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  1. I'm using the Xbox one one (500 GB) and cable Internet connection (40 mb/s) and the first week i played the game i got weirdly kicked out of the game sometime. (Kicked out the the game menu happens twice or else kicked out to Xbox dashboard. After the update 4,7 GB i didn't had these problems anymore. Last Monday? there was a update and everything went well but with the update of Tuesday i occurred the same problems again. very weird. The kick out only happens when i play co-op. After is started the game again and got back in-game with my co-op partner he got kicked out the same way. So in single game i don have these problems anymore. In Co-op i do have these problems but not constantly. (I play co-op with friends out of my Xbox list so not with Random other players. Don't know if that is helpful to know) I do not play Squad that much but the time that i played it was with 2 friends out of my list and 1 random guy and we didn't have this problem. So as i can remember the problem in co-op happens mostly when i'm in a vehicle, the blue circle is shrinking and other players start to shoot at us/or we shoot at other players. Don't know if that in particular circumstances is to much for my xbox or the game but i keep an update when this problem is happening. After all the game for me is really fun and hope to see more soon. Looking forward to play the same maps like on the PC version.
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