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  1. erkogbg

    FPS drop on vikendi?

    Any statement from admins why Vikendi have FPS problems?
  2. erkogbg

    G36C on Erangel?

    Aight, but that doesn't answer my question from the beginning of this thread
  3. Hi! Are there any plans on adding the 5.56 wep G36C on Erangel? Thanks.
  4. erkogbg

    FPS drop on vikendi?

    I dont know if this is 100 % but during Squad games on Vikendi I've FPS drops that I clearly notice. During duo its better. And during solo I can't notice them. But playing Squad & Duo on Erangel never gives me FPS-drops.
  5. erkogbg

    FPS drop on vikendi?

    Hmm thats weird I thought this was a common problem on Vikendi since we never have fps drops on other maps... Well often in the beginning and 4-10 times during the game, random, drops from 100+ to around 60... last for 2-3 seconds then dissappears
  6. Hi all! The game is running really good imo, but me & all my friends have problem with FPS-drop on vikendi, not on the other maps? We all have good CPU's and internet. Thanks!
  7. erkogbg

    RIP Miramar

    Im glad if the info are correct about Miramar, I hate that map and have spent so much time before map selection to leave it and restart lobby, press start, get miramar, quit, over and over again to finally get Erangel. I have about 5-10 friends who play PUBG, and NONE of them play Miramar at all - that map was a failure.
  8. EU failed to authenticate from external provider (00.59) Something wrong with the servers?
  9. erkogbg

    Remove or alter the Red zone

    Yes remove it please, doesn't contribute to anything except blowing up veichles that you need.
  10. After a couple of months with issues regarding d-sync, lag & cheaters, me & my duo friend (EU) would like to give a big thank you to the devs/admins. The game is running really good atm, no lag, no d-sync and we haven't encountered a cheater in the past 2-3 weeks. I hope the game stay this way - and that you doesn't add to much new stuff that makes d-sync etc come back. THANKS!
  11. Any plans for this in the future admins =) ?
  12. Hi! From the very beginning of the game, I've hard to find something that really show how good player you really are.. As when you are standing with your squad/duo before a game - what about adding rank, level etc over the head, or atleast a symbol you can click to show it? As it is now, watching your teammates clothes are the only thing...
  13. Don´t play with randoms if you doesn't like randoms? Play with friends or make new friends through communities etc.
  14. https://steamcommunity.com/games/578080/announcements/detail/2486445930579204546?fbclid=IwAR0-kAYuknUtys-i-5MDMDmmN0_9kdeh8cgB03xAD1l_6RvvOZXcT1m8pmY A wall of text, do they mention anything about D-sync? thats the only thing I care about, thanks!