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  1. Nefariousness

    Building Rendering on Vikendi

    Yes . my son just rage quit from this lol. Xbox one X. Nothing rendered.
  2. Nefariousness

    Framerate improved?

    Where are the poem winners? Do I have to continue to wait or can I buy it and get a refund?
  3. Nefariousness

    KD ratios.... thoughts?

    1.22 is not bad. If you don't believe me start looking up random gt's from your matches.lol
  4. Nefariousness

    KD ratios.... thoughts?

    Anything over 1 is solid. Over 2 is a good player. 1 is not the average because of zone deaths, suicides etc.
  5. Nefariousness

    Elite controller

    I can add paddles to my regular controller?
  6. Nefariousness

    New update?

    There has to be something new for them to communicate with the community? I'm starting to think you are trolling.
  7. Nefariousness

    New update?

    Yes. Regular communication is important. Why do people defend this?
  8. Nefariousness

    New update?

    If there is no new info to share it doesn't mean the community shouldn't be updated or kept apprised of their progress or lack theirof. It's just good business.
  9. Nefariousness

    Who is your favorite PC player??

    Hes a troll. Told him how great game runs on my X in 4K and he said I was lying. Lol.
  10. Nefariousness

    Who is your favorite PC player??

    Wacky Jacky and Fugglet. Genuinely love the game.
  11. Nefariousness

    5 days to Vikendi

    Lol. You took the time to write all this? I'm pretty sure I know who's the idiot. It ain't me son...it ain't me.
  12. Nefariousness

    5 days to Vikendi

    Actually his logic is sound.
  13. No it isn't. You attempted to say Pubg and good graphics are opposites but the the sentence was structured as such that it doesn't work. Thanks for playing though.
  14. Nefariousness


    You guys are missing the point. The UMP needs more recoil. The dmg stats are fine as a guy with an AR will always win if he controls recoil. Mediocre players are cutting corners using UMPs with lightweight grips and this defeats the purpose of Pubg. This is the problem.