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  1. SuperFX2

    Apex Vs PUBG??!!!

    Oh Mario Kart for sure!
  2. SuperFX2

    Pubg Xbox player bots

    I have been very suspicious of bot behaviour lately.
  3. SuperFX2

    Blue Hole Censoring People now?

    There is mostly a keyword or more in those paragraphs that the spam filter doesn't agree with, hence it gets hidden.
  4. SuperFX2

    An Update: 7 days no play

    PUBG Stats tracker on App store.
  5. SuperFX2

    Changing skins mid game?

    On a side note, It would be good to change your clothes in the lobby.
  6. I guess he calls a Wok a Wawk.
  7. SuperFX2

    Larger mini map

    Nintendo Famicom had these controllers pictured below, 1983. This console would go onto becoming the Nintendo NES in 1985.
  8. SuperFX2

    What Level Are You?

    I was Level 3, but now Level 8 as I purchased the £7.19 pass.
  9. SuperFX2

    EU servers

    This workaround works.
  10. Melee weapon glitch embedded.
  11. I'm on a poor mans Xbox so i'm alright. I recall this post though and the funny thing was the screenshots and the characters skin colour changing with effects on/off
  12. I forgot about all these effects? What got removed?
  13. Teaming isn't something I see often on my evenings of play but I saw one last night on Erangel. 4 players teaming together taking out all the opposition. The 4 teamers were left and they concluded their fight by stripping down to their underwear and having pan fights. Is that it then? Teamers are bored with the typical last man standing concept with shooting each other that they resort to a pan fight to change things up? So the only way to guarantee a pan fight is to team. Hmmmm
  14. SuperFX2

    Startup Screen

    Google translate is not your friend.
  15. SuperFX2

    Reply posts in red with word "hidden"

    The forum spam filter believes the content is spam, so your post(s) are hidden.