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  1. Why, oh why, oh why, oh why...... oh why.... do we still need to be counted down 60 seconds when we've got a full / near-full server? Make it a ~30 second timer when the threshold hits 90+ people and a ~15 second timer when the threshold hits 95+ and let's just get playing, can we?!
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    Every game I've played on Vikendi since test server release day has been on sub 20 ping in the EU (I'm in the UK), however earlier on I was hitting 80+ pings, so presumably being matched up in other parts of the world instead. I put it down to the fact that a) there was a new 2GB update to download for it and people may have just put it off for a bit and b) as it's now just after 5pm in the UK / 6pm EU people would have been at work / school etc earlier on. Having just tested now, things have returned back to normal.
  3. There ARE arguments against it, this map can handle world spawn L3H's well (just have the volume of them reduced slightly) as I have already posted on myself with my rationale. Using your logic here, if snipers are really that much of a 'high skilled' weapon as you keep suggesting (you seem to keep posting "they must stay in crates" messages in every new thread posted about the topic) then surely players who HAVE that higher skill are confident and good enough to use them as such, ie, they'll have absolutely no problem whatsoever in hitting that extra one shot needed to break an opponent L3H.
  4. Oh, I take it you can see through trees then? 😉
  5. I appreciate that's your overall main feeling/standpoint (and I agree that on all other maps it should stay in crates), however you've missed my point entirely about the layout and design of the map and the BENEFIT of keeping the L3H on Vikendi. It's clear that the developers are looking to provide different loot / weapon / reward balance for each of the maps and not keep them all the same. It keeps the maps fresh as opposed to the same, stale play on the others. It's so difficult to see enemies on Vikendi that your game is over very, very quickly if you're sniped from one of the (what must be, literally) thousands of cover spots. A high volume of my deaths so far (and I'm sure others reading this) I haven't even see where I've been killed from - the L3H gives you that little, tiny bit extra to stay in the game.
  6. One: Level 3 Helmet (L3H) Firstly, I completely understand the many topics created on this forum about the fact that the L3H should be reverted back to crate/drop only. This is a natural reaction given it was removed from world spawn on live servers some time ago. However, I would like to add some simple balance to the argument: The removal of L3H from Erangel and Miramar (maybe not Sanhok as such, but that's a differing style of PUBG gameplay) is justified, given there are many sprawlingly open areas covering very high distance. The point of me creating this thread, is that I believe the L3H's should actually REMAIN on Vikendi. I've read a recent post on here along the lines of the fact that players are very hard to spot on Vikendi - I'm sure many will agree given the high density of tress as one example. Having played around 15-20 hours on the map so far, I'm hit by enemies at a vastly high percentage before I've even seen them first compared to the other maps - presumably due to the very high level of cover the map provides. This means that should I loot a L3H, it at least gives me a brief chance to compete should I be hit from someone behind the shear volume of cover the beautiful map provides. In the main, we're just just one extra sniper shot here that the L3H will protect us from - I think the map warrants the item staying in world spawn. Two: Loot In my 15-20 hours on Vikendi so far: I have to agree that the volume of SMG's seem dramatically over-balanced. I have come across just two SKS's and just one Mini 14! A happy medium is required between the current volume of spawning SMG's and their AR / DMR counterparts Towards the end-game there is a myriad of snipers being popped off from every direction - too many Kar98's and M24's being spawned? DMR/SR suppressors seem to hugely overpower the spawn of AR/DMR suppressors - I can only remember picking up one, maybe two AR/DMR sups. What is the rationale behind not spawning thumb grips and half grips? Three: ADS 'sticking' More of a question than anything else, but is anyone else experiencing the ADS sticking ON at times? Never had this in PUBG before testing this new map. Occasionally when ADS'ing (actually, whilst I'm typing, this may be limited to ADS scoping only as opposed to Red Dot / Holo? I will test and come back). Four: the map itself The best yet without question. I seem to have had the best and most enjoyable concurrent run of games with my duo partner in just these few short hours of playing Vikendi compared to the rest of the maps combined over the past year or so, which is some going as I'm around 1,000 hours in to date. The map has been drip-fed-leaked from unofficial sources over recent weeks, but the data shared online has been absolutely nothing compared to seeing and playing the map for myself on the test servers - with a few tweaks, it'll only get better over time and I can see my PUBG experience being pretty much solely based around Vikendi - hopefully map selection will stay! 😉 Well done to PUBG Corp, I didn't expect such a superb map at all leading up to the test server release. I just hope that the next map is already being worked on and is of the same (or better) quality! cheef