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  1. The only viable way to combat this issue is to give players more control/choice over the maps in their rotation. None of you, me, or pubg gets to tell anyone what map to play when. Players will always quit matches for slew of reasons and if pubg did penalize them for not playing a certain way they would much more likely stop playing altogether than align. And that would be a much worse outcome for the viability of pubg
  2. I’ve played a lot on the S and the X both with a 55” LG OLED. It’s a big difference but I don’t think I’d call it an advantage to spotting, targeting, etc. The game looks better and runs better. Scarlett is a long time yet and I’ll upgrade again for sure. SSD is also a must as it improves game performance much much more than the X hardware does
  3. this says more about the calibration guy than the tvs anyone who has done their homework on oled vs qled and particularly dating back to 2017 will know oled is fundamentally different and overall better performing technology
  4. Also run a LG, slightly less nice OLED B6 55 inch and agree with these comments. In addition, have traveled extensively with my xbox and so have played on a ton a of low, mid, and high end hotel tvs. I hooked up to on one new/very nice Samsung TV that was ~as nice my LG but otherwise my experience with a whole slew of flat screen LCD tvs is they are total garbage in comparison.
  5. it's really not and I doubt anyone is getting reported for this
  6. I agree this post has nothing to do with etiquette but implying teaming is overly literal If you do 1) and 2) you are probably a very nice person and maybe a little naive ... neither one makes any sense in the context of the rules of the game. 3) is just good fun if you can pull it off
  7. few observations based on your clip: -ump + beryl is not a great loadout. You walked right over a mini which is far superior for mid to long range -the hesitation when you peak the window is obvious. I think you waited much to long to start taking shots. the fact that you missed is not a big deal, we all miss shots -I won't comment on the rotation out of the building besides that I can tell how/if you're coordinating with your teammate. it is good in general that you rotated at all -burst mode is ~useless for all weapons. Single tap or control spray in full auto. You potatoed that last fight in large part because of your weapon's fire mode
  8. I don't think this is annoying at all. The decision to drop at a contested location is conscious and there is always the option to pull off and greatly increase the odds of living to the next fight. dropping hot and getting what you need to win the fight is not about entitlement and it has a huge element of chance ... which is completely inherent to a loot based model for those who don't like it, call of duty and battlefield exist in this exact space ... they solved looting parody in their game design completely
  9. How do we know pubg has acted on an in-game reported team kill?
  10. I bought it for $10 along with that red leather coat whenever it was made available a while back. It's my favorite item, no regrets. Given you care enough to post about it pretty shocked you didn't jump on that train as well. Today I wear it with the black/red/white Vikindi windbreaker/parka coat. snow cowboy is the best
  11. I watched all your xbox capture videos in chronological order. From your first two (qbz + k98) on sanhok. The biggest problem is tendency to remain stationary. The concept of camping an area with good defensive sight lines is fine, but you should be in roughly constant motion always. Once you've cleared an area you can find a safe location to peek while stationary but until you know the area is clear constant motion is the standard. After you tagged kill 2 your position was compromised and coming to a full resting position in an uncleared area was an error. No particular problem with your 2nd sanhok game. Same comment on not going stationary without clearing area applies - you could have just as easily caught a k98 headshot in this match as well. I can tell you are on type A, which is helping you at close range but your midrange game is suffering because of it. In general I think ADSing as much as you can do while maintaining accuracy is the goal. However for these 10m battles soft aiming works fine. In your death seems you didn't know where you were getting shot from, but that might just be lack of experience when getting sandwiched. If your headset isn't up to par obviously fix that. In your last sanhok game (m4 + vector) soft aiming at 30-50m is an error. If your opponent was even an average shooter you'd be dead. Type A motivates you to do this which is why a lot of players switch to type B. There are other things you can do at close range besides soft aiming (i.e. ads or hip fire) but at mid and long range ADS is your only option (and Type A click in/out sucks). For developmental purposes you should also be clipping your deaths since you'll learn more from those than kills. The one nade you threw was fine but I was surprised I didn't see more use of throwables. Also thought you seemed generally inclined to peek fire vs holding position which is good.
  12. I have also disabled countless tvs with hotel control boxes, it's a skill but not difficult once you know what you're doing. The worst case scenario are tvs mounted flush to the wall with no rotation on the mount.
  13. How much intelligence is in this process? To illustrate, I speculate in about 50% of the times I've been team killed maliciously on random squads, I've been able to tell it was at least likely to happen. Being specific, let's say a teammate follows me into a house while looting, waits until I'm in a room with one door and no windows ... then stands in the doorway and pulls the pin on a nade. Can I knock my teammate and attempt to escape (in which case he may report me, because he's a bad actor generally) or must I accept my fate and report him?
  14. Not if you’re tsa precheck in USA But taking it out for scanning is not a big deal regardless
  15. I've owned my elite controller for a year with no issues. Love the longer right stick and use two paddles for leaning. I had ambition to use more paddles (all 4) but it quickly becomes a disaster back there. Good luck
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