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  1. Michael Seaman

    [FEEDBACK] My experience on OG xbox

    In terms of PUBG, no not too much difference except it is a lot prettier on the X. I bought my X on release for the purpose of making everything else play better, faster load times, to have the best console available, etc. I’ve been using an SSD with my consoles even longer. I too have found that I ended up playing only PUBG since it’s release, but I’m still glad I have an X despite PUBG not using it to its full potential because again I’m not one of those that bought an X just for PUBG. Honestly, I don’t follow streamers or PC so I didn’t even know what PUBG was until Microsoft started advertising it on the dashboard shortly before release.
  2. Michael Seaman

    [FEEDBACK] My experience on OG xbox

    A) Why did you create a new thread that already exists? B) Why are you still using an OG Xbox?
  3. Michael Seaman

    Ok so I finally played the new patch.

    That’s a great question. My guess is they personally only play it on PC and only do what they have to for work when it comes to the console. I can’t imagine they would ever play the console version in the condition it’s in. If they do, how in the world can they say “now this is something I’m proud of”. In any other real world example of delivering a product in this poor state, people would be getting fired left and right until they found people who could fix it like yesterday.
  4. Michael Seaman

    I May Be The Best Ever

    @Cleric just curious if you would mind sharing your sensitivity settings. I always like to see the settings of players that get high kill counts to see if there’s a common trend.
  5. Michael Seaman

    Private messages

  6. Michael Seaman

    Harold Brock

    Nah, it was as simple as sending him a message on Xbox and he immediately sent me a party invite. Two minutes later we were playing. He’s a super friendly guy that’s willing to share his strategy and tactics with anyone as long as you listen and are willing to be coachable. If not, then you’ll be wasting your time and his.
  7. Michael Seaman

    Harold Brock

    You definitely made me a believer and I had a great time. My only regret is that I had a hard time acclimating to the play style because it’s so contrary to how I’m used to playing and I felt panicky and choked. I didn’t get to play as many games as I wanted (thanks wife) but I now have a solid strategy to practice. Looking forward to playing again, thanks Harold.
  8. Michael Seaman

    Harold Brock

    Yeah my teammate got killed on the drop and I decided to play it out just for kicks. I rarely look at the kill feed, so I wouldn’t have noticed. I should be on tomorrow night sometime after 8:00pm EST. Hopefully, we’ll connect up.
  9. Michael Seaman

    Harold Brock

    Yeah that’s makes sense. Now this is more my speed.
  10. Michael Seaman

    Harold Brock

    I’d love to but he’s never on when I’m on. Can’t anyone just share the tips and strategies on here? Better yet why doesn’t @Harold Brock make a play through video.
  11. Michael Seaman

    How’s the update for you?

    Don’t get @ColonicBoom started. He’s been fighting that fight for a long time. On a serious note, it seems about the same as it’s always been. Some games feel buttery smooth others feel like a choppy frame drop mess. It’s hit or miss and as always, no consistency.
  12. Is it though? Really? Seems about right to me after each and every patch for the past 2 years.
  13. Michael Seaman

    "Y" to level up.

    By “level up” they mean purchase levels in the store. However, the time to do that has expired, so it’s not even possible now.
  14. Michael Seaman

    Twitching Reticle

    I experienced this for the first time tonight. At the time it occurred, I was using the 3x scope. I could only replicate it by ever so slightly and slowly moving the reticle. It almost looked like some kind of frame issue, but it definitely twitched. It seemed to stop completely when I stoped moving the reticle. I was playing on Vikendi at the time.
  15. Michael Seaman

    Gun Jamming

    I have yet to play the new patch, but I’ve had this happen on numerous occasions prior to this patch. I believe it always only occurred in OTS aiming as well during CQB fights. I’ve never captured it as I have all my DVR settings off and I haven’t posted about it because I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve stopped caring when I encounter bugs. I usually just say to myself “well that’s PUBG being PUBG”. I know this isn’t a helpful attitude in getting information to devs about issues, but I’ve just gotten too lazy to care anymore. I play PUBG with the expectation that it will be buggy. That way I’m never let down and if one day the game runs how it should, then it will just be a pleasant surprise.