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  1. AA: 1 1-4: 4 6-8: 3 15: 15 Some people do better with faster sensitivity while others do best with lower sensitivity.
  2. TL24

    What headsets?

    PlayStation Platinum Wireless Headset is what I use, pretty damn good if you ask me. PlayStation Platinum Wireless Headset
  3. TL24

    PS4 Pro vs Xbox One X FPS

    Bro.... breath... Everything will be alright.
  4. TL24

    PS4 Pro vs Xbox One X FPS

    Yeah, laggy menus. Do you know how stupid that is in 2018? What game has a laggy menu besides PUBG on the X? You can't even navigate the menus without waiting for it to respond. Not only that but like I've already mentioned the game runs extremely smooth on the PS4 Pro. Don't be one of those console fanboys now.
  5. TL24

    PS4 Pro vs Xbox One X FPS

    I have both and I can say the PS4 Pro @ 1080p is much much smoother. Drop the X to 1080p and it’ll run like a dream. Also, the menus and everything is so much smoother and more responsive in the PS4 Pro as well. Less desync and hit detection is much much better as well. I haven’t touched PUBG on my X since it’s been released on the PS4.
  6. TL24

    *Standard* PS4 performance?

    Can't wait to try the game on my PS4 Pro tonight.
  7. Desyncing, I’m sick and tired of repeating myself. This needs to be addressed sooner than later. To he killed over and over and over again when on my screen I’m behind cover is just ridiculous in 2018.
  8. TL24

    PUBG is dying

    Movement is jerky and definitely needs to be addressed but it isn't game breaking. I actually prefer how much responsive it is now. Try lowering your current general sensitivity, I had mine set to 10 and it was ridiculously jerky but 9 was the magic number for me.
  9. TL24

    PUBG is dying

    Worse? The game is running excellent outside of a few bugs. Night and day difference from day 1.
  10. Happens to me all the time as well, get behind cover and still get shot 2-3 times. Also, someone ran me over through buildings the other day, they drove right through a water tank and brick building at full speed. It was hilarious but ridiculous at the same time. This game needs some major overhaul.
  11. TL24

    HDR Brightness issue

    Evidence: Will update this post with screenshots. Xbox One Version: Xbox One X Which TV/Monitor you are using: LG OLED65B6P Colorblind Mode: Normal Additional information: Prior to patch 1.0 HDR was horrible, it was dim and colors were very dull. Post 1.0 HDR is definitely brighter and not as bright as others make it seem to be and is currently perfect in terms of brightness but colors are still a tad dull. Please do not lower the brightness for HDR without further testing it for popular 4K HDR makes and models, OLED owners shouldn't have to suffer through another dim HDR mode.
  12. TL24

    thoughts and plays on PTS

    The PTS changes are live now on the Preview server with some added optimizations: Preview Update 18