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  1. PUBG_Andymh5

    Matchmaking server issues.

    Ok, the next time this happens could you give us the session ID so we can forward it to the team? It's the 6 digit figure to the left of the region. Thanks!
  2. PUBG_Andymh5

    Matchmaking server issues.

    Hi, when you start a match which server does it say you are on? You can see this at the bottom of the screen underneath your health bar.
  3. That's how it should be. If you turn mute on it means the sound is muted.
  4. PUBG_Andymh5


    You can try and see. If not we will need to look into this a bit further.
  5. PUBG_Andymh5

    Shark bite skin bug

    Ok, ill report this to the team for you. Can you send me your Xbox GT please? Thanks!
  6. PUBG_Andymh5


    Is you NAT type set to open and do you have your internet connected to the console with wired or wireless internet?
  7. PUBG_Andymh5


    I won't be sure until you help me by answering the questions above. Thanks!
  8. PUBG_Andymh5

    Update 4, terrain issues at Dino Park

    I have forwarded your bug report onto the team. Thanks!
  9. PUBG_Andymh5

    Clothing Error

    Hi, we are aware of this issue and will get it fixed as soon as we can. Thanks for reporting.
  10. PUBG_Andymh5

    Shark bite skin bug

    Hi, have you applied the skin to the gun in the customization menu?
  11. PUBG_Andymh5


    Hi! Can you tell us what your local region is, at what time of the day have you queued for the game and in which mode ( TPP/FPP - Solo/Duo/Squad)? Also, would you be able to to list the skins you have on your character e.g. Clothing, parachute skin and gun skins? Thanks!
  12. Hi, the G36 is available in training mode. I was using it this morning.
  13. PUBG_Andymh5

    no one’s playing “others” now

    Hi, sorry you are having this issue. Can you tell us what your local region is?
  14. PUBG_Andymh5

    Vikendi pass

    Have you checked the 'my items' tab in the in-game store?
  15. PUBG_Andymh5

    Graphics Mode Issue

    I'll try and find out more information on that and get back to you.