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  1. Sneed

    Trying different games

    BF V is amazing. It got terrible reviews based on the trailer. Honestly it’s probably their best game to date. Tons of customization. Still waiting for Combined Arms (co-op) and their BR mode that’s out in March/April. But so far, having fun playing Grand Operations or conquest
  2. Sneed

    No snow map?

    I see why people are upset, you don’t hear weathermen talking about that big snowstorm of winter 2018 if it actually happened in January.
  3. The biggest thing I see on this topic is people saying “it’s not that big of a deal, you can turn faster with a controller, hardly anybody uses it lol” ect. How do they know? Why do so many people stick up for mnk? Soooo many people saying it doesn’t really help people at all....are all using mnk, I bet the numbers of people using it mate bigger than people actually realize. They’re so easy to spot when you spectate.
  4. Sneed

    FPP is dead af

    The ttk though, running while healing. Meh...
  5. Stop lying to yourself. You use it to gain an advantage, otherwise you’d play on PC. Whenever I get killed I’ll watch the guy for a little bit, it’s so easy to tell when it’s MnK or controller. Controller players don’t snap 90° repeatedly exactly where they need to, going from 0-100 stopping where they need every time.
  6. Np, I like how simple your overlay is. Wish I could use streamlabs, no Apple compatibility unfortunately. StreamElements goes all through web browser, but the labs overlays are just 1000x better
  7. I try and catch ya on twitch when you’re live and see what I think.
  8. Nice!!! I’m on late too, hit me up on Twitch, i_Sneed_i. I followed you already, can’t wait to see some live action!
  9. Not sure how to do this, I know OBS needs a key to whichever website you want to stream to. I’ve heard there are other programs that let you stream to multiple platforms at the same time.
  10. To all the new streamers, I recently started too. Mixer was easier to start with, just stream right from the menu screen on Xbox. Once I checked the numbers, about 10pm one night, mixer had 2500 people watching PUBG, twitch had about 30k. The eyes are mostly on twitch, reason why I went there. Mixer is nice, but I don’t think they have the viewers right now, especially for new streamers trying to make it.
  11. If you have a PC, you can download the Xbox app and stream from your Xbox to your PC, and stream that way. Download OBS and set it all up, get a nice overlay, ect. Only downside I haven’t figured out yet, it kicks me out of HDR on my TV to match my pc. Elgato purchase is in my future, but this is a work around until then if anybody needs help setting up OBS /stream elements and an overlay let me know. I’ll gladly help. Im using an iMac bootcamped into windows and streamlabs doesn’t have bootcamp support so I can’t even download that, but I’ve heard that is a very excellent program for overlays and everything else you need to get started.
  12. I recently started streaming too. Fifa pro clubs and a lot of PUBG. Will also be playing 2k, fallout76, BF V when they are released SneedGaming
  13. Check the leaderboards. I remember looking at a guy near the top, had 191 games and 118 wins. That’s just ridiculous and I’ll go on and say it’s 99% K/M user.
  14. Been sitting in matchmaking for 5+ minutes, how long do games usually take to start?