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  1. It’s funny to me that you felt you needed to explain this to me as if I wasn’t aware of the arguments that every FPP player has been making for this game since it’s release. As someone else posted above, I get it, I just don’t care. Honestly, one could argue corner-peeking actually makes TPP more challenging. For instance, I have to approach every situation with a higher level of awareness and assume that I’m always being watched and around every corner, tree, bush etc. there could be someone waiting to get the jump on me. It all depends on which perspective you’re arguing from, attacker or defender.
  2. Exactly. Corner-peeking was probably an unintended tactic of TPP, nonetheless, TPP was certainly the intended design of the game. I’ve said it over and over again when these threads pop up. I play TPP because I’m burned out on FPP shooters and the nostalgia takes me back to my SOCOM days.
  3. Yeah, I didn’t understand this decision. Most people playing this game are playing on a TV. I don’t know of too many TV models that display in 1440p. Very strange.
  4. Mobile? Seriously?
  5. My understanding is that if you put a switch between the modem and the router only one is going to work at a time because the ISP only assigns one IP. Sorry i don’t mean to hijack the thread.
  6. Am I correct to assume that no other internet use can happen while you’re playing the Xbox?
  7. So, I have a question for all of those that hardwire directly to the modem. Do you wire and unwire after every game session? Otherwise, how do you use internet for anything else when you’re not playing PUBG? Seems like a hassle.
  8. In terms of PUBG, no not too much difference except it is a lot prettier on the X. I bought my X on release for the purpose of making everything else play better, faster load times, to have the best console available, etc. I’ve been using an SSD with my consoles even longer. I too have found that I ended up playing only PUBG since it’s release, but I’m still glad I have an X despite PUBG not using it to its full potential because again I’m not one of those that bought an X just for PUBG. Honestly, I don’t follow streamers or PC so I didn’t even know what PUBG was until Microsoft started advertising it on the dashboard shortly before release.
  9. A) Why did you create a new thread that already exists? B) Why are you still using an OG Xbox?
  10. That’s a great question. My guess is they personally only play it on PC and only do what they have to for work when it comes to the console. I can’t imagine they would ever play the console version in the condition it’s in. If they do, how in the world can they say “now this is something I’m proud of”. In any other real world example of delivering a product in this poor state, people would be getting fired left and right until they found people who could fix it like yesterday.
  11. @Cleric just curious if you would mind sharing your sensitivity settings. I always like to see the settings of players that get high kill counts to see if there’s a common trend.
  12. Nah, it was as simple as sending him a message on Xbox and he immediately sent me a party invite. Two minutes later we were playing. He’s a super friendly guy that’s willing to share his strategy and tactics with anyone as long as you listen and are willing to be coachable. If not, then you’ll be wasting your time and his.
  13. You definitely made me a believer and I had a great time. My only regret is that I had a hard time acclimating to the play style because it’s so contrary to how I’m used to playing and I felt panicky and choked. I didn’t get to play as many games as I wanted (thanks wife) but I now have a solid strategy to practice. Looking forward to playing again, thanks Harold.
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