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  1. PUBG_Andymh5

    Sound issues

    Hi, thanks for reporting. Do you have any video of this issue happening?
  2. PUBG_Andymh5

    Fix this please???

    Hi, are you able to upload your video in a different format that's not a MOV file?
  3. PUBG_Andymh5

    seriously PUBG servers🙃

    Hi, using spectate mode is not a reliable source on what actually happened as there are always delays. Do you have any video of this happening from a live players perspective?
  4. PUBG_Andymh5

    I hope didn't get reported....

    I have forwarded this to the dev team. Thanks for reporting.
  5. Hi, we are aware of this issue. Thanks for reporting.
  6. PUBG_Andymh5

    Recent Network lag

    Hi, did you receive an error message after the network lag?
  7. PUBG_Andymh5

    Dev topics

    Hi, the team are still fully focused on preparing for the launch of Vikendi for the 22nd. I have already asked and as soon as I find out I will reply back to this topic. Apologies for the late reply.
  8. PUBG_Andymh5

    Can't go ADS while prone anymore!

    Hi, thanks for sharing this with us. Before I forward this info onto the team would you be able to try and see if this happens when you are using a different controller? Thanks again!
  9. PUBG_Andymh5

    Trouble starting up?

    Is this happening when you first start the game up or when you have selected your game mode and are loading into the match?
  10. PUBG_Andymh5

    seriously PUBG servers🙃

    Hi, did this happen whilst playing a custom game?
  11. PUBG_Andymh5

    sound issues

    Hi, if this happens again to you or your squad would you be able to fill out the bug reporting template with a link to a video and post it in this section. Using the template enable us to use the information provided to help replicate the issue to then fix it. Thanks!
  12. PUBG_Andymh5

    Can't go ADS while prone anymore!

    Hi, are you using controller type A or B?
  13. PUBG_Andymh5

    ask pubg

    Hi, we have discussed this multiple times before on the forums. Keyboard and mouse usage on Xbox is very low and the chances of you being matchmaked with someone using these devices is as small as a percentage of a percent. We want to create a fair gaming experience for all our players and we have tools currently in place that can identify third-party devices that enable keyboard and mouse functionality in PUBG. We will continue to monitor the usage of these devices and take the appropriate steps to maintain a fair experience for everyone, keeping in mind that we do not want to deter players that may have accessibility issues from using their devices and playing PUBG. We encourage users to use the search facility or look at the pinned existing topics and add to discussions in an effort to keep the forum clean for the developers and community team for reporting purposes. As the rules point out if anything is created that already exists your post may be deleted or locked. Thanks!
  14. PUBG_Andymh5

    New parachute Mechanics

    Hi, We'll have patch notes posted closer to Vikendi launch day. If you take a look at the PTS patch notes they will give you an idea of what to expect with bug fixes and optimizations.
  15. PUBG_Andymh5

    Erro to Conect - PlayStation Network

    Hi, sorry for the late reply. Did you get the issue sorted?