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  1. I tested this and was able to attach the extended mag to the scorpion. If you encounter this issue again could you capture a clip of it and post it in this topic. Thanks
  2. We understand that players are experiencing long matchmaking times and we are currently looking at ways to resolve this. We will update you as soon as we can.
  3. Hi, In this case, I would suggest you contact support again asking them for an update on your ticket. Make sure to include any reference/case number from your previous ticket to speed up the process.
  4. Hi, the only mag that can be attached to the scorpion is the extended.
  5. We are unable to make this change in time for the PTS update. Before this patch, the AWM shot damage was 110% and it's still getting an increase to 130% for when it comes over to live servers.
  6. Hi, we don't openly share details on the steps our teams take to detect and punish those that use devices to gain an unfair advantage. Sharing these details can give players using these devices, the ability to circumvent the systems we have in place to ensure everyone plays fair.
  7. You may have seen it on the old PTS patch notes because they were specifically limited to using NA servers with reduced game modes to select. It's great to see that you are liking them improvements and that your friends have found the PTS a positive experience. Remember to tag me in your feedback once you get the full squad games going. Cheers!
  8. Hi, do you have a link to the post that stated this? EU servers are open on the test server. We are glad that you had a good experience and noticed the improvements that have been made. This is something that we want to build upon moving forward and we thank you for your feedback which helps us do this.
  9. Hi, I've reported this bug to the dev team. Thanks!
  10. Hey, sorry for the late reply. I have reported this bug to the dev team. Thanks for reporting!
  11. Hi, at no point in my post did I say that XIM devices are allowed. We need to recognise that some players may have accessibility issues which means that they can't use a conventional controller due to physical disability or impairment. To enable players with accessibility issues to play PUBG they may need to use a device other than a controller to play the game and we cannot punish them for this. As I mentioned before, we will continue to monitor the usage of these devices and take the appropriate steps to maintain a fair experience for everyone. If you have evidence of anyone using devices to gain an unfair advantage please report them using the in-game report tool or use this link to submit a ticket providing us with video and any other evidence you may have so our team can investigate.
  12. Hi, I have checked your post history and only one of your posts have been hidden since March 5. This was hidden because you were asking players if they used unauthorised devices to play PUBG. This can lead to others seeking out these devices for their use to gain an unfair advantage. I will list below the other topics you have created discussing K&M: Mouse and keyboard support yes or no? Is it against forum rules to discuss APEX? We replied to both these topics and also explained in one why the original post you created was hidden. I would like to remind you that we want to create a fair gaming experience for all our players and we have tools currently in place that can identify third-party devices that enable keyboard and mouse functionality in PUBG. We will continue to monitor the usage of these devices and take the appropriate steps to maintain a fair experience for everyone, keeping in mind that we do not want to deter players that may have accessibility issues from using their devices and playing PUBG. If you have evidence of anyone using these devices please report them using the in-game report tool, Xbox live report function or use this link to submit a ticket providing us with video and any other evidence you may have so our team can investigate. I will now lock this topic because it will inevitably require heavy moderation and lead to multiple rule breaks.
  13. Hi, the SR damage will change from 150% to 130% for the live server update on 5/28.
  14. We have no plans to support M&K on console.
  15. I don't know if getting kills in different modes could be affecting your trophies unlocking.
  16. Yes, the forum message system was removed a couple of months ago. If you have any issues you can submit a form here and one of us will try and help.
  17. Hello, EU servers are available on the PTS.
  18. Ill forward your concerns to the relevant teams. Thanks
  19. This is not a broken loot balance, it's simply the same balance change that was on PC prior to the current one. This was something that could not be changed on the build before going to the PTS. The only update the PTS received was 11 hrs ago.
  20. Hi, We're actively investigating an issue preventing Survival Title System Beta Season 1 rewards from being distributed to players. We'll provide an update as soon as we know more.
  21. Hi, the Erangel loot changes mentioned in the PTS patch notes is what is currently on the PTS. This balance change is different from what is currently on PC and will be rebalanced on console at a later date. Can you explain how server performance is now punishing those using SSDs?
  22. Hey, maintenance has been extended by an additional 2 hours and will end 6:00am PDT/3:00pm CEST.
  23. Wait times are longer for me but I can normally get into squad games within 2 mins. Can you tell us what your local region is?
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