comes along and says "you know what, that green is too bright, it should be much darker". Would you go and make the color darker or leave the paitning the way you like it and let others that like it enjoy it that way? Especially when there are 3 other people that just painted the same picture but used darker colors.
  14. Just because I know this is a common misconception — the M4 is a carabine variant of the M16 and both are designed and mainly manufactured by Colt and is a US weapon. This game does not feature that kind of weapon, but instead it's weapon designed by a German company Heckler and Koch and is actually called HK416. They use the same outer design as the M4 as it was developed at the request of the US army, but internaly it's a different system. HK is a bit iffy with their branding, so they might have not allowed to use the HK anywhere. I don't think the UMP has any of the HK labeling either.
  15. HellDuke

    How is it possible?

    The fact that it is a modified source engine is not that big of a deal. First of all I love Apex Legends. They did many things right. But keep in mind that they had a lot of time to look at what others have done and what problems they are having. So let's go over some things in order and then I will add some extra thoughts at the end Smoothness is a perceptive thing. It all depends on the complexity of the movement system. PUBG has inertia movement, so when you start moving at full speed, you still take time to come to a full stoop, unlike other games, where you can immediately change directions. It's a design desition more than an issue. It depends which you preffer more, the more realistic movement or the more dynamic one. False. There are definetely lags and server issues. It's the "new shiny thing phase". People said Blackout didn't have issues when it came out and was vastly superior to PUBG. Then everyone realised that you indeed to get lags and stutters. In Apex Legends I particularly noticed lag issues as your character starts to stutter a lot while moving. Your speed is not affected but you notice that your view starts jumping up and down very rapidly as if you are driving on a bumpy road. Friends confirmed to see the same issue at the same time as I did and it seems to be caused by lag. Servers are also having troubles retrieving information regarding your account though it does not prevent you from matchmaking. Matchmaking also fails quite often, failing to load you in time for hero selection, dropping players from the game or not loading you in entirely (while loading in your party members). Design choice. PUBG is not the sort of game for that type of feedback. Personally I like the feedback idea, but I also would say that it has no palce in something like PUBG. You don't know until you look for it. It's tricky to spot in games like Apex Legends or Blackout due to the dynamic movement systems that let's you think "Oh yeah, there was an angle there" or "I just wasn't fast enough". That said, there can definetely be very low ammounts of desync. Particularly thanks to them having only 60 players on a server. This opens up more possibilities of what you can do. You have no way of knowing that. Using a VPN you will likely get placed wherever you wish. Unclear how the party is placed when different regions party up. I think all games strive to do that. Not sure how it differs from PUBG. There is no such thing as a bug-free game on launch. Some of the bugs I have seen are spectator bugs such as seeing as if your teammate is in the ground. I guess we will just have to wait and see, but this is definetely a very high point for them. I haven't seen such a polished game since... Well... Probably their other game, Titanfall 2 Free to play is definetely an interesting choice to go. Remains to be seen how the cheater situation will go with that as those games generally get plagued by them. Keep in mind that you will not know who is a cheater for a very long time as there are no amazing players at it. Take the best BR players and they still can be beaten by decent players that are otherwise nobodies. Skins are not free however. Again, remains to be seen, but as far as we know for know under absolute ideal circumstances you will get ~7% of the available items for free as the number of lootboxes you will gain by leveling is limited. On to some other thoughts: it cannot be stressed enough how big an impact a 60 player size has (the fact that the map is a lot smaller also means a lot less resources dedicated to that). Keep in mind that 64 player games have been around for a very long time, while 100 players has always been more of a dream and no one ever really did it otuside of MMO (which is a different beast entirely), other than perhaps Planetside and then Planetside 2. Another thing to consider is that it's a newcomer when everyone is getting bored of other BR games. It will also have less issues in matchmaking even if it falls down bellow PUBG as it does not have multiple maps, multiple perspectives and multiple team sizes. It's a 3 man FPP on1 map, take it or leave it. It was also designed from the onset to be FPP and the developers have a lot of experience. Remember, these are the people that made Call of Duty 2, Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare and both Titanfall games. That is a heck of a pedigree in terms of FPS development.