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  1. Michael Seaman

    will this "SSD" (Not really) Improve PUBG?

    I use the older model Samsung T3 and it works great!
  2. Michael Seaman

    Having trouble hearing Enemies? Dolby Atmos

    My question is are they still outputting the audio in stereo only?
  3. Michael Seaman

    Having trouble hearing Enemies? Dolby Atmos

    I’ve been using it since the release of PUBG. I’m happy with the audio quality, but I still have many instances of enemies walking right up behind me without a single audible footstep. I believe this is an issue with the game not atmos though.
  4. This^. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I prefer TPP in PUBG because I’ve played shooters the last 20+ years of my life in FPP and I like the change. That and it takes me back to the days of one of the best shooters ever made, SOCOM (1 and 2). So, change of pace and nostalgia I guess.
  5. Michael Seaman

    For all the old school gamers...

    Definitely Rise of the Triad! Loved the gratuitous gore and the magic shroom that made you go into trip-out mode. Another one one of my favorites on PC was Lords of the Realm.
  6. Michael Seaman

    End date?

    Amen to that! This is pretty much the only reason I play the PTS, that and the purple blood. I just can’t go back to the old crosshair.
  7. Michael Seaman

    Rotation bug!!!

    Yes it is, uninstall your game, clear the cache with a hard reset, then reinstall the game.
  8. Michael Seaman

    Thank you for the update BUT

    It’s like going to Jurassic Park and wondering where all the Dinosaurs are.
  9. Michael Seaman

    Anyone think that there is less loot?

    This^ level 3 helmets are no longer world items, only crate.
  10. Michael Seaman


    Did you actually update to the hotfix? If so, the update may not have implemented properly and you should consider completely uninstalling, clear cache with a hard reset, and re-install the PTS.
  11. Michael Seaman

    Xbox X user: buildings still wont load

    This is my experience as well. I run an X1X with an SSD and I have zero loading issues. Everything is loaded perfectly before I even hit the ground. I agree but for whatever reason the SSD unequivocally makes PUBG run better and provides none of the loading issues non-SSD users are having.
  12. Michael Seaman

    Finally got to play PTS

    Yeah now that the ADS bug was fixed, the PTS has been flooded with players and the server performance tanked. It’s playing like laggy latency filled garbage at the moment for me. I’m getting killed way behind cover and also before guys even appear on my screen coming through doors or peeking cover. Where yesterday pre-hotfix it was running the smoothest I’ve ever seen it.
  13. Michael Seaman

    Spectating squad, unable to remove map marker

    Huh? You aren’t even able to place map markers while spectating. And if you are, that’s a bug.
  14. Michael Seaman

    Please hotfix or patch Type B bug

    Easy, use Type A, problem solved. That’s what it’s forced me to do and now I think I like Type A better. The reason is, on Type B, more often than not I ADS in CQB, when I should just be OTS aiming. Now I’ve been winning more CQB gun fights because I’m using OTS more instead with it being the LT.
  15. Michael Seaman


    I just thought it was a play on words because the OP keeps getting wrecked by the UMP.