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  1. conman409


    Apex is a great game and so's PUBG, it's OK to like both.
  2. conman409

    eu player keep getting oc

    I'm in UK and was just put into an OC game, choosing quick play, solo, tpp. Didn't get a screenshot but the code under my health bar read.... conman409-401.3.1.26-FEE2B5-OC
  3. conman409

    Wrong region. Need confirmation.

    Same. I'm in UK and I'm getting red OC or NA. Games don't seem too laggy though so don't know if I'm playing out of region or not.
  4. conman409

    Devs why won’t you

    I'd love to hear actual facts about this from the Devs, have they ever commented on it? Does a server re-set really make a difference and if so how? Why isn't it done every day or every week? Is it an expensive process? Does it take a long time or involve too many people. Do resulting issues outweigh the benefits? Does Microsoft not allow it? Just curious.
  5. conman409

    Fun Idea

    Actually Brendan Greene has stated that it has a very specific purpose, it's there to provide audio cover.
  6. conman409

    Headset question

    Bought myself these for a Cristmas present and they're very good, £148 on Amazon. LucidSound LS35X Wireless High-Fidelity-Audio Gaming Headset - Officially XBOX One licensed Wireless XBOX-Gaming-Headset with One Touch Connection [Xbox One ]
  7. conman409

    Map color contrast

    White circle needs to be black, you can see the map grid lines perfectly.
  8. conman409

    I’m in the minority...

    I like this idea.