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  1. More maps to split the playerbase? No thanks Focus D-sync and cheaters!
  2. Have seen it alot in streams, and me & my friend (EU TPP) are noticing alot of increased D-sync again... to bad. Anyone else?
  3. The problem have existed since release... and they never fix it.
  4. Its a good idea, I don't have that problem since I only play premade duo, but with randoms I can understand the problem.
  5. Im pretty happy with the new loot, I think its fun to loot 3-8 houses and be happy with the loot instead of looting 10-15 houses and doesn't have what it takes to reach endgame without camping. THO... Why are Bluehole so drastic when it comes to changes to their game? -When they changed blue-zon - damn you had to run for your life and skip fights. -When they change the loot, they increase it so much that you find M24 and SLR in the first house... Can't they change stuff little more....less.
  6. Remove it, doesn't bring anything to the game except frustration.
  7. I rather find 5 SLR's and 2 kars in two buildings than looting 15 houses without finding even 1 AR.
  8. I want features like that to be IN the game.
  9. Wow I would have loved to see a clip of that
  10. I would really see friendly-fire disappear. It's just lame with team-killers that does it on purpose.
  11. 1. It would be fun after you have finished a duo or squad game to see the overall dmg/kills everyone in your team did. 2. In the beginning of the game, before the plane starts it would be really nice to see which player/team did most dmg/kills/did the best result their last game. 3. Can we get something that show how good you are as a player and how much effort you have put to the game? If I place random with 3 other players in a squad, it would be fun to see stats, medals(?), game-time etc if you right-click their name in the corner or in lobby if you premade with some people. This game doesn't have anything really showing how much kills, damage, wins, effort you have put into the game, the only thing that diffs from player to player is their clothes... and thats lame.
  12. I love it funnier fights, but people always complain no matter what bluehole does.
  13. Please add video or picture aswell, always funnier Mine are just around 300-350 m. But my little brother did 487 m a couple of days ago;
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