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  1. Hi, I'd just like to clarify that the loot on Erangel has not changed since the recent rebalance.
  2. Hey, that was very impressive but clearly wasn't supposed to happen. I have forwarded this video onto the devs so they can take a look. Thanks!
  3. We understand that this is a very frustrating issue. We are still working on getting the "Lost Connection to Host" error bug resolved but due to the complexity of this, it's unfortunately, taking longer than expected.
  4. Hi, here's some info on how you could resolve the issue of double NAT types. https://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-one/networking/double-nat-detected
  5. But Yeti's aren't real!!! 😁
  6. Hi, I would like to clarify that Brendan is still part PUBG Corp, he now works in the PUBG Special Projects division.
  7. Hi, the Survival Point system is not broken, with this season we are in line with the exact same amount of SP that is rewarded to PC players.
  8. Here you go: I highly recommend that everyone listens to this podcast. Brian shares some insightful information on game development and shares some new info on PUBG. PS. The podcast is nearly 2 hours long so grab yourself a drink and some snacks and relax 😁
  9. Is that not what everyone is planning on doing????????
  10. He's working on special projects 😁 Lots of top-secret stuff 👀
  11. Hi Nukeyy1, I would like to clarify that Brendan hasn't left PUBG Corp, he now works in the PUBG Special Projects division.
  12. Hey, thanks for your bug report submission. I have forwarded this onto the relative teams. I hope you don't go for an unexpected swim again 😬
  13. Hi, we don't have any more updates to share on this since we last mentioned that we’re interested in working with our partners to explore cross-play functionality.
  14. Hi, when you say that your game is freezing, are you experiencing a game crash (this is when your game freezes and sends you back to the Xbox dashboard) or hitches (when the game temporarily freezes for a few seconds then continues as normal )? Hi, would you be able to provide us with a video showing the freezes happening? Thanks! Do the freezes only happen at the beginning of the game for you?
  15. Thanks for sharing this info with us. I'll forward this onto the dev team.
  16. Just keep an eye out for trees and rocks when you're healing, I've had a few fatal collisions trying to do this 🤣
  17. Could you try installing PUBG onto your Xbox internal HD to see if that makes any difference to the frequency of crashes?
  18. Hi, you have to keep holding RT (accelerator) when you change seats which enables the vehicles to keep rolling.
  19. Hello, we have no plans to support Keyboard and mouse for PUBG on console. Another topic has been previously created discussing this subject. Please feel free to add your thoughts and opinions to this. Here is the link:
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