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  1. Does anyone else feel like they should change the color of the circle on the mini map on Vikendi? The white circle blends into the mini map and it's very hard to see
  2. I also had this happen to me
  3. Yeah I'm really not sure. It's been doing it to me in the PTS and even in the regular game since they made the movement different. Not sure what causes it
  4. I haven't changed controllers in a very long time so that can't be the issue
  5. There is a video of me demonstrating this bug. I run full speed going diagonally and auto run but cannot go full speed when my analog stick is pointed completely straight. I ran manually, then diagonally, then auto run, then back to manual. You should be able to tell a difference
  6. #BugReport: Game goes on for about 3-5 minutes then says "network lag detected" and then it never goes away so I have to leave the game
  7. #BugBounty: The text in the bottom left corner of the screen doesn't go away once you ready up so it covers up the text in the next screen
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