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  1. Can something be done about this map? Seriously, what's the point of landing ANYWHERE besides the North West Island when circle ends there 90% of the god damn time? Having to cross that south bridge to the island is just pure toxic, this map needs some serious balancing.
  2. What answers does one need? Players just aren't playing FPP, it's not rocket science trying to figure this out smh.
  3. Been asking for this since day 1 on XBox, not only that but the HDR implementation for PUBG is just trash.
  4. 250mb down and about 50mb up Ethernet cable 2-3 devices connected at a time at most Its not my internet I can tell you that right now, I have zero issues with other MP games that I play on my PS4 Pro.
  5. I have nothing against SA players but can something be done about them getting forced onto the NA servers? De-sync is bad enough as it is and having these players with high ping only makes it worse. I can't recall the amount of times I've been shot and sometimes killed by SA players while I'm already behind cover. This is getting ridiculous and something needs to be done about this. They HAVE enough players to play on their own servers, why force them to the NA servers?
  6. Nerf nades? No. Adjust their hit detection? Yes. A well cooked and placed nade can totally change the outcome of a gun fight and game.
  7. I'd love a 1 v 4 pan fight to end the game. I'll take everyone one!
  8. Jesus, y'all just can't get ANYTHING right with this game.
  9. Yes please, would love a final circle pan fight. That should be every game!
  10. Sorry if this has been asked before but I haven't been keeping up with what's going on. The current season is set to end today, will there be a new update that will drop with the new MP5 gun, M16 update (add stock) and the other changes seen on PC?
  11. PS4 Pro with an internal SSD. Rendering has been horrible and it's never been this bad before. Loading a building takes 2-4 seconds longer than before and guns can take up to 10+ seconds to load. Prior to the patch the buildings would load just fine for me by the time I landed but guns took a minimum of at least 4-5 seconds to load, now it's even longer.
  12. I've been asking for this since the game has been released on the X and now on the PS4. Can we PLEASE get an option calibrate HDR and to either turn it on or off?? HDR on PUBG is not the greatest, it's actually improved since the game was released but it's still nowhere near what a HDR game should be. For the love of god give us the option to fine tweak HDR to our liking. I hate having to turn off HDR manually on my PS4 Pro only to turn it back on for other games. As it stands the game simply looks better with HDR turned off. @PUBG_Andymh5
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